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Default Mayara Russi: Kauê Modas 2011

Last year, Brazilian full-figure label Kauê Modas thrilled fans of size-20 goddess Mayara Russi (the most gorgeous of all South American models) with a lyrical campaign on a garden motif.

At the time, we believed that the campaign has set a high water mark for Brazilian plus-size promotions which would not soon be surpassed.

However, as the exciting recent images from the 2011 incarnation of Fashion Weekend Plus Size revealed, Mayara is now even more luscious than she was last year.

Couple Miss Russi's increased beauty with a fascinating setting, and sure enough, the newest Kauê promotion is the company's finest to date, and constitutes Mayara's own most beautiful commercial work.

Indeed, the images from the campaign transcend the commercial category and achieve editorial quality. Usually we do not favour photography shot in any kind of industrial setting, but traditional steam technology has a charm of its own, and railways are inherently romantic.

Kailee headlined a fine promotion for Zay Clothing just a few seasons ago which capitalized on a railway atmosphere simply by situating her in a 19th-century Victorian-style train station. But this new Kauê campaign goes all the way, shooting Mayara in a railyard--and an especially beautiful railyard, one where the grasses have grown through the old wooden ties of the tracks, and purple flowers bloom in the distance, playing off against the green backdrop, achieving the organic beauty that we celebrated in our "Natural Ideal" post, while quaint brick buildings and aged rails and wagons introduce attractive browns and reds. Set the shapely figure of Mayara in front of such a locale, and the results are visual masterpieces such as this:

Click to enlarge

However, let no one doubt for a moment that despite of the charm of the location, it is Mayara herself who is the principal point of interest. A close-up shows that her facial features are plumper and more gorgeous than ever. She has the ideal combination of high cheekbones softened by facial fullness, giving her visage a round, feminine, well-fed appearance. Observe the highly sensual detail of the fleshiness at her neck. Her dark, bewitching gaze adds to her sinful beauty.

Click to enlarge

No matter how pretty her face is, though, Mayara's greatest appeal derives from her opulent, size-20 physique. In the image, the luscious fullness of her waist--visible as a rounded swell at her middle--is irresistibly seductive. She is intensely desirable, and her breezy pose indicates that she clearly knows it. Some full-figured women are needlessly self-conscious about having a generous midsection, but Mayara proves that this lush physical feature is actually quite alluring.

Click to enlarge

The following picture shows Mayara in the most attractive attire of the campaign, a lacy, feminine blouse over a black camisole. The outfit displays a heady expanse of bare skin around her neck and chest, and the relative fairness of her complexion playing off against the black creates an eye-catching effect. Her facial features appear full and replete, while the gothic accessories (the skull ring and the plume earrings) enhance the model's identity as a dark empress, an evil queen. Her vain expression plays up this quality. She clearly is a lavishly self-indulged, sinful princess, intoxicating in her wickedness, and oh-so-dangerously beautiful. The lush setting contributes to the richness of the picture, while the panoramic vista of the train cars curving off into the distance adds visual depth.

Click to enlarge

A three-quarter-length image of Mayara in her lacy blouse offers another fine look at her sumptuous figure. Observe the rounded swell at her abdomen, testifying to the opulence of her physique. Yet visibly full-figured as she is, her gaze suggests something far more powerful than mere self-assurance. Hers is the vanity of a true goddess, one who knows the power of her attractions. The look in her eyes is almost predatory--thrillingly so.

Click to enlarge

With the hue of her clothing seemingly reflecting her mood, a change from mysterious black attire to a more organic olive warms Mayara's demeanour. She smiles at the viewer in a classic over-the-shoulder shot reminiscent of Shannon Marie's immortal Mode masterpiece. The outfit indicates sensual details in the model's figure, like the soft curves along her back, and defines her ripe voluptuousness.

Click to enlarge

The settings add greatly to the variety and visual interest of the images. The same compositions that would look dull in a studio become fascinating in this environment. The greens and brownish-reds in the background introduce rich hues, while the chiaroscuro lighting with dappled sunlight adds a touch of drama. Mayara has a noble, feminine profile, with apple cheeks that remind one of Christina Schmidt in the early seasons of Degrassi.

Click to enlarge

Still, nothing compares to the appeal of Mayara's well-fed physique, as glimpsed in the next picture, where her full waist presses sensually against the fabric of her black camisole. The greenery in the background evokes a jungle-like lushness, harmonizing with the model's own fecund beauty.

Click to enlarge

The following is an even better figure shot, one which exhibits not only Miss Russi's buxom curves and generous middle, but even the sensual sight of legs that are too full to allow her boots to close all the way, necessitating that the boots remain partly unfastened. Behind the model, the green grass plays off against the rich reds of the train car, with its fascinating wrought-iron shapes. In a concrete, urban setting, rusting machinery is ugly; but in this green, natural environment, the reddish hue looks organic, and harmonizes with the emerald setting as effectively as would reddish timber.

