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Old 18th January 2011   #1
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Default Feminist disfigurement of mermaid's body

This forum has posted many crucial discussions over the years that have demonstrated how feminism, as an ideology, is centrally responsible for the imposition of the androgynous standard of appearance for women.

Here's an appalling recent case, from India, that reconfirms this premise.

The pertinent points of this case of political correctness gone mad:

The grass mermaid at a Kerala university went under the scalpel yesterday because a section of the staff, most of them from a CPM-backed women’s association, felt its breasts were not in keeping with the ambience of a centre of learning.

The 18ft-long mermaid, a grass replica of the Yakshi, a rock sculpture of the mythical enchantress by Kanai Kunhiraman at Malampuzha gardens in Palakkad, has been a prominent feature of the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) for 18 years.

Yesterday, gardener Sajeevan, who has been tending the Matsya Kanyaka for the past two years, had no option but to apply the scissors to remove the “offensive parts”.

P.A. Varghese, who created the mermaid, was in tears as he looked at the mutilated figure. “I feel as if I’ve lost my child,” Varghese, who retired as gardener two years ago, said. “I worked for years to bring it to perfection and maintain its shape. The beauty of the work is gone. What lies bare is the perverse mindset of supposedly educated people.”

The registrar, Chandramohan, had tried to hide the so-called offending parts by planting palms around the mermaid, which lay on the meadow, head raised five-and-a-half feet.

But members of the pro-CPM Women’s Welfare Association were furious. Palms won’t do, they told the registrar, “sanitise” the mermaid. “The highly suggestive torso is not in keeping with the decorum of a centre of learning.”

Sections of other employees had met the registrar yesterday, requesting that the mermaid be spared the mutilation because it had lain there for 18 years without causing any harm.

But the registrar ordered the surgery.

M.V. Devan, painter-sculptor and former chairman of the Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi, condemned the mutilation, saying it was “deplorable that it should have come from those who claim to be civilised and educated”.

Former VC K.S. Radhakrishnan said the mermaid was a fine piece of art. “It was delightful every morning to see the lady of the seas, bathed in dew and reclining on the grass bed.”

The story is appalling, though fully predictable. This feminist "women's association" found womenly curves to be "obscene," and so ordered a literal eradication of those curves.

The exact parallel between the feminist agenda behind this act of institutional vandalism, and the modern fashion industry, which similarly eradicates any trace of womanly shapeliness, particularly bust and hips, is clear.

Another article reveals the (predictable) politics of this university:

The Leftist-controlled Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) thinks that a garden shrub pruned to resemble a mermaid is unacceptably obscene.

Following a complaint from a women’s welfare organisation on campus, CUSAT ordered its garden master to “pluck out the two breasts” of the mermaid and trim the shrub into a man’s figure, which according to university officials, would not have any “vulgar overtones”.

How often has it been said here that the feminist-driven imposition of emaciated androgyny is an effort to masculinize women. In this act, the edict to reduce the sculpture "into a man’s figure" makes such an agenda clear.

Imagine the kind of mind that finds the female form "vulgar." That's the same kind of mind that dominates modern media culture in North America and suppresses voluptuous femininity.

The article comes with a small image of the mutilated mermaid.

Another article shows the heartbroken gardener looking at the ruins of his artwork. The brown area shows where the sculpture's buxom curves had been sliced off.

There's even a brief video showing the final moments of the feminist-mandated disfigurement. It indicates how gorgeous this sculptural bed had been -- a little green paradise.

I haven't been able to find any images of the pre-mutilated mermaid sculpture, but the original article stated that it was patterned after the Kunhiraman mermaid, shown here. This picture shows the luscious, feminine curves that the garden sculpture formerly possessed, with an sensually heavy bust and full hips and thighs. Only a truly resentful, embittered mind could have seen something offensive in this opulent celebration of the well-fed female form.

The sculpture's curvaceous luxuriance speaks of indolent, seductive beauty and essential femininity. Perhaps that was what the feminists resented so much.

This case of the physical eradication of visibly womanly beauty by a feminist agenda perfectly mirrors the situation of the modern fashion industry, which similarly suppresses any trace of essential womanliness in models, forcing them to be so androgynously thin as to look as if someone had taken shears to their bodies and cut away any traces of feminine shapeliness.

This case is an all-too-grim metaphor of what a specific political agenda has done to womanhood, and to traditional feminine beauty, in the modern age.
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Old 18th January 2011   #2
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Default Re: Feminist disfigurment of mermaid's body

How awful to see this happen. The video, showing the mermaid in the process of being mutilated, is especially painful to watch. This is what happens when people put ideology before beauty. If more people were ready to defend beauty, as they should, against those who would destroy it for political reasons, then this would never have been permitted to happen.

The fact that it was a mermaid sculpture that was attacked seems especially galling. I still remember Kirsten's amazing essay from a few years ago in which she described the history behind the mermaid legend, and showed how mermaids have traditionally been depicted as having very curvaceous, feminine forms:

At least the gorgeous mermaid statue that provided the inspiration for the garden sculpture still exists in Kerala. It would be wonderful to see it in real life. It fits in perfectly with the illustrations to Kirsten's article.
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Old 23rd January 2011   #3
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Default Re: Feminist disfigurment of mermaid's body

Originally Posted by Emily
This case is an all-too-grim metaphor of what a specific political agenda has done to womanhood, and to traditional feminine beauty, in the modern age.

The pertinent points of this case of political correctness gone mad

I don't think most people even realize just how pernicious a force "political correctness" is, and what it means. There's a helpful, short documentary video on Google which shows how political correctness really is an outgrown of cultural Marxism (of which feminism is a subset). In brief, political correctness is a phrase that separates, for the cultural Marxists, what they want to impose versus what they strive to suppress. If something is favourable to cultural Marxism and undermines traditional values, it is considered "correct," politically, and if something is opposed to cultural Marxism -- or if it's something that cultural Marxism opposes, such as traditionalism -- then it is termed politically "incorrect" and must be destroyed (like the Mermaid, and like traditional feminine beauty).

The video also shows how these ideologies support promiscuity as part of an effort to break down traditional morality. How ironic, then, that when these self-proclaimed "liberation" ideologies are faced with unabashed feminine beauty, such as these mermaid sculptures, they seek to expunge it, whereas the traditional societies that they claim were so "repressive" actually favoured such uninhibited expressions of beauty and allowed it to flourish.
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Old 28th January 2011   #4
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Default Re: Feminist disfigurment of mermaid's body

How sad! It was a gorgeous, full-size feminine figure. It didn't need sanitizing, contra all the people who see something wrong in such richness and beauty.
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Old 14th February 2011   #5
Zoë Josephine
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Default Re: Feminist disfigurment of mermaid's body

My whole life I have loved mermaids. I wanted to be one. (Honestly, I still do.) What wonderful magical creatures they are.

I find it so sad, that these women, who call themselves feminists, do not realize the empowerment that comes with accepting the female figure. You do not need to look like a man to be powerful. You do not need to act like a man to be powerful. Why can't these women see that there is power in femininity?

And to destroy art...there are not enough words to describe how awful that is.

What are these women going to do next? Airbrush the curves of the Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces?

It's disgraceful.

Why don't we teach people to sew anymore? To cook? Why are curves the enemy? Why is modern culture so afraid of beauty?
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