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Default Women ''prefer a fuller shape'' (article)

Over the years, countless studies and articles have conclusively demonstrated that men (that is, heterosexual men) prefer women with curves. Well, a new article in the Daily Mail confirms that women feel the same way. They too prefer women with a curvier look over the scrawny, androgynous fashion standard.

Says the article:

Take that, size zero! Eight in 10 women would prefer curves of Christina Hendricks to Victoria Beckham's fashion-thin look

20th January 2011

Eight in 10 women now aspire to the curves of Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, according to research published today.

It found that modern women no longer consider Victoria Beckham's fashion-thin build the 'perfect figure', and 80 per cent of women would now prefer a fuller shape, like that of model Kelly Brook or singer Beyoncé.

A further six in ten wanted to see more pictures of 'real' women in fashion magazines.

Ali Hall, editor of Look magazine, said: 'Five months ago Look started using curvier models in the issue every week and the response was overwhelming.

'Now 94 per cent of our readers believe that women of all sizes can be fashionable and it's important that the magazine reflects this.'

Beyoncé and model Kelly Brook came a joint first in the list of celebrity bodies readers would most like to look like.

They were followed by singer Rihanna, reality television star Kim Kardashian and Christina Hendricks.

Kate Moss, fashion designer Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue, Twilight actress Kristen Stewart and supermodel Gisele Bundchen emerged as the least popular.

Needless to say, this rejection of anorexic emaciation is encouraging.

On the other hand, Christina Hendricks and Beyonce are still extremely skinny. However, it appears that the survey only gave the participants these parameters: size-0 or faux-plus, with nothing bigger. After all, the media prevents any gorgeous, young, genuinely plus-size female celebrities from emerging.

If the survey's participants had been given the option of choosing goddesses like Kelsey Olson or Katherine Roll or Barbara Brickner, then they likely would have selected them. And if there were any celebrities with curves and beauty comparable to the most popular plus-size fashion models, then such full-figured celebrities would certainly top a poll like this.

Nevertheless, despite the survey's circumscribed options, it's still encouraging to see evidence that women, as well as heterosexual men, reject the cadaverous, starvation standard that the fashion industry pushes on the public. No one, except for the tiny cabal of the fashion's establishment's "top" designers and editors, has anything but contempt for that androgynous look.
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Default Re: Women ''prefer a fuller shape'' (article)

I always feel ambivalent about articles of this type. While I like to see things trending towards the full-figured woman, the media is always careful to exclude truly curvy women. The best thing I can say about Christina and Beyonce is that they are not starving. They both have the potential to be curvy, but that's about it.

The media is too cowardly to show and talk about truly plus-size women in articles like this in a positive way, for fear that the trend will turn into an established cultural preference once again. Too many people seeing women like Barbara Brickner or Charlotte Coyle in the mainstream media as desirable and normal, and people might get the notion that this really is how women are supposed to look. There will be no turning the tide back to the androgynous trend again. Oh, what will the fashion editors and designers do then?
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