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Default Andrea Horblitt: Flirtatiously Feminine

Just prior to Christmas, we posted a seasonal greeting from Andrea Horblitt (MSA Models, New York) which offered a preview of an exciting new test from this size-14 beauty.

We are now delighted to be able to share more images from this captivating shoot, led off by the full version of the masterpiece that Andrea issued in her Yuletide graphic. It still conveys all of the enchantment that we noted in the initial release:

The model's blonde tresses look wild and voluptuous, making the viewer long for tactile engagement. The sight of a stray lock falling over her eye is an overwhelmingly sensual touch. Her expression is one of pure joy. She possesses a doll-like beauty, but not that of a timid or mild marionette, but an exuberant and unrestrained vixen--a "good girl," to be sure, but one who enjoys everything that life has to offer and still needs and wants more. An intoxicating minx who has been blessed with the richest of gifts, from extraordinary beauty to an irresistibly sweet disposition, she is beloved by all who know her, or gaze just once upon her, or simply hear whispers of her enchanting loveliness.

Now, however, in its uncropped form, it is a far more sensual image. The sheath has a deep-cut neckline which offers a heady glimpse of the model's decolletage. Moreover, the sheer fabric discreetly offers a view of the model's bustier and intimates the softness of her figure. The sight of the model's luscious curves gives her a hale and robust quality, a sensation of bountiful abundance that is powerfully attractive, but in a remarkably salubrious manner (given the daring disclosure). Ultimately, it is the model's easygoing, unconcerned demeanour that makes the image so wholesome, for all of its alluring intimacy.

Click to enlarge

Mistress of contrasts that she is, Andrea's next image explores entirely different emotional territory. Here she seems more mysterious and more artfully seductive, appealingly sinful and wicked. The pouty expression makes her appear thrillingly spoiled. The lock of hair obscuring one eye is a beguiling touch. She prominently displays her jewellery as if to indicate her identity as a woman of limitless privilege. In this image, she exhibits the regal vanity of a daughter of the French aristocracy. One would surely expect her to speak with a Parisian accent. And yet there is still something youthful in the face, something about the adorable fullness at the cheek area that makes her seem entrancingly girlish, for all of her sophistication--like a child who was born into a world of luxury and developed chicness and maturity at a young age, yet still has the bewitching greediness of youth. The fur adds two sensations at once, reinforcing the impression of wealth yet also suggesting a primal quality of desire beneath the high-class veneer.

Click to enlarge

Another image of Andrea in her sheath garment is a tad racier than the previous image. This too displays the model's voluptuousness with its deep V cut, but this time the model's direct, almost intimidating bearing creates a much more arresting impression. Her stance too is a more authoritative one. Paradoxically, although the sheer fabric discloses the model's physique in subtly intimate detail, she seems completely in command in this picture, her figure a method of control to which the viewer willingly submits.

Click to enlarge

But let anyone forget that Andrea's default nature is fun-loving and playful, the next photograph shows her looking warm and embracable in a cuddly white sweater. Burying her hands in her sleeves is an especially effective modelling touch, evoking thoughts of fireside warmth on a cold Northern night, even without the benefit of a log-cabin backdrop. (The model deftly creates the context simply through her pose and demeanour.) Her blonde tresses flowing freely over her shoulders are dramatic and luxurious. Her eyes coyly convey a sense of invitation. "Need me; want me; love me," she seems to say (in reference to the name of her web log). How can the viewer resist?

Click to enlarge

The final outfit blends contemporary and traditional feminine elements in a unique way. The tulle-like skirt is delicate and girlish, and the manner in which the model draws it upwards to reveal her shapely legs is irresistibly flirtatious. The pattern of her top and the metallic fabric may be more contemporary, but the alluringly close fit defines her buxom contours. A touch of whimsy sweetening intense sensuality--this is the recipe of Andrea's unique talent.

Click to enlarge

With Andrea joining the gorgeous Katherine Roll and Lindsey Garbelman, the MSA board is the strongest that it has ever been. Fans have always hoped to see Miss Horblitt shooting more tests, and the results of her recent photo sessions have been phenomenal. (The first image in this post may be the finest of her career to date.) We eagerly look forward to more visual enchantment from this curvaceous beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Andrea Horblitt gallery

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