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Old 15th January 2011   #1
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Default Kailee at Ashley Stewart

Imagine my delight when, just by accident, I dropped by Ashley Stewart today and discovered a banner of Kailee O'Sullivan there!

This is a fascinating development. Ashley Stewart has not traditionally been known for using fair-featured models, so for them to book perhaps the fairest of all plus-size goddesses is intriguing. Moreover, I don't know when I've seen Kailee's peaches-and-cream complexion photographed to show off its snow-white fairness so beautifully.

Also, the hairstyles that A.S. gave Kailee are breathtakingly gorgeous, perhaps the loveliest I've ever seen on her. Kailee was regrettably going with shorter hair for a while, so to see her recover her long, princess-like locks is a great pleasure.

These first two images are my favourites. Look at how gorgeously round her facial features appear- truly like those of a Victorian doll. The crucifix that she wears as an accessory in the left image adds to the impression of her as an angel, as does the pure whiteness of both of these garments. If I were to coin a fashion phrase, I would call this "communion chic"- garments that play off of Catholic iconography. And I adore the flourish of ruffles in the garment on the right. Note that it's slightly, provocatively sheer.

Scribble Border Belted Blouse
Sleeveless Rosette Trim Top

Here too her hairstyle is opulent and romantic, and her limbs exquisitely fair. Although I wish that Kailee were fuller-figured, at least she exhibits sensual fullness in her face. And of course, her poses are so emotionally involving- just look at the feeling that she communicates in her soulful gaze in the image on the right. Such longing, such yearning.

Delta Border Tunic
Lurex Stripe Knit Top

Even when Kailee adopts a more mature stance, as in the image on the left, she still has that childlike youthfulness about her, thanks to that adorably round face.

Long Sleeve Ruffle Cardigan
Smocked Three Quarter Sleeve Top

Here, in the image on the left, she shows off a more excitingly vain look, which only increases her beauty. She has such an incredible emotional range.

Crinkled Scribble Print Blouse
Swirl Printed Silky Top

As an extra treat, I also discovered a few headshots of Kailee in the "accessories" section. Her skin is as pure as the driven snow, which makes her seem so attractively vulnerable. The makeup is perfectly subtle, just pink lips and a hint of a flush at the cheeks- which is likely natural- but a touch of drama at the eyes. I love the almost smug expression in the image on the left. She knows how irresistible she is.

Triangle Rhinestone Drop Earrings
Chunky Pearl And Rhinestone Necklace

How I wish Kailee were at least a bit fuller-figured. I've always been a fan of her modelling, but she would be even more inspiring and gorgeous if she were curvier. Nevertheless, it's such a pleasure to new work from her. I guarantee that no fashion magazine will be producing any images as full of emotion and exhibiting such fair, timeless beauty as these.

And a special bravo to Ashley Stewart for trying something new in its casting, and for photographing and styling Kailee so gorgeously (including dressing her tresses in such a pretty way) for this shoot.
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Old 17th January 2011   #2
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

Here's Kailee in a new item at Ashley Stewart, in two different colours. I like the detail of the exposed shoulders.

The hairstyle is absolutely stunning, so voluptuous and opulent. The image on the right is especially haunting. Kailee looks like an ice princess. Her gaze thrills me - it's so aristocratic; yet her facial features are so adorably soft and babylike. And I love how she poses her body into an S-curve shape. Instead of trying to show "angles," like a straight-size waif, Kailee poses to show off roundness and curves, which is a much more appealing presentation of plus-size beauty.

And now for something really exciting, here's Kailee in seductive intimate apparel. Her gaze is a bit softer and gentler here, with an adorable little smile. The pink hue goes so well with her fair complexion. Ashley Stewart's cool white lighting shows off her porcelain complexion like no client ever has before. The product description coyly says, "Show off all your favorite assets."

If Kailee were to blossom into a larger size, she could be the most attractive plus-size model of all. As it is, she's an enchanting princess. This is one of her finest campaigns, ever.
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Old 19th January 2011   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

As soon as I saw that Kailee was modelling for Ashley Stewart, I signed up for the company's e-mail promos, and was rewarded with this stunning circular in my Inbox earlier today. Seeing this image in larger dimensions showcases Kailee's beauty even more vividly. She does have such an aristocratic, vain look about her, which is thrilling. I love this expression on her. It makes her even more attractive, more regal. But the round, childlike softness of her face plays off against her exciting haughtiness. It's a gorgeous mix.

Kailee also appears modelling a new jacket at AS. The photographs are phenomenal. Her voluptuous tresses are so gorgeous in the left image that I think no full-figured girl seeing these picture will ever cut her hair short again, but will grow out her tresses to try to match this stunning style. The image on the right, on the other hand, shows Kailee adopting one of the most emotional expressions I've ever seen, a look that's filled with aching desire. It's unforgettable. It even shows a sensual hint of fullness in the face.

