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Default Sophie Sheppard

If there is a plus-size model currently working in the industry who is more in dire need of a complete new test than gorgeous Australian size-16 goddess Sophie Sheppard, we don't know who that might be.

This year, seemingly out of nowhere, Bella Model Management has seen its board blossom with stunning new talent, cementing its status as one of the top plus-size agencies in the world. Fans have been awed by the beauty of the luscious Hayley B., as well as the gorgeous Alexandra Newton.

But believe it or not, Bella has a third girl on its books who may rival Hayley's position as the most attractive Australian plus-size model. This is no newcomer, though, but a girl who has been represented by Bella for several seasons.

Sometimes, a model produces an image that is so breathtaking, such a perfect expression of the Classical feminine ideal, that one can scarcely believe it exists. When such an image emerges, one turns to anybody who will listen and says to them, "There. That's it. That is the definition of timeless beauty."

This is one of those times.

The following brand-new photograph of Sophie Sheppard exhibits every characteristic of ideal beauty. Her facial features are adorably rounded, doll-like in their youthful prettiness. She displays visible weight in her face, a well-fed look that is irresistibly sensual: high cheekbones softened by facial fullness. Her golden hair and blue eyes complement her fair complexion, giving her a babylike quality.

The frost pink lip colour is the most irresistibly kissable of shades, a hue that looks innocent and girlish. She presses her lips into a felonious pout, while her eyes twinkle with mischief. Her luscious arms are full and shapely, exhibiting the natural contours of soft, untoned beauty. The attire is loose around the middle, suggesting a generously curvy waist.

The above profile portrait is coupled with a forward-facing headshot that is every bit as gorgeous, albeit in a different way. Here, the model's expression is more passionate, more raw. This image shows the sensual weight in the model's face even more seductively. Her eyes are a crystalline blue. Her expression is intensely alluring, a mixture of youthful petulance with the mature desire of adulthood. The skin tone is dazzling--the epitome of a peaches-and-cream complexion.

Though fair, she also appears hale and healthy, with a natural flush colouring the white skin. She exhibits the "rosy glow" that goddesses exude when they blossom into a richer size. The neck-and-shoulder area appears sensually fleshy. The golden hair exhibits a touch of "measured messiness," implying that the model has a wild side that belies her doll-like appearance.

We first took note of Sophie when she appeared in lovely editorial in Australian Cosmopolitan several seasons ago. The vanilla dress, the model's apple cheeks, her golden hair, her rounded arms--all of this lent the page an enchanting femininity. The swing-set setting also gave the image a Victorian quality, associating the model with girlish youth, and with agreeable ideas of ladylike winsomeness from a bygone era. However attractive she was then, though, she is infinitely more gorgeous today, as the above masterpieces demonstrate.

With Sophie joining Hayley and Alexandra in an astounding triad of beauty at Bella, the depth of the agency's talent is astonishing. For years, fans petitioned the Australian agencies for curvier models, and now, at last, (and seemingly all at once,) such goddesses are emerging--softer, fuller, fairer, and more attractive than the Southern Hemisphere has ever known.

Miss Sheppard's two new images have now been added to her Bella book (though the other pictures in her portfolio date back several seasons). We eagerly anticipate the appearance of a bona fide new test from this exquisite model, or a new campaign, or both. She is the personification of softness itself.

- Sophie Sheppard: Bella Models portfolio

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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard

Although it's a fairly new agency, Milk Management in the U.K. is building an impressive roster of talent, including Justine Legault and Valerie Lefkowitz.

Now Milk has scored a real coup. Apparently, Sophie Sheppard is currently residing in the U.K. (away from her native Australia), and Milk Management currently represents her in Britain.

Unfortunately, her Milk portfolio only features her earlier images. It doesn't even include the two pictures by Claudio Raschella, posted above, although those are not only the most gorgeous photos of Sophie's career (so far), but two of the most stunning images that any plus-size model has ever created.

The page promises a video, which has not yet been posted, but it does come with a few lovely Polaroids. Alas, these give no indication of her figure, but they do showcase her natural beauty.

Milk lists Sophie as a U.K. size 16/18 and gives her measurements as 38D-36-48, which are stunning. With such rich, womanly proportions, I hope that she does a new test shoot soon. Those Claudio Raschella pictures confirm that she is a beauty of the first order.
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard

At long last, to the certain delight of her growing number of fans, the enchanting Sophie Sheppard has shot a complete new test.

