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Default Tiffany Kaelin

The most notable modelling breakthrough of 2010 did not involve the inclusion in so-called "mainstream" fashion of any faux-plus models (let alone any straight-size models falsely being labelled plus-size) . Rather, it was the emergence of a size-28 goddess, Rosie Mercado, as a legitimate fashion model creating images of stunning beauty that are chic and gorgeous. Rosie is every bit as professional and aesthetically credible as any size-16 model. Her existence is pushing the boundaries of the industry in the direction that it needs to go, making it more accommodating of larger female bodies.

The only shortcoming of the Rosie Mercado phenomenon is her singularity. For truly full-figured models to become a presence in plus-size fashion, the industry needs more Rosies, more models who are her size, who are indisputably attractive, and who appear in professional-quality images.

Several seasons ago we noted a number of legitimately full-figured models participating in Chanel Rene's "Buxom Entertainment" project. One of these was a dazzling blonde goddess named Tiffany Kaelin, who also appeared in a "Plush Cat Club" calender. We introduced Miss Kaelin to readers in this thread.

Tiffany subsequently took a sabbatical from the modelling scene, but now she is back, with a Web log of her own and a stated intent to resume professional testing. We earnestly hope that she will do so. The public desperately needs to see more authentically full-figured girls showcasing their curves and proving just how attractive and stylish they can be.

Tiffany's own intro runs as follows:

I am a 26 year old plus-size model. I have been styling and doing make up for plus-size girls and others for about 8 years. I have always had an affinity for fashion. I am a proper full-figured girl who ranges from a size 22 to 28.

The latter point is wonderful, especially the more generous size-28 measurement. Fans will be delighted to know that Tiffany hasn't diminished herself, but has maintained or augmented her luscious curves. She could become the blonde complement to the brunette Rosie Mercado.

In the meantime, here are a few more of Miss Kaelin's images from her Buxom Entertainment days.

First, a seductive headshot, showing Tiffany provocatively running her fingers through her golden tresses, prompting the viewer to long for similar tactile engagement. The "measured messiness" of her updo is most alluring, given that it suggests the model's wild passions. Her expression is unabashedly carnal: she has a hungry look in her eyes, for all that she appears opulent and well-fed. Her rounded forearm is the lone detail that specifically indicates the sumptuousness of her physique, although her facial features also have a sensually full look.

This image, on the other hand, boldly showcases her luxurious physique. The wardrobe styling is intensely sensual. Her shirt appears to be barely able to close over the circumference of her figure, with her swelling curves tugging at her last button. The way in which the tight shirt discloses the garment underneath is also highly alluring. Her blonde hair flows loosely, lazily over her shoulders, suggesting the model's own languid, indolent nature--such qualities being powerfully seductive in such a lavishly proportioned girl. Her facial features are rich and replete. The jewellery coyly finding its way amid her buxom curves draws the eye downwards and accentuates her voluptuousness.

Another headshot shows the model experimenting with a more high-fashion look. Her eyes are captivating, and communicate dark passions that belie her angelic golden tresses. She expresses a mixture of appetitive desire, seductive petulance, and even a touch of vulnerability. The emotional note that this image conveys is, "She must get everything that she wants, right now and without any delay; she must." The richness of her hairstyle complements the luxury of her physique. She appears to be wearing a shawl, but one that has slipped off her shoulder, baring the fleshy arm. No smaller model could generate so much frisson with a mere headshot.

Click to enlarge

Chanel Rene photographed a number of lively online editorials with her Buxom Entertainment girls, one of the most memorable of which invoked a slumber-party theme. Tiffany looks adorable here, as if peevishly taking back her plush animal from another one of the slumber-party girls. She is especially adept at generating the captivating persona of a spoiled, greedy princess, which is the most seductive of all modelling tropes. The image showcases her rounded arms, voluptuous contours, and womanly thighs. Her neck area is smooth, with the clavicle submerged in soft fullness. The plump pillows on which she kneels echo her own bountiful physique.

We generally do not promote Web logs on this site, but we occasionally make an exception for those that are run by actual models, such as Need, Want, Love by Andrea Horblitt, Charlotte Coyle's Craicslist, and now Tiffany's own Web log. What distinguishes such sites is that the models occasionally feature their own images in their outfit photos.

As an example, here are several pictures that Tiffany published on Christmas Eve, showing her in a very appealing Yuletide outfit. The images demonstrate that her figure has truly blossomed, making her even more gorgeous. The lavishness of her waist is evident, as is the roundness of her arms. Her posing technique is as dramatic as ever, rendering the image intoxicatingly alluring.

Click to enlarge

The following image also showcases the luscious shape of her arms and the richness of her facial features. The advantage of having a truly full-figured model like Tiffany showing off an outfit rather than a faux-plus girl is obvious. Miss Kaelin's robust body makes every garment more enticing, but her appearance also informs larger women how they will look in a similar ensemble. Observe the passionate red colour of the model's sweater. Tiffany is no shrinking violet. She knows just how desirable her curves make her and capitalizes on this allure--an attitude that all well-fed beauties would do well to adopt.

Click to enlarge

Even this close-up of her decorative ring and glittering nail colour is highly sensual, thanks to the attractive fullness of the model's fingers, and especially the seductive detail of the dimples at her knuckles--a trait that only the most gorgeous and authentically curvaceous models possess. This is truly the hand of a lady, the kind that originated the custom of gentlemen kissing women's soft, plump hands. Legitimately plus-size models create size-positive imagery even in the most innocuous of photographs.

All aficionados of plus-size beauty will be delighted to learn that another size-28 goddess may soon join Rosie Mercado in creating chic and fashionable images. Tiffany and Rosie are at the true forefront of plus-size modelling, nudging the industry toward finally embracing the larger women whom it has unjustly excluded for far too long.

We wish Tiffany every success and earnestly look forward to her forthcoming tests.

- Tiffany's Web log

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