Click to enlarge

A closer view of Mayara in this outfit allows one to note the attractive makeup artistry, with a pretty pink lip colour and gold earrings that complement the overall colour scheme. The model's smile vividly conveys her personality, indicating a touch of charming wickedness just beneath her grin.

Click to enlarge

A pair of images in another outfit also take full advantage of the setting, with this photo in particular showing an ancient, reddish engine seemingly arrested in mid-chug, while the forest has grown up all around it--so much so that it is now integrated harmoniously into its landscape. There is a touch of storybook fantasy about the image. One imagines that if the model were to climb into the engine, it might spring to life and transport her deep into the landscape, along a forgotten, secret railroad. Her own upward-looking expression helps to convey that sense of wonder. Her cap and scarf even recall the accessories that train engineers once wore in the days of steam.

Click to enlarge

In this picture, the sunlight illuminates Mayara's figure in such a way as to highlight her voluptuous contours, while the curve of her hip suggests the generous proportions of her physique. There is a real sense of weight to the model's physical being, a luxurious heaviness that is powerfully attractive.

Click to enlarge

The lighting is particularly interesting in the next photograph, coming in from the side while leaving the model partly in shadow. The brick structure in the background has a venerable look, its neglected, antiquarian appearance contributing to its appeal.

Click to enlarge

The weathered nature of the timber in this box car looming over Mayara revives the sense of storybook fantasy noted earlier, as if the years might fall away at any moment, and the train might surge to life, taking the model on a journey into the past.

Click to enlarge

A closer look at Miss Russi shows her adopting a supremely vain, aristocratic expression, with the thick hoop earrings and the wide swoops of the necklace complementing the large chain loops in the background, together creating a host of circular and elliptical forms that harmonize with the model's own rounded appearance. Her complexion is smooth and flawless.

Click to enlarge

We never favour sunglasses in any circumstances because they obscure facial features and hide a model's pretty eyes. Nevertheless, the model's shapely beauty and the fascinating background elements--the greenery, the brick reds, and the aged yet quaint look of the abandoned structure--generate great visual interest.

Click to enlarge

Even the heavy gears and the red chains in this indoor photograph have a certain Victorian charm. Modern machinery is cold, grey, and ugly, but 19th-century aesthetics even beautified the era's steam technology. Note how the dab of red from the chain behind Mayara introduces an important colour element into an image that is otherwise dominated by beiges and browns. The model's pose is natural and relaxed, even in what could have been a difficult environment to navigate. (One of a model's greatest talents is her ability to interact with her surroundings.)

Click to enlarge

Next is a singular example of a Kauê photograph that truly celebrates Mayara's curvaceous allure. Not only does the top embrace her buxom contours, while the camera angle opens a heady view onto her voluptuousness, but the thick brunette tress flowing over her shoulder and alongside her décolletage draws the eye downward, as if steering the viewer's attention toward her rich curves. The vixen appears to be smiling at having noticed an admirer with his gaze fixed upon her bountiful beauty.

Click to enlarge

This image, on the other hand, with the model adopting a petulant look, offers one of the best impressions of the overall fullness of Mayara's physique. Here, one truly perceives the generous proportions of her body, the luxurious weight of her person, abundantly blessed as she is with the best attributes of each figure type: the voluptuousness of the hourglass, the luscious middle of the apple, and the womanly hips of the pear, together constituting a lavish, desirable feminine form.

Click to enlarge

The final outdoor image shows the model in a pretty, romantic blouse with a delicate floral print. The ruffles at the neckline, which opens to disclose a hint of décolletage, and the blossoms in the fabric, as well as the soft colour, make this an appealingly girlish blouse, at least when displayed on a figure as buxom as Mayara's.

Click to enlarge

* * *

The second portion of the Kauê campaign brings Mayara into the studio for some pick-up shots. But here too the railway theme is evident, thanks to a sepia-tined photographic backdrop showing a vintage train. While this is not as compelling as an outdoor session, it is certainly an improvement over a bare white wall, and does tie in these images with the main location shoot.

The first picture in this set shows Miss Russi with a fascinating headband, which gives her an exotic quality. Her brunette tresses are long and luxurious, and her steady gaze, marked by a Mona-Lisa-like non-smile, shows of the beauty of her face especially well. Those high cheekbones and plump cheeks create facial perfection.

Click to enlarge

An image of Mayara in a colourful print dress offers a sensual suggestion of her curvaceous figure, as the rounded swell of her waist presses against the fabric, forming a soft, feminine contour. The travelling crates make fine props, recalling the weathered wood of the box cars seen in the location photos.

Click to enlarge

A close-up of Mayara in the same look highlights her golden headband (truly a captivating accessory, one that is both elegant and orientalist) and shows the model adopting a seductive gaze.

