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Default FFFWeek: Jill Alexander (Katherine, Kelsey, Lindsey)

[NOTE: The images in this post have been professionally licensed from Mr. Richard Lew, the official FFFWeek photographer. Their appearance here does not sanction any further distribution beyond this site. Any Web logs or publications seeking Mr. Lew's FFFWeek images must obtain them from his Web site, which can be found here.]

Only two labels featured all three Judgment of Paris favourites in their runway shows at the grand finale of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2011, and one of those two was the exciting West Coast designer, Jill Alexander.

The Judgment of Paris had the privilege of personally meeting Jill Alexander at FFFWeek in L.A. last fall, where we were impressed by her fashion philosophy and pro-curvy aesthetic taste. That size-celebratory spirit was very much in evidence in her collection at FFFWeek 2011, both in the gorgeous outfits that she sent down the runway, and in her unsurpassable choice of models.

No image more perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Full-Figured Fashion Week than this breathtaking picture of Katherine Roll, showing off every inch of her goddesslike size-18 curves. Her ultra-confident, three-quarter-turn pose celebrates her well-fed body, proudly displaying her luscious arms, buxom contours, and seductive reverse-view curves. Her expression beams with delight--she clearly loves being admired for her beauty, drinking in the admiration of herself.

Click to enlarge

The eye-catching, body-conscious dress appears to have been made just for Miss Roll. It lovingly embraces her every sumptuous curve, and frames those alluring arms in the most attractive manner possible. Her golden hair tumbles over her back in reckless abandon.

Click to enlarge

The next photograph of Katherine on the runway shows off her gorgeous legs, their softly rounded shape due to natural fullness. The body-loving dress also indicates the model's womanly hips. Notice how Katherine has appropriately altered her demeanour for this collection--for Queen Grace, she appeared stately and regal, but for this collection, more casual and playful, she adopts a joyous mien.

Click to enlarge

For her end-of-the-runway pose, Katherine shows off her luscious arms with a classic hand-on-the-hip stance. The softness of her facial expression is very appealing, rendering the overall effect gentle and inviting.

Click to enlarge

Goddess that she is, she nevertheless seems approachable--a quality that the designer surely wished the dress to suggest. Don't miss the attractive styling detail of the decorative ring.

Click to enlarge

Mr. Lew's next photograph deftly captures the departure of Katherine (in the process offering a comely glance at her reverse-view curves) and the arrival of the second goddess, Kelsey, who appears breezy and effervescent in her full-length dress. Miss Olson's runway expressions are endlessly fascinating, and like no other model, she manages to bring to the catwalk all of the entrancing looks and gazes that make her print work so superlative.

Click to enlarge

With her head held high, she seems youthful and full of life, her movements fluid and graceful. The golden tresses flow behind her as if a gentle wind were causing them to flutter. The highly appealing one-shoulder design exhibits a sensual expanse of the model's bare neck-and-shoulder area, while the sleeveless style displays her rounded arms.

Click to enlarge

The next, closer view of Kelsey absolutely stops the heart. Never have we seen a runway model generate the kind of subtle emotions that Miss Olson did at this show. Her facial features appear exquisitely soft and gentle. Her stance is confident and secure, yet her delicate face merges this proud positioning with an irresistible undercurrent of girlish freshness.

Click to enlarge

Her fair complexion catches the light in an exquisite manner--indeed, the outfit could not have been more perfectly chosen in its pastel colours and whites, which harmonize perfectly with the fair, pink-and-blue accents of her skin tone and her eyes. The one-shoulder style is a design that goes back to Classical Antiquity as the adornment of a goddess, and surely Miss Olson resembles Venus herself in this dress, brought to life and walking the fashion runway.

Click to enlarge

The brunette complement to FFFWeek's celebrated blondes, luscious Lindsey Garbelman walks the catwalk for Jill Alexander in a casual outfit that also manages to be ultra-feminine and size-positive. The lacy fabric of the top gives it a vintage decorativeness, while the abbreviated skirt shows off the model's beautiful legs.