Does this mean that aficionados of plus-size beauty will finally see a celebration of Miss Sheppard's luscious curves? After all, the stats that Milk Management lists for her, 38D-36-48, give her the finest figure of any of the agency's models--indeed, the most ideal proportions of any girl currently signed to a major British agency.

The answer is: sort of. While her new images do showcase Sophie's dazzling beauty, and do include a number of figure shots, they do not highlight her opulent 36" waist or her womanly 48" hips. Nor do they quite capture the lusciously well-fed appearance that her breathtaking Claudio Raschella headshots (posted above) exhibit.

Nevertheless, these are visual triumphs in their own right and confirm Miss Sheppard to be a bona fide timeless beauty.

Most captivating of all is this exquisite headshot, a masterpiece of soft sensuality. The model's peaches-and-cream complexion appears ethereally fair, with just a whisper of a flush at the cheeks. The blue background and the model's top play off her pink and flaxen attributes. Her frost-pink lip colour is the most irresistibly kissable of shades, while her parted lips suggest appetitive desire. She caresses her golden hair in a languid, seductive manner, making the viewer yearn to touch her tresses in like manner. Her eyes are of the deepest blue, but they smoulder, thanks to her heavily lidded gaze. The feathered hairstyle updates the legendary Farrah Fawcett look for a contemporary audience. The most sensual touch of all is the bared shoulder, which offers just a hint of the fleshy arms that the Claudio Raschella image celebrated. Never have we seen a young model with such babylike qualities of gentle beauty--fairness of eyes, hair, and complexion--appear so openly carnal and mature.

Click to enlarge

The following image elaborates on the rich contrast between the Miss Sheppard's delicate appearance and a seductively spoiled, petulant look. On a model with a harsher countenance, such an expression might be too dark, but for Sophie it is perfect, because the childlike fairness of her appearance softens the effect and makes it adorable. Observe how the blossoms in the floral print of her vest echo her pink cheeks and lip colour.

Click to enlarge

Another view of Sophie in this ensemble finds her adopting a more relaxed demeanour. Although the background is a tad cold, the neutral stone colour allows the fresh hues of her complexion to stand out vividly. Her tresses flow lazily over her shoulders. The way in which she displays her legs--and in doing so, her stylish jeans--is tastefully suggestive. The model's pants may be dark, but the fascinating pattern makes visible the curvaceous shape of her thighs, offering at least a subconscious suggestion of the fullness that her figure must surely possess, based on her admirable measurements.

Click to enlarge

The closest view of all makes the viewer's heart race. The model possesses a remarkable gift for evoking qualities of languour and indolence, exuding an aversion to even the slightest exertion, passively inviting worship. Her cheekbones are smoothly rounded, yet she also exhibits sensual weight in her face. Notice too the alluring fleshiness at the neck, with the clavicle submerged in soft fullness, as it always should be among plus-size models. The viewer is transfixed by her plump, pouty lips.

The next headshot finds the model exploring what is clearly a specialty for her--the seductive hint of spoiled petulance that is softened by the gentle fairness of her beauty. Observe the tousled wildness of her tresses, which seem to betoken her own unbridled passions, and notice how the stray golden tress draws the eye downward toward her neckline.

Click to enlarge

The closest that the test comes to indicating the womanliness of Miss Sheppard's figure is in the following clever image, showing the model mimicking the "walk the line" exercise that intoxicated revellers are required to perform before being granted permission to drive. The pose is simultaneously playful and graceful--two qualities that only the most talented of models can reconcile. The image does indicate an attractive touch of fleshiness in the model's legs without a hint of unappealing muscle "tone," while the pretty dress is coyly abbreviated. Notice how much beauty the one element of natural greenery--the ivy on the wall--adds to the photograph, offering a freshness that corresponds to the model's youthful fecundity.<

Click to enlarge

Even when she smiles, Sophie allows the viewer to perceive a tantalizing undercurrent of wickedness in her grin--very fitting for an image in which the model is garbed in bewitching black lace, which almost, almost, indicates the round fullness of her arms. This image, like the entire test, is very much a tease, confirming the model's heart-stopping beauty yet leaving the public yearning for more, eagerly anticipating Sophie's next editorial or commercial campaign.

Click to enlarge

Miss Sheppard is unquestionably one of the most gorgeous models in the industry, and--although these images do not yet fully reveal this aspect of her beauty--one of the more curvaceous girls represented by a major agency, especially in the U.K. Her potential for success is limitless. We only hope, most earnestly, that she will retain her goddesslike proportions and will not diminish herself to faux-plus standards. If she remains full-figured, preserving or augmenting her current figure, then she may well become one of the most popular models in the industry.

(Click images to view at a larger size.)

