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Old 9th November 2005   #1
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Default Crystal Renn on Tyra Banks Show today (Wed.)

Several individuals have written in to inform us that Crystal Renn is scheduled to appear on the Tyra Banks talk show today (Wednesday).

We always receive news such as this with a measure of apprehension. To place a full-figured model before the cameras of the mass media is to put her in a potentially hostile environment. Charlotte Coyle was received very favourably by British television, but that was a morning news show, not a talk show. And like all "reality programs," talk shows are notorious for treating human beings like sources of cheap entertainment, stripping them of their dignity, and exploiting their vulnerabilities--all in the name of ratings.

In a situation like this, the dangers are obvious. If the show's moderator opens the discussion up to the studio audience, any blowhard can take cheap shots at the model by parroting the thin-supermacist, anti-plus "talking points" of the mass media. Worse yet for admirers of plus-size beauty is that fact that it is impossible to personally enter the fray and defend the honour of a model in question. So unless the model herself is media-savvy, and can hold her own in a confrontational setting, the situation can be excruciating.

On the other hand, Tyra Banks has made size-positive comments in the past--more than one might expect of a straight-size model--so perhaps this segment will go well. The show's description of Crystal's appearance is brief:

"Plus-size model Crystal Renn shares the pressure she felt about her weight and how it led to an eating disorder."

Let us hope that the segment remains just that--a cautionary tale about eating disorders, and a way of letting young girls know that they need not starve themselves to be supermodels, but can be gorgeous and popular at their natural size.

Crystal modelling for Anna Scholz, Fall/Winter 2005:

- Broadcast schedule by state

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Old 9th November 2005   #2
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Default Re: Crystal Renn on Tyra Banks Show today (Wed.)

I don't think I get the Tyra Banks show where I am, which is too bad. I would have loved to have seen it.

I know that Kate Moss is one of the other subjects of this show, and on that topic, I read something at which left me with mixed feelings. According to imdb,

"Supermodel Tyra Banks is urging modeling agency bosses to police the industry's drug abuse problems in a bid to make sure Kate Moss is the last victim."

Victim? I find the idea that Moss is a "victim" ridiculous. She committed a crime - and worse that her specific crime was the fact that she sent such a destructive message to impressionable girls by her actions. She's no victim.

On the other hand, I like Banks's idea that this should be a wake-up call to the industry. Banks is quoted as saying,

"maybe this is sending a message that this is a problem in the modeling industry and something needs to be done about it."

It's about time someone realized this. I still applaud H&M for taking the lead and dropping Moss from their campaigns.

And back to the topic of Crystal Renn, perhaps if the modelling industry stopped using abnormally anorexic girls, and allowed models to be naturally curvy like Crystal, the drug problems would lessen. I'm sure that much of this epidemic is due directly to models turning to unnatural methods of starvation, and looking for ways to dull the gnawing hunger pains they suffer constantly. I'd bet a lot of models would rather indugle in chocolate souffles than narcotics, if they were allowed to do so.
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Old 10th November 2005   #3
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Default Re: Crystal Renn on Tyra Banks Show today (Wed.)

Sometimes it's hard to judge whether the people who produce these shows are sincere or "going for ratings" so I tuned in to see how Tyra would handle the subject. She did a good job discussing the abuses in the modeling industry, such as drugs, money scams, and abuse.

Unfortunately Crystal did not appear until almost 45 minutes into the show and did not have much time to speak. She walked down the stage's runway to enthusiastic applause of the audience (mostly young women 18-24 and their mothers) and wore a silky blue peasant-type blouse and jeans. Tyra asked her about her previous attempts to fit the waif ideal and Crystal explained in a polite and well-spoken way how she had suffered and then accepted herself and found greater success

Near the end, they showed the clip of Crystal walking with Gaultier at the recent show and Tyra made a comment that I hope everyone heard--that when a designer walks a particular model down a runway, it's because she was his muse who inspired the collection.

That was about it--short but sweet. Hopefully it made a positive impact on the young women watching the show.
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Old 15th November 2005   #4
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Default Re: Crystal Renn on Tyra Banks Show today (Wed.)

I expect that most Torrid aficionados have already seen this, but the Crystal Renn image that won so much praise here earlier this year as a small ad is now the Torrid site's cover photo. I would agree that it is by far the loveliest image of the entire campaign. The pose is very passionate and artistic, almost balletic, and it exhibits both contemporary and timeless qualities.

I especially appreciate the fact that Torrid did not try to disguise her waist, but allowed her figure to present a naturally soft look. It's a visual tour de force.
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