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Default Zeng Jing (曾晶) - Chinese plus-size model

As contributors to site have observed on numerous occasions, if there is any situational discrimination in plus-size modelling, apart from the prejudice by industry insiders against genuinely full-figured models (the kind whom the public actually favours), it is against East Asian, or Oriental, plus-size models.

The members of this forum have discovered a few East Asian beauties the years. From the Philippines, there was the lovely Hint Style model. From China, there was an endearing faux-plus model whose images were showcased as much for the gorgeous setting (amid fields of blooming canola flowers) as for the model's semi-plus curves.

But now, at last, a stunningly gorgeous, genuinely full-figured Chinese plus-size model has emerged. And she qualifies as one of the most beautiful of all full-figured goddesses, even apart from the fact that she helps to redress the lack of East Asian models.

Isn't she stunning? Her facial features are soft, full, and round, and she has a babylike, gentle quality to her look.

Her name is Zeng Jing , a.k.a. 曾晶.

Here's an article about her:

It comes with another serene, lovely picture:

Here's the text:

Thousands of miles from Hollywood, a young Chinese woman named Zeng Jing is realizing [her] dream by posing in front of the camera - and pictures of the [full-figured] girl modeling large-size garments for her clothing store have brought her rave reviews.

"I think someone needs to stand out and demonstrate our beauty because it's not easy to be appreciated by society," said Zeng, "And I think I can be the one."

In 2008, a story about Zeng vying to become a model, together with a series of offbeat photos of her, including one half naked, were published in a Nanjing newspaper and its affiliated website.

The photos received tens of thousands of hits and comments that day and were linked by numerous portals.

"I think she is amazingly beautiful," commented one of the netizens, "It seems a bit unfair that overweight girls have long been excluded from the notion of beauty."

Zeng's blog is admired by many women who are also overweight. They praise her courage for being a model.

Photographer Huang Hao was impressed by Zeng's outgoing and optimistic character.

"Confidence is what I wanted to demonstrate most through the photos," said Huang. "It is not very common for a girl to maintain such a weight and such a sunny disposition at the same time."

Born at a regular 3.5 kg, she soared to 110 kg at age 16...It was in the virtual world that Zeng was hailed as a "beauty" for the first time in her life.

She was working in a clothing store for [full-figured] girls in Guangzhou in 2005. Zeng initially posted photos of herself wearing clothes from the store, simply as a promotion.

To her surprise, the photos won her top billing as "Forum Beauty". She was thrilled to be appreciated by strangers for the first time in her life.

"I enjoy dressing up and I teach them how to match clothes and wear makeup," Zeng says.

In 2006, Zeng debuted on A Date with Luyu, one of the most popular talk shows in the country, hosted by Chen Luyu.

For Zeng, this was just the start of her life in the spotlight.

In 2008, an entertainment company in Nanjing signed her up, thinking her sunny character would be valuable in the entertainment industry. Later that year, Zeng appeared in several more talk shows, gaining nationwide fame.

She now owns an online store selling clothes designed for overweight girls and continues modeling every piece in her store.

Zeng and her husband Lai Yongqiang got engaged last year. Their wedding ceremony included eight newlywed couples, and all eight brides were at least 75 kg.

Also, here is one of the first articles published about Zeng Jing when she initially attracted media attention. (That link can freely be avoided, though, as the language is not positive.)

Regardless, here are a few of those very first pictures that Zeng Jing posted online, which first brought her attention. Very lively and joyful, yet at the same time they showcase the alluring fullness at her waist.

An early press photo, from when she started to receive media notice.

She later took a picture showing the soft curves along her back that is remarkably bold, and would be daring even coming from any plus-size model in North America.

Here are a number of her modelling pictures. Doesn't she look adorable in this folkloric, traditional attire?

She often appears alongside another full-figured model (one who, alas, is not photogenic). In this image, she is seated,

while in this image, she is standing. The camera loves her.

In pink, apparently modelling sleepwear.

Garbed in a traditional Chinese kimono, in passionate red.

These images are even lovelier because they were shot in a vintage Chinese setting.

She's on the left in this photo. Her facial features are truly lovely - so soft, full, and round - and her expression is chic and sophisticated.

Now, here are a number of images showing that mass wedding which was mentioned in the news story quoted above. Apparently it was quite a publicity event (as noted in this poorly worded article). Zeng Jing is the bride in gold, whereas the other girls all wear white.

A few last-minute adjustments before the ceremony.

The lovely setting. The flower petals are an enchanting touch.

Zeng Jing stands out as the loveliest, and not only because of her golden gown.

The formal group picture against a lovely green backdrop.

Fielding questions from the media. I love the fact that she is a genuine celebrity of some standing in China.

The newlyweds. That is one extremely lucky fellow.

This image effectively shows off the opulent fullness of her figure and even the fleshiness of her soft neck.

A charmingly chivalric gesture, for a bride who deserves no less.

Subsequently, Zeng Jing posed in (or perhaps modelled?) a traditional white wedding gown.

These last three images may be my favourites.

I have no idea why she held a press conference in a bathrobe, but it does create a sensual effect. And her facial features look especially full in these photos.

I love the opulent hairstyle, the roundness of the face, and the visible curve under the chin.

Zeng Jing is gorgeous and authentically full-figured. She's the ideal embodiment of what an East Asian plus-size model should look like. I'd love to see her personally achieve an international full-figured modelling career, because heaven knows that plus-size modelling needs at least one gorgeous Oriental model for the sake of representation.

