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Old 4th June 2011   #1
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Default Anne Thornton: Dessert First

I think Nigella Lawson may have some competition.

If someone were to ask, "What would be the ideal cooking show?" the answer would have to be one hosted by a chef who looked like a gorgeous plus-size model.

Allow me to introduce Anne Thornton, host of a baking show called Dessert First.

Isn't she stunning? She resembles Sophie Dahl during her most full-figured period, with a little touch of a blonde Lindsey Garbelman.

These pictures don't show it, but she is even a bit fuller-figured than Sophie was during her plus-size heyday. She takes a great photo, and of course, showing her amid a batch of candy and desserts is just too perfect for words.

The comparison with Nigella Lawson is well founded. One commentator on a message board said the following after watching Anne's cooking show:

[Anne] makes “whoopee pies” and globs tons of whipped cream in between two cookies and then, God love her, proceeds to devour one of those monstrosities! She looked like she was having an orgasm!
The idea of a full-figured goddess creating such treats then enjoying them with gusto is wickedly seductive.

She definitely has the beauty and the curves to qualify her to be a plus-size model. For years we've all been asking why such goddesses are absent from television. Well, Anne is a rare example of woman who does look as gorgeous as a full-figured fashion model and has her own TV program.

In one interview, she says the following:

Q: Have you always been into food?

A: One of my first words was "more" because I loved to eat from day one.
The association of such a pro-indulgence theme with someone so beautiful is utterly splendid.

There's something about images of a voluptuous beauty cooking and baking that are deeply attractive. I think they evoke associations of hearth and home. It's the most wholesome, natural kind of female sensuality.

In another interview, she offers a classic Nigella-like response:

MBA: Your favorite guilty pleasure?
Anne: Honestly, I don’t believe in guilt.
Brilliant. Full-figured goddesses should never have any guilt about their beauty, their curves, or their appetites.

Even the title of her show, Dessert First, is delightfully transgressive, implying a preference for something that's a luxury over something that's practical, and an eagerness on the part of a goddess to have what she wants when she wants it, to eschew restraint and moderation. The show has an official Web page, here.

As I said, in addition to her lovely face (somewhere between heart-shaped and round, but mostly round), Anne has a voluptuous figure, as this picture shows.

This press photograph is one of my favourite shots of her, showing her with fair skin and a soft curve under the chin.

Another out-on-the-town press photo, with Anne curled up in a seductively indolent feline way.

To offer a sense of Anne's telegenic qualities, here's a video clip from November of last year showing Anne on the CBS Early Show. Believe it or not, there's some sort of annual chocolate fair in New York, and this clip celebrates that event, with Anne having whipped up a host of chocolate treats (which she clearly loves). She wears a fitted white top that embraces her soft, full waist and defines her luscious curves. At the end, a model even comes out in a chocolate dress (!), and the only shame is that Anne didn't model it herself.

I can't even begin to imagine how much good it will do for women's self-esteem to see such a beautiful woman looking confidently curvaceous and enjoying food with such relish. She is a living refutation of all of the anti-plus bias and curveophobic stereotypes that the mass media delivers.

Official Web site:

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Old 4th June 2011   #2
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Default ''Sexy girls have dessert''

Anne Thornton is gorgeous! The Food Network, which airs her show, offers an official bio:

There is something serendipitous about having plus-size beauty and the Food Network coming together in such an agreeable way.

Here are a few more videos featuring Anne whipping up some tasty treats. This clip from the Better Bites TV show has her creating a pumpkin cheescake. I love how her top defines the fullness around her middle. She has a soft, sensual figure. Plus, fashion fans will note that her top is colour-coordinated to the dessert that she bakes (!).

Another video of Anne comes courtesy of the Rachel Ray show, where she creates a ginger-snap pumpkin pie. She adopts a similar dressing style for all of her TV appearances, except that this time her top is a passionate red, and it too showcases her curvy midsection. She looks better with her long hair loose and flowing than tied back, though. And you've got to admire the set design. The green pots, orange towels and implements, and even Anne's red top, are all richly colour-coordinated.

With Kathie Lee and Hoda, Anne concocts some sinful homemade fudge. She wears a cute, retro hairstyle, and I think she realizes that her fans love her soft physique, because her striped top shows how full and rounded her waist is. Irresistible.

Finally, here's an actual clip from her Dessert First show. She makes caramel banana pudding pie, and she definitely shows her passion for food. I love those long, golden locks of hers. The kitchen may be contemporary, but there's something about the look of her creating these delicacies that seems wonderfully old-fashioned, like a beautiful young village maiden in pre-modern Central Europe.

