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Default Barbara Brickner: Complete Videos

Alas, for a model who has had such a legendary career, relatively little footage exists of Barbara Brickner on film.

However, the new dedicated Barbara video channel on YouTube preserves the four clips that have been unearthed, and brings back to the Web two important videos that have been unavailable for years.

* * *

First and most significantly, this video of a Mode-sponsored design contest and fashion show from 1999 features clips of Barbara Brickner on the runway. It also shows Kate Dillon during the curviest, most gorgeous phase of her career (1996-2000), along with Emme and many other Mode alumni. Our initial discussion of the video appeared in this thread from 2005, which also includes a plethora of screen caps. However, the current upload is of a higher quality than the previous posting. Be sure to set the video to 720p to view and hear it in (relatively) high definition.

Next, the following item shows Barbara's brief promo for her former agency, Wilhelmina. (Barbara is currently with Ford.) We initially discussed the clip, complete with screencaps, in this thread from 2007. However, the present upload plays at a higher resolution than the previous release, although it remains constrained by the limited quality of the original. The 480p setting marginally improves playback.

Finally, and most significantly, the following pair of videos were created for Barbara's official Web site, after her Judgment of Paris fans earnestly requested that her talk on body image at Seattle Pacific University in 2006 be recorded for posterity. Our initial discussion of these clips offers both screencaps and analysis of the talks, but the videos themselves have been unavailable for years, owing to the disappearance of the model's official Web site. Barbara's fans will be overjoyed to see this footage restored to the Web.

Part One:

Part Two:

* * *

If we factor in genuinely full-figured beauty with longevity in the industry, Barbara Brickner has had the most important career of any plus-size model to date. A few curvaceous models have been more prominent in the media, but they have worked at a faux-plus size, or were only truly plus-size at the beginning of their careers before diminishing to less subversive proportions. However, Mrs. Brickner has retained her full-figured appearance throughout the years, sometimes blossoming into a size 16+ (at which point she has been at the peak of her beauty), but never falling below a 14.

Also, miraculously, she is every bit as attractive now as she was when she began modelling. Her work has therefore consistently provided visual evidence that full-figured goddesses are far more gorgeous than either androgynous waifs or faux-plus girls.

It has been our privilege to celebrate her career throughout the years, and we continue to hope for her to garner more media exposure, and to have her beauty more widely recorded on film for posterity.

- Barbara Brickner YouTube channel

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Default Re: Barbara Brickner: Complete Videos

I fondly remember Barbara's lecture videos and am overjoyed to be able to see them again. She has always looked even more gorgeous on film than in stills (if that's possible), and I dearly wish that there were more video footage of Barbara doing her modelling magic.

I especially love the first of the two lecture videos for the reason that the admin noted in the original post:

Mrs. Brickner begins by recounting how she embarked on her great career. She relates how an agent once approached her and asked her if she would like to become a "large-size model." Her reaction to being termed "large size" is the stuff of legend:
I was so ticked off that I would show him that if he wanted "large," I would give him "large." I promptly went to McDonald's, got a super-size fries . . . a chocolate shake, and . . .

*Sigh* That is still one of the sexiest, most seductive utterances that any plus-size model has ever spoken. It's such an assertion of liberation, such a celebration of personal beauty. "I can eat whatever I want and still be gorgeous," she affirms - and she's absolutely right.

Seeing the size-16/18 models eagerly devouring a sundae in the new CityChic video reminded me of Barbara's wonderful statement.

If more plus-size models would make comments like this, women would be at peace with their appetites and would actually let themselves love food, rather than being brainwashed by the media into a complex about it.

Barbara is, and has always been, a goddess.
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