Extraordinary artistry from both the model and the client.

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Old 24th January 2011   #4
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

Okay, every fan of Kailee O'Sullivan -- in fact, every aficionado of plus-size beauty -- is about to have a heart attack. I know I did.

This is one of the most gorgeous intimate-apparel pictures I have ever seen. Kailee looks like a living doll who has grown up into a voluptuous vixen, but still retains her girlish youthfulness. Her expression melts the heart. She looks so vulnerable, with a pleading look in her eyes. She's irresistible. And you can see some fullness in her face, which makes her incredibly sensual. She is Botticelli's Venus come to life.

This photo is equally seductive. She looks just as buxom here, and so soft. The way she plays with her dresses, so dreamily...I'm hypnotized by her. And there's just so much neediness in her eyes. No one could resist her or deny her anything.

Here she's a little more vain and haughty in the left picture, which is very exciting, yet so girlish and doll-like in the photo on the right. What a contrast: the queen of spades and the queen of hearts. But what adds so much to these pictures is how fair her complexion is. It makes her look so delicate, though her figure is robust.

If there is an Academy Award or something like it for hairstyling in fashion, whoever gave Kailee this hairstyle deserves it. Kailee should wear her hair this way every day for the rest of her life. The whole world would become her slave. Again, the contrasts are rich: ice-on-fire eyes in the left photo, looking like a lioness (or maybe more kittenish-but-about-to-grow-up-to-be-a-lioness) but then a rapt, faraway gaze in the photo on the right.

Kailee puts more passionate emotion into her photos than any other model, but this picture also shows how adorable her smile is. This is also a very sensual image, because you can see the alluring fullness in her round face.

Even when her voluptuous contours are hidden, she still makes every picture fascinating, thanks to all of the feeling that she puts into her expressions, and of course, thanks to those opulent tresses.

Kailee's signature expression is vulnerable neediness, which you can see in the amazing photo on the left. You can't help but want to protect her. She's the most romantic of plus-size models.

This might be Kailee's greatest campaign ever, despite the fact that it was shot in a studio and not outdoors. No one has ever before shown her complexion looking so fair. Plus, these are her most expressive photos. The feeling just pours out of them. I too wish she had a fuller figure, but at least her physique is soft and natural. She defines femininity.
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Old 27th January 2011   #5
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

I've been following the Ashley Stewart site daily, seeing which images of Kailee they might add. Here are a few more that deserve to be included in this thread.

We've seen the white version of the ensemble on the left, but here's the picture for the black incarnation. This is a fascinating expression from Kailee. She looks surprised, or astonished. The startled look really brings out her beauty. Her tresses are on fire, almost, and the red lip colour, and the flush of her cheeks, makes her appear so passionate. The picture on the right is just as interesting. She has that spoiled-little-girl look, which is utterly adorable.

I'm still amazed at just how beautiful Kailee looks in some of these pictures. Her smile in the left image is enchanting and sweet, and shows off the lovely roundness of her face. The pose emphasizes her buxom contours. Kailee has this stunning technique of posing in a way that's all about curves, not angles, all roundness rather than lines. And the image on the right shows a touch of sensual fullness in her face. It's a really captivating look -- the dreamy, faraway gaze. Her princess-like hairstyle looks especially beautiful in both of these photos.

The last two new items are a bit less interesting, but the fact that Kailee models them makes them worth a look. Her complexion looks snowy-white in the right-hand picture. Truly, she's a Victorian doll that has been brought to life, although her expression has more seductive allure than a doll would ever have.

I never used to follow Ashley Stewart, but they've become the talk of 2011. I hope they continue to feature Kailee, and I'd LOVE to see more Judgment of Paris favourites working for them as well, like Kelsey Olson. Their photography, hairstyling, etc. is amazing. They really brought out Kailee's timeless femininity.
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Old 1st February 2011   #6
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
The crucifix that she wears as an accessory in the left image adds to the impression of her as an angel, as does the pure whiteness of both of these garments. If I were to coin a fashion phrase, I would call this "communion chic"- garments that play off of Catholic iconography.

Thats an interesting phrase and a creative idea. I dont know if its what Ashley Stewart was going for, but it would be a fascinating fashion trend.

Here are a pair of new images of Kailee at Ashley Stewart that Im sure everyone will love. First, a white outfit (white is such a beautiful colour for her), continuing the "communion chic" idea that Kaitlynn proposed. That soulful, longing romantic. You can see the irresistible neediness in her eyes. In the picture on the right, she looks girlish and pretty, but directly engaged with the viewer.

I also just discovered a feature on the Ashley Stewart site that everyone will surely appreciate. If youve used the "zoom larger" window on each product page, youve seen that the company offers reverse views of its items. Well, I finally determined how to post those links.

