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Old 15th April 2011   #1
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Default City Chic: Animal Instincts

A week or two ago, City Chic put the following image on its cover page, with BGM models Courtney Maxwell and Kate Erin, and as soon as it did, I had a feeling that the video for this campaign would be something exciting.

That video has now been released, and it is just about the most thrilling footage of plus-size models ever filmed. The girls have taken the "animal" aspect of their wardrobe very much to heart. They're utterly ferocious, like untamed, wild creatures, like predatory cats - tigresses or lionesses. They have a male model in their grasp - in their clutches, one could say - and they look at him greedily, with real hunger in their eyes.

Both Kate and Courtney appear incredibly luscious and full-figured, and their outfits and wild hairstyles make them look intensely seductive. Neither model holds back - they both unleash their appetitive desires.

No one else is bringing out the true identity of plus-size models as alluring vixens in the way that City Chic is. This is a perfect expression of the archetype of the full-figured goddess.
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Old 17th April 2011   #2
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Default Re: City Chic: Animal Instincts

That City Chic video is just about the steamiest minute of film footage I have ever seen. It is - dare I say - erotic, in a way that takes full advantage of the opulent physiques of the models and their carnivorous passions.

Although the theme is animalistic (in keeping with the prints), the way in which the models hunger over the GQ fellow also reminds me of vampires. I don't think this is accidental. Without making it too obvious, the footage makes it seem as if the insatiable models wish to devour their prey, but also that they thirst for his blood. In a couple of instances, Courtney even tilts his head to one side as if to better expose his neck, and she creates the impression that she wishes to...bite him.

The footage reminds me very much of the famous bed scene in Francis Ford Coppola's flawed but visually stunning adaptation of Dracula from 1992. Here, the legendary Monica Bellucci (in the most gorgeous film role of her career) and the stunning Michaela Bercu similarly expose their cravings for a supine Jonathan Harker (played by Keanu Reeves).

By the way, if you listen closely at 0:32, there's even a soft growl as Monica leans panther-like over her prey - which connects even more closely to the City Chic video.

Courtney and Kate are very convincing as more well-fed versions of Monica and Michaela, as if embodying how replete and luscious the latter two might look if they freely indulged themselves - in food, and in whatever other cravings the brides of Dracula might have.

Perhaps City Chic should have called in Sakina Czubowski to make it a trio, just as the Coppola film shows three vampiric brides. But Kate and Courtney interact very well with each other, gently embracing one another as do Dracula's two most seductive courtesans, Bellucci and Bercu.
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Old 23rd April 2011   #3
M. Lopez
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Default The brides of Dracula

I always thought that the attire for the brides in Dracula was some of the most opulent and exotic wardrobe I had ever seen.

This photo shows all three vampires, with Monica Bellucci in the centre and Michaela Bercu on the right:

A separate image of Monica as the queen of the brides. Her attire is so ornate, yet it also feels appropriately ancient.

Michaela Bercu solo, who was every bit as gorgeous as Monica, at least in this movie:

What interesting about Michael Bercu is that she was, at the time of the filming of Dracula, a working supermodel. It doesn't seem possible that a straight-size model, let alone a bona fide supermodel, could be as curvy as the brides were in Dracula, until you see her comp card of the time. Notice the dress size:

She was a size 10. This model was all over covers of Vogue and Elle and the like, and she was a size 10.

A size 10.

These days, the fashion industry pretends that a size 10 is a plus-size model, which is insane. Less than 20 years ago, size 10 was a perfectly acceptable size for an international supermodel!

And that only makes sense, because a size 10 is a straight size. There's no reason for any models to be smaller than this. As her modelling pictures show, Bercu at a size 10 was very thin, but she did at least have a soft body.

In this page, you can even see a slight swell of fullness at her waist, even though she's lying down.

This should be the absolute minimum size for any models, while plus-size models should be at least as curvaceous as Courtney and Kate in the luscious City Chic video: size 16 or higher.
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Old 7th August 2011   #4
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Default Re: City Chic: Madame Butterfly

Well, it doesn't have anything like the drama of City Chic's "Animal Instincts" video, but the label's latest promotional film, with behind-the-scenes footage of the shooting of its new campaign called "Madame Butterfly," is lovely in a very different way. It's pretty, it's feminine, and it shows some very artistic makeup effects on Courtney, who looks beautiful.

I especially like Courtney's dreamy expressions from 0:36 onwards. Truly charming. And remember: this is a Australian size-18 (U.S. size-16) model. No need for any faux-plus girls when legitimately curvaceous models are this beautiful.
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Old 1st September 2011   #5
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Default City Chic: Nauti-Cool

Just yesterday, City Chic released a new video featuring size-16 stunner Courtney Maxwell. It lacks some of the cinematic qualities of amazing past City Chic videos like "Animal Instincts" and "Snake Charmer," but on the up side, it shows the fullness of Courtney's arms more boldly than in any previous clip. Watch the very first scene to view her soft, luscious arms.

It's definitely different, and quite size-positive, but I hope that City Chic doesn't abandon the rich creativity that has distinguished some of its past videos, all of which were cinematic masterpieces.
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