Anne's TV appearances are a rare example of a subversively pro-curvy message in the media. It really is like having a gorgeous plus-size model hosting a cooking show. And think of it - not just any show, but a dessert show. Talk about a confirmation of the old adage, "Sexy girls have dessert."
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Old 8th June 2011   #3
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Default Re: Anne Thornton: Dessert First

I don't receive the Food Network, but after watching these delicious videos, I wish I did. Anne Thornton is gorgeous, and she makes baking look tantalizing.

The juxtaposition of goddesses with baking (and, by implication, eating) is one of the most appealing tropes in full-figured fashion. Numerous plus-size models have been seen in this context, and the effect is always warm and nurturing, relaxed and beautiful.

The most famous example is undoubtedly Whitney Thompson's gorgeous CoverGirl commercial, which she filmed after winning America's Next Top Model:

The link to the discussion of that video also features one of the most beautiful images of Natalie Laughlin's career, an ad for Lane Bryant showing her making cookie batter, along with a reference the Nancy Drew video game Danger By Design, which had as its storyline a plus-size model who was frequently seen baking in a lovely Parisian apartment.

More recently, CityChic released a video in which their model Courtney was showing in a '50s context, stirring some cookie batter,

and Lindsey Todd starred in a Cricut Cake commercial showing her as a lovely '50s homemaker, baking a cake and looking especially lovely doing so.

I love the subliminal association of eating=curves=beauty that all of these videos deliver, which will hopefully help deprogram young women from the media's non-stop starvation propaganda.
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Old 18th June 2011   #4
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Default Re: Anne Thornton: Dessert First

Here are a few more videos for fans of Anne Thornton, plus-size beauty, baking, and eating {grin}.

The first shows her on the Today show, late last year, preparing some tasty treats for Hallowe'en.

The next is from the Nate Berkus Show, a lifestyle program.

Anne's videos are always a pleasure to watch, and it's a delight to see a celebrity who looks like a plus-size model developing a real television presence.

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Default Re: Anne Thornton: Dessert First

Je t'adore! The world needs more of what Anne Thornton delivers. She is effortlessly beautiful, easily self-assured and she's unapologetic about loving food. This woman creates imagery and content that is empowering to women. She legitimizes loving yourself with reckless abandon.
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Old 4th July 2011   #6
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Default Re: Anne Thornton: Dessert First

Anne Thornton was on the Today show this morning preparing delicious desserts for the Fourth of July. The most delectable visual in the segment is, of course, Miss Thornton herself, the Sophie Dahl of chefs. She looks gorgeous; in fact, she even appears to have enriched her curves, which makes her more desirable than ever. She wears a fitted top that accentuates the soft roundness of her middle.

Anne is extraordinarily beautiful. It's such a pleasure to see a plus-size goddess enthusing about preparing food (and even even partaking of it herself).
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Default Re: Anne Thornton: Dessert First

Gorgeous Anne Thornton was on the Nate Berkus Show again today, in an episode that was actually a repeat of a segment from April 14th. In this video, she helps the host make some decadent cookie-dough truffles.

A number of Anne's appearances on the Nate Berkus Show have now been uploaded to YouTube. This is one of my favourites, the earliest, from September 27th, 2010. I love it because Anne wears her hair long and loose, and the snug white top shows off her full, curvy waist.

In this video from November 24th, 2010, Anne looks very buxom. She shows the host how to make spiced coffee and some delicious dipping sauces.

This is a backstage video, also from November 24th, 2010, in which Anne shares her holiday baking tips.

Finally, in another backstage video, this one from March 16th of this year, Anne describes how viewers can ease themselves into baking.

The Food Network doesn't air where I am, but I love watching Anne Thornton's videos on YouTube. It's so wonderful to see a chef who looks as gorgeous as a plus-size model and shows such a self-indulgent appreciation for food. She is pure size-celebration.
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Old 21st September 2011   #8
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Default Re: Anne Thornton: Dessert First

Everyone's favourite self-indulgent goddess Anne Thornton was on The Nate Berkus Show again yesterday, in a piece that showed her looking more gorgeous than ever. Her facial features appear fuller and richer than before, plus her top suggests a curvier waist. She looks utterly stunning.

Watch for an ultra-alluring moment near the end of the video where she eagerly digs into her own desserts. It's a vision of pure beauty.

The show also offers this behind-the-scenes video. As others have said, Anne's look is a cross between Sophie Dahl and Lindsey Garbelman. Adding such gorgeousness to her love of decadent desserts is a recipe for delectable beauty.

Anne is a living refutation of the diet-starvation propaganda delivered by the mass media. She shows how much happier - and prettier - women can be if they stop torturing themselves and begin enjoying life to the fullest.
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