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Old 7th May 2011   #1
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Default New City Chic model

City Chic has a new product model who is very popular with the label's customers, and for good reason. She's visibly full-figured (at least a U.S. size 16, maybe better), has a soft figure with full arms, and is quite pretty. She reminds me a little of a curvier Chloe Agnew.

The company has released three short videos showing this beauty modelling some new arrivals.

I think this may be the dress that Sakina famously wore in the recent City Chic fashion show. Sakina definitely showed it off best, but this girl does a nice job with it too.

I appreciate the fact that City Chic's dresses tend to have an eye-catching, abbreviated length.

Now for some product images. I like the model's gesture in the image on the right, where she is seen playing with her hair.

Her most beautiful photo only appears on the City Chic Facebook page. It shows her in the same camisole as above, but this colour is not yet available on the City Chic site. I adore her petulant expression.

The reverse-view photo shows the rich fleshiness of her physique and her soft, shapely arms.

The straight hair is nice on her too, but I prefer the touch of romantic waviness in her tresses.

City Chic does have some cute items!

I don't know if this model is signed with an agency or not, but if this is her first modelling experience, then she's clearly a natural.

Full, rounded arms:

You can even see a little swell at her abdomen.

Soft curves along her back:

I love the poses that show her in profile, which really accentuates her curves. Not a hint of body-shame or figure-disguising in these photos from City Chic.

I hope the label will feature her in more product images in the future. She may not be an absolute goddess like Hayley or Alexandra or Sophie, but there's still something very appealing about her. And no one can deny that she is legitimately full-figured.
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Old 11th May 2011   #2
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Default Re: New City Chic model

Such a pretty model! And she's a quick study. You can already tell that in her second shoot (the images with the wavy tresses) she's better and more natural at posing than she was in the first shoot (the one with the straight hair).

I love the fact that she actually looks full-figured -- and young and pretty as well.

Here are two new videos that City Chic just posted. The first one shows off a really pretty item, with its one-shoulder style.

The model has full, fleshy arms, a curvy waist, and a really vivacious quality about her. She's the epitome of a young, well-fed, contemporary girl who loves her curves, who never starves or deprives herself but enjoys life to the fullest.

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Old 13th May 2011   #3
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Default Re: New City Chic model

I trust that no one will mind if I share a few more images of this model. She's so cute! She has a "fed" look that is very attractive. And this is a pretty item.

The model has an adorable face, and she has fleshy arms. What more could any plus-size client want?

My only concern is that I think City Chic is making her up with "tanner," which is extremely unnecessary. One thing about the straight-haired images is that her complexion appears fairer in those shots, which is an even better look for her. I do love the wavy hair, though.

Very interesting tights in the image on the left. And I love how the photo on the right shows her plump cheeks.

This is a great bit of styling, because the fuchsia top draws attention to her shapely hips, which give her a gorgeous, womanly figure.

Altogether a very appealing model. I wish more plus-size models in North America were at least this curvy.
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Old 9th August 2011   #4
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Default Re: New City Chic model

With the two exciting new City Chic videos that were posted on the forum over the past couple of days, I thought I'd browse through the company's YouTube channel to see if I could discover any more gold. And lo and behold, I found several more videos of the gorgeous blonde model who caused such a stir here a couple of months ago.

She has such soft, luscious arms, which make her ideal for showing off the cute strapless, sleeveless dresses offered by City Chic.

You can actually see the flesh on her figure, which enhances the overall look that she creates in this dress. Her finest fashion accessory is her own well-fed physique.

She has attractively full legs too, which this abbreviated skirt appreciatively displays.

Even though she wears a jacket over this dress, this is still one of her most size-celebratory videos, as you can see the rounded curve at her middle when she turns.

I wouldn't quite say that she is a dead ringer for Chloe Agnew, but she definitely reminds me of her, in her face, her tresses, her figure.

I love the black sash that comes with this elegant yet fun dress, a great mix of formality and sexiness. The model's own youthful ebullience adds energy to the outfit.

Even in a black item, her generous hips are attractively defined.

This blonde model is so adorable. I wish we knew her name. I hope to see more of her!

City Chic deserves limitless praise for consistently booking gorgeous and truly full-figured models, and for creating such pretty, youthful styles for them to wear.
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Old 15th August 2011   #5
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Default Re: New City Chic model

I concur with the other posters in this thread -- this City Chic model is adorable. She's young, visibly plus-size, and has a vixenish quality about her.

Here are a few more items she models, my favourite being this strapless, sleeveless, dress, which bares her full, fleshy arms and shapely legs.

Her arms are so beautiful -- soft and generously rounded -- and I love the fact that she proudly shows them off in so many sleeveless styles.

Even though this one-shoulder top is a loose style, the fact that it bares one arm makes it sensual.

I adore the way her tresses fall in the left-hand image. The tiger design is very appropriate; she may have an angelic look, but she also has a carnivorous, appetitive side.

In this image, it's the vintage tights that catch my attention. Very elegant and seductively feminine. Old fashioned but in a sexy way.

Beautiful hands-in-the-hair pose in the image on the right.

Here are a couple of other items that I thought she made beautiful, just by virtue of her own attractiveness and her curvy figure.

This arrest-me red colour is sure to turn heads.

These are two of my favourite images of this model. In the left-hand photo, her figure looks visibly full, as well as soft and untoned, with a natural swell at the waist.

I hope her work for City Chic launches a great career for her as an Australian plus-size model. She's definitely plus-size, and looks it, but she also appears to be very self-satisfied and knows just how gorgeous she is. A perfect combination
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Old 18th September 2011   #6
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Default Re: New City Chic model

While browsing the City Chic site, I found one more page with images of this beautiful model.

The top is actually quite cute, and on someone with such full, rounded arms, sleeveless styles look terrific.

The playing-with-the-hair pose is enchanting.

She's so cute, such a doll, and best of all, she's legitimately full-figured. I hope City Chic will bring her back for another shoot in the future.
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