The images are beautiful, and show how gracefully Kailee moves and poses her body, with the S-curve shapes that she creates rather than angles.

If you look closely at the image on the right, you can see soft, sensual curves along Kailees back.

The Ashley Stewart intimate apparel looks even more seductive on Kailee from the reverse view. The camisole on the left shows an expanse of her bare white skin. Kailee must have the fairest complexion of any plus-size model.

The alabaster fairness of her skin tone makes her appear delicate and vulnerable, but it also creates the impression of Kailee as a marble statue, a Classical sculpture of Venus, especially in outfits that show off her contours.

Because she is such a creative model, Kailee doesnt just take standard straight-back photos, but finds a way to introduce some personality. She turns her head to the side and lets the viewer see her expressions. She has a French look of ingénue sophistication in the left picture, and an astonished, vulnerable look in the right image.

In these pictures, she finds two unique ways to look extra-adorable: one with her eyes closed, another with a mischievous glance.

She is so incredibly pretty, with the hair of an angel and the round facial features of a doll. Isnt there any way the industry could persuade her to be just a bit fuller-figured?
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Old 5th February 2011   #7
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

For everyone's appreciation, here are a few more images of Kailee at Ashley Stewart.

She appears on one other landing-page banner in addition to the first one.

I love Kailee's looking-downward expression here. Many models, when they adopt this pose, do a modest/melancholy look, which is effective, but Kailee devises a new spin by adopting a smiling demeanour.

I'm not usually a fan of shurgs, but Kailee makes both of these pictures very attractive, with her S-curve posing. Her face looks especially doll-like and pretty in the left-hand picture.

This isn't my favourite outfit, but Kailee's luxurious tresses look so gorgeous here, flowing in curly waves over her shoulders, that the picture is a must-see.

Very dramatic gaze from Kailee on the right, and the gesture of twirling her locks on her fingers is captivating. The coral colour goes so well with her fair skin.

And finally, this rich olive green contrasts with her fiery hair in a vibrant way. It's interesting to see that while her fair skin tone allows her to model whites and blues very well (as in the pictures earlier in this thread), her hair colour enables her to model browns and greens and earth tones.

Her beauty is amazing.
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Old 8th February 2011   #8
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

Just one more Ashley Stewart landing-page banner featuring Kailee - but an extra-special one, perfect for Valentine's Day:

That picture is sure to generate thoughts of romance. And although "babydoll" refers to the garment that Kailee is wearing, it applies equally well to Kailee herself, with her babylike, round facial features and doll-like hairstyle and gentle expression. And soooo buxom. Was there ever a doll as pretty as Kailee?
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Old 17th February 2011   #9
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

I have collected a few items to share in this thread which will be of interest to all Kailee O'Sullivan fans.

Ashley Stewart has finally put Kailee on its cover! She appears on p.2 of the site's rotating cover page. What a beautiful image - showing her caressing her hair. I'm sure that anyone who sees this picture will immediately wish to browse the rest of the AS site to find more of her pictures.

I also received an Ashley Stewart flyer a few days ago featuring this image,

and the current landing page for the "Dresses" section of the AS site features the same picture, but a little bit larger and mirrored. Her curly locks do resemble the hair of a fairy-tale princess, as so many have obseved, and those tresses, along with her adorably round face and fair skin, make her incredibly beautiful and girlish.

The dress that Kailee is promoting in all of these graphics, by the way, is this one. The full-length view shows her using her seductive S-curve modelling pose. The dress looks just as gorgeous on her from the reverse view as it does from the front. If she were just a little bit fuller, she could be one of the most beautiful models of all time.

Oh, and here's one more new item that I discovered. In this picture, she adopts an almost frightened look, very vulnerable and full of emotion. With the touch of wildness in her tresses, it's a very affecting look.

I've been loving this entire campaign, and many of the items that she has modelled for AS have been very appealing.
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Old 20th February 2011   #10
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Default Re: Kailee at Ashley Stewart

All of the enthusiasm over Kailee's Ashley Stewart pictures prompted me to sign up for the company's e-mail list, and I'm very glad that I did, because I just found the following beautiful picture of Miss O'Sullivan in my inbox.

It's one of my favourite images of the entire campaign. It shows Kailee sensually curving her body into a seductive shape, delicately running her fingers through her Botticelli tresses (the way, I'm sure, every male fan would love to do), and looking down with an expression that's an amazing mixture of modesty and vanity. It's as if someone just told her that she was the most gorgeous woman in the world, and she responded with, "Awww...I know I am. I mean, just look at me." (And she'd be right to think so). She's taking such obvious pleasure in her own beauty, which is wonderful to see.

This whole campaign has been magical.
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