Click to enlarge

Miss Garbelman was the shining star of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2010 in New York, so it was a thrill to see her return for her sophomore year. If anything, she was even more beautiful this year than she was at last year's event, having blossomed into a full size 18. The touch of extra richness to her curves, and of course her long, flowing tresses, give her an opulent, exotic quality.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Jill Alexander Designs for staging such an attractive, feminine, curve-adorning collection, and for selecting such gorgeous models to showcase her designs. The future is bright for this up-and-coming label, for it clearly recognizes the true shape of womanly beauty, and knows how to dress the full-figured female body in the most attractive of ways.

You may learn more about Jill Alexander at her official web site and Facebook page.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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Default Re: FFFWeek: Jill Alexander (Katherine, Kelsey, Lindsey)

I have to say, I loved every single thing I read about FFFWeek, every image I saw. In a way, FFFWeek actually happened twice: once during the event, and then once during the following week, when each designer review appeared here at the rate of one or two per day.

Seeing these threads posted in the days after show really felt like we had a fashion week of our own going on, because that's how the couture fashion weeks of the minus-size industry happen: a Galliano might have a show on Monday, which gets a breathless review at Vogue; then a Gaultier might have a show on Tuesday, Lacroix on Wednesday, and so forth. After excitedly reading about one plus-size designer after another for a whole week, I now understand why fashion has so much interest for the skinny girls: they have so much to see, so much to talk about, so much to enjoy.

I think FFFWeek is absolutely right to stage its shows all in one night, at a grand event, which is much more exciting than if they were broken up. But I also think the post-show coverage is right in spotlighting them individually, one by one, and breaking up the posts over the next seven days.

Oh, and I strongly agree with this:

Originally Posted by HSG
No image more perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Full-Figured Fashion Week than this breathtaking picture of Katherine Roll, showing off every inch of her goddesslike size-18 physique. Her ultra-confident, three-quarter-turn pose celebrates her well-fed body, proudly displaying her luscious arms, buxom contours, and seductive reverse-view curves. Her expression beams with delight--she clearly loves being admired for her beauty, drinking in the admiration of herself.

Click to enlarge

Yes! I loved each image of Kelsey, Katherine, and Lindsey that appeared on the forum, and, as Lindsey said, Kelsey's lingerie appearance for Lane Bryant was the absolute show-stopper. But in terms of images showing the models in clothing rather than intimate apparel, Katherine's pose in this Jill Alexander dress was the iconic centrepiece of FFFWeek. She looks so confident, so beautiful, so curvy. She has the perfect plus-size-model figure, and the dress showcases it so well. This is what fashion should be all about.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Jill Alexander (Katherine, Kelsey, Lindsey)

The second official FFFWeek runway video, for Jill Alexander Designs, also features all three Judgment of Paris favourites -- Kelsey, Kathrine, and Lindsey -- on the runway.

Lindsey appears at 1:46 in her lacy top and attractively abbreviated skirt. She does subtle hair-tossing motions that are very eye-catching.

In this show, as for Lane Bryant, Katherine and Kelsey appear one after another in an unbeatable combination on any runway, anywhere in the world.

Katherine emerges at 2:44 in the most alluring outfit in the collection, which bares her luscious arms and legs, and defines her full, shapely figure. She's in fine form in this show, her walk very polished. Watch her smooth, natural movements at the end of the runway -- flawless.

Kelsey adopts a different style, a softer, more Marilynesque demeanour. For her turn at the end of the runway, she changes from a smiling expression to an adorable pout. It's riveting. She has an exquisite delicacy about her and her hair shines gold in the lights.

An amazing, stylish, pro-curvy collection, and one which was presented by the most gorgeous models in the world.

Beyond the beauty of the models, the quality of these videos is amazing -- absolutely TV-ready, just as fine as the coverage that a viewer might see on Fashion Television from one of the top couture weeks.
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