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Old 11th October 2010   #1
M. Lopez
Senior Member
Join Date: August 2005
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Default Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

While it may be tempting to compare the exciting, size-positive campaigns coming out of Brazil with the faux-plus disappointments that pervade the North American plus-size industry and despair, every once in a while there are promising signs.

Take Belk, for example. If one goes through their "Women's Plus" section and looks past the forgettable faux-plus models, one finds a host of images of size-16 beauty Lindsey Garbelman.

She completely outshines all of the skinnier models, and looks fantastic. The clothing is simple, but Lindsey makes it all look beautiful.

Here's the first item. I love this one because it comes with a reverse-view picture as well as a front view, and the former shows off the model's generous curves.

Heart N Soul Plus Size Lace Back Top

I'm posting the thumbnails, but if you click on the product-page links, you can zoom the images up to a much larger size.

Here's Lindsey modelling a cardigan in two different colours. Nice design at the bust. Great pose by Lindsey in the image on the left, especially the devilish look in her eyes.

Trixxi Plus Size Embellished Cardigan

A couple of tops with interesting prints:

New Directions Plus Size Screen Printed Henley jsp?off=49 jsp?off=68

A pair of tees with similar prints:

New Directions Plus Size Screen Tee

These tees are quite interesting to look at, and fans of Lindsey will be delighted that they fit her figure perfectly, showing off the feminine fullness of her waist.

Eyeshadow Plus Size Tee

A pair of tank tops. I prefer the lighter colour myself.

ING Plus Size Rosette Tank

A pair of cardigan sweaters, perfect for the cooler months.

Eyeshadow Plus Size Cardigan

Lindsey's long, long tresses are a key component of her appeal. And of course, that big, warm smile of hers, as seen in the left-hand picture below, is world famous.

Fire Plus Size J Pocket Tunic

And finally, a stylish jacket.

New Directions Plus Size Ruffle Front Faux Leather Jacket

Lindsey is so gorgeous and vixenish that she makes these basic styles really come alive. Her figure gives the outfits an attractive shape. I can't fathom why any client would use faux-plus girls, when it could use truly curvy goddesses like Lindsey or Kelsey Olson.

Kudos to Belk for selecting such a lovely, curvy model.
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Old 16th October 2010   #2
Senior Member
Join Date: July 2005
Posts: 633
Default Re: Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

Lindsey looks great in those photos. When I browse through the "Women's Plus" pictures at Belk, I only see one actual plus-size model- Lindsey- surrounded by a host of unappealing thin models.

Belk just added a few more items modelled by Lindsey. I see these as early examples of holiday-season fashions:

I like the purple accents in the top on the left. These rich velvet colours look great against Lindsey's dark tresses.

I think I prefer the velvet designs, above, but the lace top on the left is somewhat appealing too.

Not only is Lindsey the curviest of the Belk models, but also the most beautiful. Why would any company hire faux-plus, less attractive models when it could feature curvy and gorgeous girls like Lindsey? Everything she wears looks great on her figure.
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Old 19th October 2010   #3
M. Lopez
Senior Member
Join Date: August 2005
Posts: 587
Default Re: Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

Belk seems to have taken a shine to Lindsey, which is wonderful to see.

Moreover, they're not shooting her to make her look faux-plus, like the other models, but authentically curvy. Consider the image on the right, below. It actually shows - amazingly - a soft curve at Lindsey's waist. Lindsey's curvy middle is her most attractive figure feature, but it's a sign of genuine size celebration for a retailer to show it off. Bravo! It's a fine example of how an "ordinary" commercial image can actually be quite affirmative and beautiful, and make a pro-plus statement.

Eyeshadow Plus Size Sequin Tee

Now, here's a piece that I really like. Unlike some of the other items in the Belk collection, this sweater has a really vibrant colour. Wearing such a shade means that a woman wants to be noticed, even in a professional context. Also, I really love Lindsey's pose, with her flirtatious glance.

Eyeshadow Plus Size Tie Back Cardigan

This third new item is another cardigan which comes in a host of colours. Very pretty smile.

New Directions Plus Size Waterfall Cardigan ?off=64

Wonderful pictures, all.
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Old 23rd October 2010   #4
Senior Member
Join Date: October 2010
Posts: 133
Default Re: Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

Lindsey looks great in red, so it's nice to see her in another bright-red item at Belk. You definitely get a sense of the fullness of her figure, especially at the waist, in these asymmetrical tees. I love her expressions. She's so beautiful.

I found one other new item: a cardigan that comes in four different colours. ff=12

Not really my style, but if I had to select one, I'd probably choose the dark red.

I hope that someday, every piece in the plus-size section of Belk will be modelled by girls size 16 or higher.
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Old 5th November 2010   #5
Senior Member
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Default Re: Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

All of these product pictures of Lindsey are gorgeous. Here are two new ones that are especially beautiful.

I love the fullness in her face and the curviness of her waist in this picture.

A shapely waist is discernible in this image as well. Very pretty facial expression. Lindsey is so glamorous.

Attractive here as well:

And very pretty in this pair of photos: off=56

Really, these product pictures are as attractive as I have ever seen from any model. Lindsey is a gem.
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Old 10th November 2010   #6
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Default Re: Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

Just to keep this thread going, here are a few more new items modelled by Lindsey for Belk, all three being hoodies.

I'm not inclined to wear one myself, but if I were to do so, I'd have to chose this one. I rather like the ruby-red embroidery against the grey. Lindsey looks terrific, as always.

Belk also features two more new hoodies, and Lindsey looks fantastic in both. She has a stunningly curvy figure, to be sure, but she also has a gorgeous face, as the image on the left shows so well. And I always like the sideways glance, seen in the picture on the right.
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Old 16th December 2010   #7
Senior Member
Join Date: October 2010
Posts: 133
Default Re: Lindsey - Belk F/W 2010

Looking through the plus-size section of Belk online is simultaneously painful and rewarding. On the one hand, it's unpleasant to see so many thin models being passed off as plus. On the other hand, it's such a pleasure to see Lindsey among them, looking gorgeous and curvy, outshining them all.

In a way, I don't even think of it as a "plus-size section"; rather, as one plus-size model (Lindsey) interspersed with many faux-plus models who should be representing straight-size women.

Here are three more pictures of Lindsey that I turned up. First, an appealing light-blue top that suggests her lovely size-16/18 curves.

Second, a rather austere black item. It's a bit monochrome for me, but Lindsey makes everything look good.

And finally, Lindsey modelling a top with a familiar '60s "peace" sign. I love her long, flowing hair.

In a riff on the traditional slogan, "Give peace a chance," I would label this picture, "Give curves a chance!"

Beautiful campaign by my favourite brunette plus-size model.
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