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Old 16th March 2011   #1
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Default City Chic at Melbourne Fashion Week

As most everyone has probably heard, City Chic (the well-known Australian plus-size label) achieved a milestone yesterday by staging a runway show that was part of the official events of Melbourne Fashion Week, the top fashion week in Australia.

The was a brief article about the event a few days ago.

See if you catch the local colour:

A PARADE for women with fuller figures will be staged for the first time at Melbourne's fashion week.

Fashion chain City Chic, whose clothes go up to size 24, will hold the parade as part of the daily Sidewalk shows at Federation Square.

And models will be encouraged to munch on healthy food for the daytime shows...A gourmet caterer has been enlisted to dish up substantial meals, including kangaroo [!], salmon, club sandwiches, and fruit for all models at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival from March 14-20.

Darrianne Donnelly, whose BGM agency models will star in the City Chic show, said they would be bold and sexy.

"We have always pushed for this ... we are over the moon," she said.

Butterfly Foundation CEO Christine Morgan said she was encouraged by the festival's commitment to represent real women on the runway.

"It is extremely important for people to be able to identify with fashion so that they are not excluded when shopping for their favourite clothes," she said.

"Bright new initiatives like these are the first step to changing behaviour and creating positive body image within our community," she said.

Festival creative producer Yolanda Finch said it was a demanding week for the models, and they needed sustenance.

"You don't get a beautifully shaped body by not eating, it's a total fallacy," she said.

Nice to hear her saying that the key to a "beautifully shaped body" is eating. Of course it is! All of the most gorgeous plus-size models have definitely acquired "beautifully shaped bodies" thanks to generous self-indulgence rather than starvation.

I must admit, I smiled when I read "kangaroo" listed as one of the food that the models would be consuming. Definitely an Australian fashion week.

Anyway, although the official video for the show, from City Chic, is still forthcoming, here's a brief press clip. I wish that it had depicted the entire show and not just concentrated on the final look, but it's still worth a view. The best moment is definitely Sakina Czubowski looking luscious at 0:40 and following. 05732406

Also, here's one photo gallery of the event:

From that album, this is Sakina's best look, which is also the one shown in the above video, and is my favourite dress from the show. (The black borders are in the original photos.)

Another gorgeous look from Sakina:

This, I believe, is Kate Erin. I like the first hairstyle more than the second:

Great motion shots from another look, on a different model, near the end:

It looks like it was a fantastic runway show. Sakina's looks especially stand out. I can't wait to see the official video.

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Old 16th March 2011   #2
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Default Re: City Chic at Melbourne Fashion Week

Getty Images has a few more photos from the event, such as another picture of Sakina looking oh-so-curvy in her red dress.

Another Sakina look:

Here's Kate at the head of the runway in a wider shot that shows how the whole setting looked:

Another twirling photo of the final look:

A Sydney newspaper features a different highlight reel of the event. It's great to see more footage of this runway show. Courtney Maxwell appears at 0:11, while show-stopping Sakina emerges in fiery red at 0:38 in the video.

It looks like it was an exciting show.
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Old 17th March 2011   #3
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Default Re: City Chic at Melbourne Fashion Week

I've discovered a few more important items to add to this thread.

First, the most complete video yet of the show, a full 5-minute clip at the official Melbourne Fashion Week site. The Sydney newspaper's vision is a shorter version of this video, but this upload has much sharper visual quality and is much more thorough.

You'll notice that LMFF chose a shot of Sakina in her red dress to be the thumbnail for the video. Excellent choice.

In the video Courney emerges at 0:52, followed by Kate. Sakina appears in her first look at 2:06, then at 3:06 in the scene-stealing red dress, followed by Blaise McCann in her fur wrap. And of course, there are those splendid shots of Laura's skirt-twirling at the end.

But I've also discovered by FAR the most comprehensive and thorough photo gallery of the show in existence. And the quality of the photography is unrivalled. Here's the link:

Here's just a small sample of what's in that gallery. More thrilling images of Sakina in red:

Her face is so round and pretty,

but she looks so seductively dangerous.

Also, her elegant dress:

And the finest presentation of Kate's ultra-curvaceous figure I've yet seen.

I'll offer direct links to each of the best looks, but be sure to browse the entire gallery to appreciate the whole show from start to finish.

Sakina in red;

Doubled with another model:

Sakina in elegant grey:

Kate solo, then in profile:

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Old 18th March 2011   #4
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Default Re: City Chic at Melbourne Fashion Week

Sakina looks so luscious in that red dress that at least one more image deserves posting -- but the entire series in the gallery that Graham linked is worth seeing.

She also looked fantastic in her silver dress, so fitted that it appears as if it could barely contain her swelling curves. City Chic produced a boldly size-positive show.

The company has also posted an official photo gallery of its own, here:

One photo that struck me was this one, prior to the show, which features the magnificent Melbourne cathedral in the background:

This is a truly magnificent, Neo-Gothic structure. I wish that more of the show's photographs could have been angled in such a way as to incorporate the cathedral into the frame. What a splendid backdrop it would have made, despite the grim urban buildings around it.

Countless more images of the cathedral are available online:
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Old 22nd March 2011   #5
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Default Re: City Chic at Melbourne Fashion Week

City Chic commendably got its hands on the AAP press video to which Shelley linked in the first post in this thread, and the company has now posted it on YouTube at a much larger size. It's the same footage, but with much higher resolution.

As before, the high point is definitely Sakina and the sensual commotion in her figure, starting at 0:40:

I wish it had been a complete video of the show, though, as the edit leaves out Sakina's grey-dress look. More footage of Kate would have been nice as well, although she does appear at 0:13. Still, it's a marvellous visual record of this thrilling show, and especially of Sakina's voluptuous look in her red dress.
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Old 8th April 2011   #6
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Default Re: City Chic at Melbourne Fashion Week

This is a late addition to the thread, but I found two more pictures of Sakina in her sizzling red dress that I know everyone would love to see.

Usually I prefer it when plus-size models smile for the runway, but with this outfit, I think the serious expression worked. It added to the idea of "dangerous curves" that the dress and the jacket suggest.

I found the second image here, where it's shown in full width.

It looks like it was an exciting show. How wonderful to see so many interesting catwalk presentations with plus-size models recently.
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