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Default Valerie Lefkowitz, intimately

With the enthusiasm over her recent, attractive images for Macy's, fans have been asking themselves whether it is possible that acclaimed plus-size model Valerie Lefkowitz might at last be regaining her full figure.

For a time, when she blossomed into a size 18, Valerie was indisputably the most gorgeous and popular model in the industry. As she diminished in size, though, she tragically diminished in beauty as well. But recently, her improved images have had some fans speculating that she might be recovering her soft curves.

Is that the case?

Not quite as much as the Macy's images suggest, alas. Miss Lefkowitz is regrettably not (yet) the opulent size-18 goddess of yore. However, she has regained a measure of sensual fullness, as revealed in a series of stunning new test photographs published by her agency, Wilhelmina New York.

The finest of the new test images, and one of the loveliest that she has ever created, is this intimate bedroom scene. Although not as opulent as when she was a bona fide size 18, Valerie's physique is extremely alluring for its untoned, feminine softness. Observe the roundness of her arms and the curve that is just barely visible along her back, as well as the sensual swell of fullness at the edge of her apparel. Although just out of camera focus, even her thighs display a hint of dimpled flesh. Her milky-white complexion makes her appear enticingly vulnerable. Her wavy hair resembles spun gold, like that of a fairy-tale princess, but what makes her hairstyle so irresistibly seductive is the way in which her tresses flow over one eye. This gives her a intoxicating quality of languour and indolence. She seems to be laughing at any woman who would ever punish herself with exercise-torture, or even set foot inside a gym prison; rather, her effervescently spoiled, pampered demeanour seems to say, "When a goddess is as gorgeous as I am, she can lounge away the day, eat whatever she likes, living a life of play rather than work, self-indulgence rather than self-denial, and simply be beautiful." Even the nature of the bed itself adds to the sensuality of the image, for it appears to be as soft and pillowy as the model's own body, allowing her to sink heavily into the bedcovers, imparting an alluring sense of her weight.

Click to enlarge

A second image showing Valerie in intimate apparel is scarcely less captivating. The way in which the model carelessly plays with her tresses is manifestly alluring, as is her graceful pose, which suggests affected modesty, as if the model were glancing downward in a calculated presentation of her own well-fed beauty. Her arm appears soft and shapely; however, her waist is not as full and rounded as one might wish. (In this, she still faces an opportunity to blossom further and regain her size-18 magnificence.) The choice of the off-white hue of her intimate apparel is an effective one, as it sets off the dazzling fairness of her skin.

Click to enlarge

A headshot from the same series also presents Valerie as a passionate seductress, her tresses cascading over her shoulders in golden waves, a stray tress tantalizingly close to draping over her eye. Her expression is captivating--a melting mixture of longing and hunger, of desire and yearning. She seems to be openly offering herself to the viewer out of irresistible need. The ultra-feminine wardrobe aids in this impression, as the filmy, gossamer fabric emphasizes the model's delicacy, while the way in which it opens wide at the neckline intimates a flower in full bloom, its petals opening to disclose the beauty within.

Click to enlarge

Two further images take Valerie outdoors into an elegant park location. The elaborate, elegant stonework underscores the model's identity as a Classical goddess, a beauty whose sumptuous figure would have been celebrated in the more opulent ages of the past. The pretty, summery dress with its thin straps harmonizes with the model's own delicate femininity. In disclosing a heady expanse of the model's bare neck-and-shoulder area, it shows off her soft fleshiness, with her clavicle attractively submerged in fullness. Notice the enticing detail of the strap sensually pressing into her plump shoulder. The dress is not fitted, but drawn in as it is with an appealingly thin belt, it still intimates the womanliness of her hips and even a touch of fullness at her middle.

Click to enlarge

A closer view offers similar appealing elements, but also indicates where Valerie still faces opportunities to develop into an even more stunning form. Her facial features have not yet recovered the irresistible roundness that they display when she is at her most sumptuous, and her limbs could yet stand to be fuller and softer. She currently occupies the middle ground, replete with possibility, between faux-plus model and opulent plus-size goddess.

Click to enlarge

We earnestly hope that Miss Lefkowitz will continue to recover her full-figured beauty and flower into the unsurpassable goddess that she once was. This new test is her loveliest in many seasons, and the first image in particular is a breathtaking masterpiece. Many models have explored the lounging-on-the-bed theme, but Valerie's may be the finest example yet of this sensual manner of portraiture. The model also continues to win acclaim for her peaches-and-cream complexion, fair eyes, and golden hair. She is a stellar embodiment of the timeless ideal.

- Valerie Lefkowitz Galleries

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