But beyond that, she deserves a career on beauty alone. She represents exactly the look that the North American plus-size industry should be seeking.
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Default Re: Zeng Jing (曾晶) - Chinese plus-size model

Zeng Jing is stunning - so well-fed and full-figured, and with such a beautiful face as well. Perfection.

I did a little digging with Google and with the Chinese search engine Baidu, trying to track down the clothing line that she owns and for which she models, per the article that Chad posted. No luck. However, I did come up with a few videos of Zeng Jing. Alas, as one might expect, they're in Chinese. Figuring out how to get the embed code was no mean feat.

This one is just over 2 minutes long, and I have no idea what it's about. After the news anchors introduce the piece, it shows Zeng Jing and her friends in what appears to be a karaoke bar. If you fast forward to 01:25, you'll see her looking gorgeous in her white bathrobe.

A word of advice: In order to watch the video smoothly, play a second of it, press pause, then allow the video to buffer for a good while before pressing play again to watch the rest of the segment.

Here's another video showing Zeng Jing, this one a full 18 minutes in length. It may predate the previous video. In it, she's dressed in her attractive red kimono. I wish I could make out a single word.

And finally, Chad's article mentioned that Zeng Jing became well known after appearing on a popular TV dating program in China. I believe that the following video shows her segment on that show. It's just under 6 minutes in length, and shows her being driven around in a rickshaw, relaxing on a boat, etc. I couldn't figure out how to embed it, though, so here's the link to the page:

Zeng Jing is a true beauty. I've love to see more East Asian plus-size girls modelling for North American brands, especially if the industry could find one as attractive and curvy as this girl.
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Default Re: Zeng Jing (曾晶) - Chinese plus-size model

Apparently, New York Fashion Week is gaining press attention for including at least a few Asian models. It's tokenism, to be sure, but if it spills over into the plus-size industry and prompts the inclusion of more Northeast Asian full-figured models, then that would be a good thing.

I say "Northeast Asian" because even the Hint Style model was Southeast Asian, and I find that models of Japanese and Chinese ethnicity are especially lacking in the plus-size industry, particularly given their percentage of the population. And when discovering plus-size Oriental models, it will be especially important for the industry to avoid the faux-plus trap, but to feature genuinely full-figured girls.

Zeng Jing is luscious and beautiful, and her facial features are exquisite. I did some searching of my own using the Chinese characters and turned up something quite interesting -- an editorial shoot that she did in the style of movie posters.

Cinema is, of course, a major art form in China, and the famous director John Woo recently released an epic feature called Red Cliff. Here's the trailer:

Watching the trailer, you see the film's Lord of the Rings-like scope, and you also see that the lead actress is painfully underweight.

Zeng Jing's editorial is obviously inspired by the posters for Red Cliff, with Zeng cast as a larger, more beautiful version of the film's heroine. In fact, one of the images even includes the Red Cliff title in the picture, as if it were a true poster for the film.

Here's the same image a little brighter and closer. With her bared shoulder and a glimpse of decolletage, Zeng Jing looks very sensual. Her coquettish expression is highly seductive.

The boat on which this layout was shot is apparently the same one that was used in the film itself and is now preserved on land. You can see it briefly in the trailer, on fire -- hence the fire SFX in these images.

Zeng Jing looks soft-featured and very full-figured, but she also looks lovely with this ornate sword in her hand.

Alongside a male model.

The dramatic skies give the images an epic feel.

Like a true editorial, the images suggest narrative possibilities. Here, Zeng Jing challenges another model, as if they were rivals for the same man.

In this image, perhaps she has discovered her lover's disloyalty and threatens him with death unless he confesses.

The fashion industry always loves contrasts, so here we see a juxtaposition of traditional costumes, settings, and themes, with the modern element of having the man texting on his Blackberry.

The next group of images returns to the boatside setting of the faux-poster, above. Zeng Jing looks alluring with her shoulder bared, though this time her expression is sunnier.

This group of pictures plays for humour, with the model's broad smile. The glimpse of her leg shows how full and round her limbs are.

An especially playful pose -- falling into the lifeboat.

Zeng Jing is not only far more gorgeous than the other girl in the editorial, but a better model as well. She convincingly suggests the idea that she is waving to the people on shore as the boat is setting sail.

I love her serious, thoughtful demeanour in this photo -- and oh, her face is so beautifully round.

The editorial included at least one costume change, showing the girls in folkloric black costumes.

Zeng's pose in this image is especially graceful, almost balletic.

Unless I'm mistaken, these outfits appeared in a number of the pictures that Chad included in his initial post.

The last group of images creates a distinct narrative sequence. First, one sees Zeng's character languidly pacing on deck, fanning herself, as her handmaiden mans the ropes.

There is something intrinsically appealing about the notion of the more beautiful girl strolling at her indolent ease while her servant must perform the drudgery.

Then, a battle then breaks out. The servant falls, and the aristocratic lady must tend to the ship to prevent it from running aground.

The servant tried to defend her lady, but was pieced with an arrow (which is visible, if you look closely).

Though spoiled and indolent, as befitting her station and her beauty, the lady genuinely cared for her servant, and tends to her.

Seeing the hopelessness of the situation, she raises her sword. But for what purpose? To make a last stand against the enemy? Or to take her own life so as not to become the prisoner of the vandals?

The editorial ends with both women having fallen, tragically.

Not only is Zeng Jing gorgeous and authentically full-figured, but she is a fine model, capable of evoking a host of emotions in her work and able to create a compelling editorial, as this series of images demonstrates. I join the previous posters in hoping that we see more of her in the future, and more plus-size East Asian models in general.

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