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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard

Sophie is an angel! I love the fact that she has a genuinely curvy figure to go with her doll-like appearance, and that she can be seductive as well as sweet. Her complexion is flawlessly fair, and will hopefully remain so in the English climate.

I can affirm that she does indeed have a plus-size figure, based on the fact that Milk Management just released a new video of Sophie. She introduces herself (with a touch of an appealing Australian accent), flashes a few eye-catching looks at the camera, then does a walk, turn, and return. Her black tights indicate her luscious curviness, as does the way in which her shirt pulls open above and beneath her only fastened button.

So pretty, so shapely, and such a talented model, Sophie Sheppard is a breath of fresh air in the British plus-size industry - a fine gift from Australia to Mother England, in the grand tradition of the colonies giving back to the homeland. I too dearly hope that Sophie retains her curves and isn't pressured to diminish herself to faux-plus standards, but remains full-figured and softly beautiful, and achieves great success in the U.K.
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard

Brief as it is, Milk Management's video of Sophie is absolutely stunning. It is the finest indication yet of the curvaceousness of Miss Sheppard's figure, and confirms the truth of her goddesslike proportions: 38d-36-48. She is thus indisputably the most gorgeous and shapeliest plus-size model currently residing in the U.K.

While Sophie is now an inhabitant of the British Isles, one should never forget that her mother agency, Bella Model Management in Australia, deserves the credit for discovering her. Indeed, Bella is responsible for signing Sophie with Milk in order to facilitate her European career.

It is entirely appropriate, then, that Bella reserved for itself two of the most breathtaking pictures from Miss Sheppard's test. (Indeed, Bella is the source of the larger versions of each photograph that we are now sharing in this thread.)

The following heat-attack-inducting portrait is the steamiest and most size-positive image of the shoot. The profile view hints at the abundance of Sophi's reverse-view curves as well as her buxom contours. Observe the soft fullness at the model's neck area, along with the most sensual detail imaginable--the dimples at the knuckles of her pretty hand. The way in which Sophie gently clutches at her tresses, which tumble down her back, and seem to glow with a divine radiance, is overwhelmingly seductive. Indeed, this may be the most romantic gesture that a goddess can adopt. If a model dreamily plays with her hair, she is being coyly seductive, but if she plunges her hand into her tresses in this manner, she infuses the image with unbridled passion. The icy fire smoulders in her blue eyes, while her lips are parted with appetitive eagerness. Yet the model's traditional, floral-print dress, so ladylike, renders the effect tasteful and feminine. This is, without exaggeration, one of the most alluring photographs that any model has ever created.

Click to enlarge

A second image exclusive to the Bella Models collection achieves a completely different effect. It finds Sophie in precisely the kind of dreamlike outdoor greenscape that we identified in our "Natural Ideal" post as the finest of locations for a full-figured model photoshoot. The lush greenery harmonizes with the model's own fecundity--both she, and the landscape, are expressions of the teeming loveliness of the natural world. The fact that the blossoms in the foreground are wildflowers rather than domesticated blooms emphasizes that this is beauty in its purest form, unaltered in any way, either by cultivation or Photoshopping. The model's top may be loose, but the way in which it bares her shoulder to exhibit the soft fullness of her neck area, with her clavicle submerged in flesh, is irresistibly alluring. It suggests invitation, a gently provocative display that the model has consciously adopted to inflame the viewer's desire. Also, the exposure of the bared figure echoes the openness of the outdoor world itself, while the sheerness of the fabric intimates further disclosures. Sophie's expression mixes flirtatiousness with unashamed eagerness, while the graceful manner in which she gently strokes her golden tresses is highly sensual.

Click to enlarge

We end with a second look at Sophie's hauntingly beautiful portrait in baby blue--the official colour of Bella Model Management. This larger version offers a clear look at that most exquisite of all touches of cosmetics artistry: frost-pink lipstick, which no man can resist, especially on a model such as this, whose fair complexion seems to be a gift from heaven itself. This is our plus-size Doutzen Kroes, a full-figured Victoria's Secret angel, with all of the passionate posing ability of those vivacious vixens, yet a soft physique and a peaches-and-cream skin tone rather than jutting bones and leathery hides--thus, timeless beauty in the present day.

Click to enlarge

How extraordinary to think that Miss Sheppard first came to public notice as a teen almost four years ago, but now, with her richer curves, has blossomed into a definitive embodiment of the timeless ideal and one of the industry's most exciting up-and-coming talents. The future holds unimaginable promise for this dazzling starlet, so long as no one diminishes the rich fullness of her curvaceous beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

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