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Default FFFWeek: Queen Grace (Kelsey, Katherine)

[NOTE: The images in this post have been professionally licensed from Mr. Richard Lew, the official FFFWeek photographer. Their appearance here does not sanction any further distribution beyond this site. Any Web logs or publications seeking Mr. Lew's FFFWeek images must obtain them from his Web site, which can be found here.]

We begin our discussions of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2011 with the collection that must come first, by virtue of its royal pedigree: Queen Grace.

Given that the gorgeous Kelsey Olson is the official the "face" of the line, as noted in our introductory post about Queen Grace, Kelsey naturally headlined the show, which also starred stunning Katherine Roll. A runway show that features both Kelsey and Katherine together is intrinsically a must-see event; however, the fact that designer Marina Zelner's fashions are so feminine and elegant elevated the presentation into a new realm of aesthetic excellence.

Miss Olson closed the show in a glittering, full-length gown that was the epitome of sophistication. This is our first-ever look at Kelsey on a major runway, and as the image demonstrates, she is a natural. Her expression is the even, steady glance that is the hallmark of the finest runway models (for it means that no image will be ruined by distracting facial expressions). Her walk is in tune with the character of the dress, a walk of poise and refinement.

Click to enlarge

What makes this dress so alluring, as well as classy, is the tasteful yet daring display of the model's decolletage. The design looks appealing even as a sketch on the Queen Grace site,

however, only when it is seen on a living, womanly body is it shown to best advantage. Kelsey's classically curvaceous figure forms the dress into a more alluring shape than it exhibits in the sketch, adding buxom richness and a sensual touch of fullness at the waist. In this image, Kelsey's expression is breathtaking--a real-life example of the gentle, vulnerable looks for which she is celebrated in her print work.

Click to enlarge

Her babylike facial features add to the identity of the dress, showing it not merely to be a "mature" item, but a posh design that younger curvy girls can wear at quality functions, knowing that they will look eye-catching and pretty as well as graceful. Her golden tresses flow over her shoulders in soft, tender waves, accentuating the princess-like quality of the gown.

Click to enlarge

Katherine Roll looked equally gorgeous in a black dress with sheer, lacy sleeves. This number is also sophisticated and classy, in the manner of Kelsey's full-length gown, yet, with its abbreviated length, which bares Miss Roll's gorgeous legs, it is a tad saucier. Observe the styling brilliance of the vintage legwear, which harmonizes with the lacy details in the dress and emphasize the Old World elegance of the design.

Click to enlarge

This dress too looked very appealing as a sketch on the Queen Grace web site, but Katherine's sumptuous physique brings out its beauty in a way that no two-dimensional representation ever could, as the model's opulent proportions highlight the richness of the design.

This year's finale marked the triumphant return of Miss Roll to the FFFWeek runway, which is an event of incomparable magnitude, as it was Katherine's images from the first incarnation of FFFWeek that really put the project on the map for Judgment of Paris readers. As this image shows, Katherine is every bit as gorgeous and curvaceous today as she was two years ago.

Click to enlarge

The full splendour of Katherine's luscious figure is displayed in this exciting quarter-turn pose, a deft move on the part of this accomplished model, which effectively shows off the lacy sleeves of the dress and showcases Katherine's lavish physique. The sensual hint of fullness at her waist is extremely seductive, as is that most attractive of all facial features, the slight rise of a slope toward the throat.

Click to enlarge

Her expression is particularly effective in this photograph, showing a vulnerability that softens the overall presentation and makes the effect very feminine. Note too the magnificent hairstyle, with Katherine's golden tresses flowing over her shoulder in thick, heavy waves, harmonizing perfectly with the luxuriousness of the dress.

Click to enlarge

At the end of the show, designer Marina Zelner walked out with her signature model to acknowledge the accolades of the crowd. Notice how Kelsey's attractive hair ornament subconsciously recalls a coronet. The designer walks with her model like a queen accompanied by the crown princess of the realm.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Ms. Zelner for an astounding runway debut for her collection--which surpassed even the highest pre-show expectations--and congratulations to both Kelsey and Katherine for embodying the femininity and opulence of the line, and for presenting these lovely designs on the catwalk in such stunning fashion. In every way, this was a runway show that defined timeless beauty.

Click to enlarge

To learn more about the Queen Grace collection, please visit the label's official web site and Facebook page.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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Default Re: FFFWeek: Queen Grace (Kelsey, Katherine)

I was especially looking forward to seeing the Queen Grace images from FFFWeek, and the results were even lovelier than I hoped. I especially adore the languishing look that's in Kelsey's eyes at the end of the runway, as well as the final image of Katherine, which hints at the curve of her waist.

Marina's designs are elegant and chic, but also emphasize the sexiness of the womanly figure. It's a perfect mixture of class and excitement.

I browsed the Queen Grace Facebook page and discovered a number of further images from the show. Did you know that Queen Grace gives its dresses names? The FB page features the following descriptions of the gowns alongside pictures credited to Sherri Terrell, along with wonderful praise for the models:

Stunning Kelsey Olson wearing our couture "Mae" gown, named after legendary sex symbol Mae West at the Full Figured Fashion Week 2011 Runway Finale.
Kelsey is indeed stunning! If Mae West were alive today, she would aspire to look as beautiful as Kelsey.

And this is the Queen Grace comment accompanying Katherine's look:

Katherine Roll is sexy & sophisticated in our lace wrap "Elise" dress at the Full Figured Fashion Week 2011 Finale Runway Show.
Sexy and sophisticated indeed! Goddess incarnate.

Such a gorgeous collection. Such breathtakingly beautiful models.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Queen Grace (Kelsey, Katherine)

Here it is, a runway video that I've been waiting to see for a long time: the Queen Grace collection from FFFWeek, where Kelsey, the line's muse, closed the show accompanied by designer Marina Zelner, and where Katherine looked so elegant.

Katherine appears at 1:11, and once again, the video footage shows plus-size beauty in a way that even the finest still images cannot. Her figure fills out the dress and gives it shape. Interestingly, in the Lane Bryant and Jill Alexander videos, she walked with a sunny demeanour, but for this show, which is more upmarket and sophisticated, she adopts a more serious, alluring expression, exactly like an haute-couture model, but with an appropriately opulent figure.

Kelsey, dressed in the show-stopping gown, emerges at 3:56. She has a particular poetry of movement in this show. At the end of the runway, she pauses for an extra moment and gives an additional steamy glance to create the most memorable impact. There really is something aristocratic about her look, something princess-like, that befits the name of this label. I only wish that the video had also included the footage of her walking the runway right afterwards, holding hands with designer Marina Zelner.

I've seen these pieces in the Queen Grace catalogue modelled so beautifully by Kelsey, but watching them on living bodies in motion adds an extra dimension to their impact. And both Kelsey and Katherine vividly embody the regal qualities of the line. They bring to life what one knows the most acclaimed royal beauties throughout history must have looked like, and the majestic loveliness that they possessed.
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