Click to enlarge

Though loose, the blouse in the next photo is quite romantic and feminine, with its frilly collar, and the image offers a splendid impression of the overall fullness of Mayara's physique. Her proportions suggest luxuriant fullness, yet her expression is playful, a girlish quality that the braided hair accentuates.

Click to enlarge

The campaign ends on a pleasant note, with the model smiling as she shows off a cozy sweater. (Remember: in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, so this entire collection is a fall/winter line.) The camisole is pressed into an attractively rounded shape by the model's curvy midsection, while her pants define her generous legs.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Bravo to Kauê Modas for enlisting the services of the most gorgeous and popular plus-size model in Brazil. At a luscious size 20, Mayara is a true goddess, both supremely attractive and visibly full-figured. She has not diminished herself one whit since she first came to our attention, and if anything, her beauty has increased.

Further kudos to Kauê for choosing a romantic railway theme for its campaign, and for taking Mayara to such a unique location and photographing her so attractively.

But above all, a standing ovation to Miss Russi herself for recognizing her own gorgeousness, for maintaining her opulent physique, and for showing the world just how stunningly desirable an authentically full-figured model can be. There is no reason why any plus-size clients should be using faux-plus girls, when Mayara's images prove that opulently proportioned models showcase clothing far more effectively--and look more beautiful as well.

- Kauê Modas online

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Default Re: Mayara Russi: Kauê Modas 2011

I discovered a fascinating behind-the-scenes video showing the making of this campaign. Unfortunately, it films the studio session, not the location shoot at the steam railyard. It's still well worth a look, though, to catch some glimpses of Mayara looking delectable.

Tip: fast forward to 1:50 in the video, which is where Mayara appears. And watch it with the sound off.

I took a few screen grabs. My favourites are the ones showing Mayara in this white top, which wasn't included in the published shoot.

The video captures images of Mayara looking stunningly gorgeous, especially because the camera reveals the curvaceous fullness of her midsection.

Mayara has such a luxurious waist, and she is completely comfortable about it. She knows that it's a key part of her allure.

A couple of shots in the video show her taking some behind-the-scenes photos of her own.

In fact, I think she has more of a supermodel look in the following screencap than just about anywhere else. I love this hairstyle on her. It makes her look so youthful.

More dramatic looks from Mayara as she models a dark outfit. She's such a perfect visual complement to Katherine Roll, all in white lace, while Mayara is seen in darker colours (even in black lace in a photo from the campaign, above).

Alluring sideways glance.

A coquettish look, and an angle that emphasizes the model's voluptuousness.

Finally, a smiling shot. She reminds me of a fuller-figured version of CNN anchor Robin Meade.

Mayara is always an exciting model, and what the original post stated is true: she is even more opulent and gorgeous now than she was last year. I wish she might work for some North American clients.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: Kauê Modas 2011

Following closely upon its amazing fall collection (because in the southern hemisphere, the weather is moving into fall and winter instead of spring and summer), Kauê Modas has now issued its winter promotions.

They're really outgrowths of the autumn photo sessions and appear to have been shot at the same time. Mayara's pictures appear in three online catalogues,

as well as in a look book:

The most sensual image is the cover of the animal-print catalogue. Mayara looks very seductive in a state of lassitude, and the smile is adorable. The picture shows that a luscious, size-20 model can still look girlish.

Another animal-print image.

Attractive dress.

My favourite images of Miss Russi are those where her hair is loose and flowing,

but she also has an affinity for hair adornments. The headbands that she frequently wears give her an exotic touch.

The same effect distinguishes this photo.

I adore the seductive look that Mayara adopts in this picture, and the lacy sheath is attractive and feminine.

A dramatic look from Mayara, taking advantage of the magnificent fullness of her long, long hair.

The last two photos turn the tables and show Mayara in the role of the photographer - an action that the behind-the-scenes video that Graham posted anticipated.

This picture comes closest in the new series to indicating the luxurious fullness of Mayara's waist.

Stunning photos, as always, from this Brazilian beauty. She is one of the very few plus-size models (Katherine Roll being another) who is not only gorgeous, but looks legitimately full-figured. I consider Mayara one of the top three or four plus-size models in the world - no exaggeration. Her pictures are always beautiful, always size-positive, and prove that truly full-figured girls can look seductive without hiding their curves.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: Kauê Modas 2011

For the most part, I am simply using the present bit of news as an excuse to bump up this thread about one of the most gorgeous and exciting models in the industry. Kaue Modas has just released a little lookbook to mark the forthcoming occasion of Mother's Day.

The cover page:

"Dias das maes" means Mother's Day in Portuguese. And in fact, I believe that the image shows Mayara's real-life mother, while the man is Mayara's brother. So this is definitely a family affair, which adds an extra touch of sincerity to the campaign.

Here's the link:
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