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Default FFFWeek: Sweetooth Couture (Kelsey, Lindsey)

[NOTE: The images in this post have been licensed from Mr. Richard Lew, the official FFFWeek photographer. Their appearance here does not sanction any further distribution beyond this site. Any Web logs or publications seeking Mr. Lew's FFFWeek images must obtain them from his Web site, which can be found here.]

If you were to ask anyone who attended the Full-Figured Fashion Week finale on Saturday night what was the most fun, unique, and playful collection of the night, they would surely say the bright, light-hearted line from Sweetooth Couture.

In many ways, Sweetooth was the aesthetic complement to the Queen Grace collection, for whereas Marina Zelner's line embodied stateliness and majesty, Rachel Kacenjar's collection incarnated merriment and frolic. However, the brilliant models who walked in these shows demonstrated that both collections transcend age, for just as a young girl can wear Queen Grace attire and look like a princess, so can a mature women can wear the sparkling creations of Sweetooth Couture and recapture her girlishness.

Click to enlarge

And who is more girlish than Kelsey? No one--not when she wears a witty confection such as this. The bright colours are zesty and impudent, while the floral headpiece adds a touch of tropical flavour. Observe how the lighting catches the model's tresses, making them shine with a golden radiance. Most attractive of all, observe the size-positive aspects of Miss Olson's look, such as the hint of a curve under her chin and the incredibly sensual detail of the dimples at her knuckles.

Click to enlarge

Kelsey puts the "sweet" in Sweetooth Couture, with her delicious youthfulness. She embodies exactly the spirit of girlish delight that the line seeks to capture. Of all of the FFFWeek collections, Sweetooth was the one that most closely resembled the kind of show that a minus-size label might send down the runway, in that it was cohesive and evoked an eccentric, idiosyncratic vision from the designer; however, what distinguished it from any straight-size show is that its singularly was not "edgy" (which is a fashion euphemism for "ugly"), but pretty, still maintaining femininity and beauty rather than androgynous modernity.

Click to enlarge

Kelsey's pose at the end of the runway displayed the characteristic, beloved qualities of softness and angelic innocence that are the hallmarks of this model. She herself was like a young blossom in a garden, fresh and pretty. Her walk was subtle and graceful--poetry in motion. This photograph captures the fairness of her complexion especially well, with her flawless skin tone and barest hint of flush at the cheeks, as well as those deep blue eyes. Such gentle, melting looks are a Kelsey specialty, and it was a thrill to see the model exhibit such delicate emotions in real life, on the runway.

Click to enlarge

Sweetooth Coutoure comprised the best collection of the night for gorgeous plus-size model Lindsey Garbelman. Her outfit was similarly colourful, and evoked the vibrant '80s hues that the designer clearly intended to recapture. Watch any of the most colourful '80s music videos, and you will see a design philosophy that Lindsey's attire evokes, with the reds and yellows playing off against the striped shirt, not to mention the distinctive gloves and the headpiece.

Click to enlarge

Although the tunic was loose around Lindsey's gorgeous figure, it bared her luscious arms and fleshy neck-and-shoulder area, while the fitted tights defined her shapely legs. No other outfit of the night as vividly demonstrated Miss Garbelman's increased beauty as did this one.

Click to enlarge

A closer view showcases her sumptuous arms, gorgeously shaped thanks to soft fullness, as well as the lovelier roundness of her facial features, distinguished even by a sensual curve under the chin. Most notable of all, observe that Lindsey's clavicle is now submerged in flesh--a physical characteristic that is the hallmark of true plus-size models.

Click to enlarge

In every outfit that she wore throughout the evening, but especially in this playful ensemble, Lindsey's joy in her own physicality was clearly evident. She seemed even happier and more confident than in last year's show, alluringly self-satisfied, and secure in her own body.

Click to enlarge

Another close-up offers a delectable view of her rich, lavish appearance--the round face, the generous arms, the soft neck. The brilliant Richard Lew, the official FFFWeek photographer, has a special affinity for capturing Lindsey at her best, because his lens always gives her an especially fair look, and the light colour of her skin tone increases her beauty still further.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to designer Rachel Kacenjar for staging such a creative and unique runway show at FFFWeek, and especially for adopting a pretty, feminine aesthetic rather than an edgy, androgynous one. And kudos also to Sweetooth for selecting such gorgeous models to walk in its show, girls who with their soft physiques and girlish charm perfectly captured the spirit of the fun, fetching fashions. Kelsey and Lindsey looked spectacular in these designs, and clearly demonstrated that so long as the aesthetic is predicated on beauty, not ugliness, true plus-size models can showcase creative styles far better than faux-plus girls, let alone corpse-like catwalk waifs.

You can learn more about Sweetooth Couture by visiting the line's official web site and Facebook page.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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Default Re: FFFWeek: Sweetooth Couture (Kelsey, Lindsey)

Based on the images from every collection, I agree that this was Lindsey's standout show. The pictures of her from both FFFWeeks have been among the very best that she has ever taken. These shots emphasize the gorgeous fullness in her face in a way that her test images don't always capture. Her features look so opulent in the close-ups, so sensually fleshy.

And this photo of Kelsey is so pretty, it melts the heart:

Originally Posted by HSG
Such gentle, melting looks are a Kelsey specialty, and it was a thrill to see the model exhibit such delicate emotions in real life, on the runway.

Click to enlarge

Incidentally, if anyone saw the pictures from last week's couture fashion week in Paris, I think Kelsey's look for Sweetooth might have provided the inspiration. It certainly was of a piece with what Gaultier sent down the runway. This dress immediately made me think of Kelsey's Sweetooth look, in its hair ornament and the spiky embellishment at the bust, with the bird-of-paradise feathers:

Feathers were a major theme in the couture shows, so this was a case where plus-size fashion was not just following trends, but leading them. (The difference, of course, is that it's simply amazing how much more attractive Kelsey is than these couture models, who all have painfully drawn, skull-like faces, whereas Kelsey has more innocent youthfulness, more softness, and more beauty.)

As for the ongoing debate about whether plus-size fashion should pay attention to trends, the answer should be: "If they're beautiful." If the trend is pretty and traditional, like ruffles, ribbons, bows, peasant blouses - and yes, feathers - then yes, by all means plus-size fashion can incorporate them. But if the trend is toward androgyny and angles and flat surfaces, then plus-size fashion should reject such ugliness and set its own course. Then, it may even find itself at the forefront of a new and better, more feminine trend.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Sweetooth Couture (Kelsey, Lindsey)

Every once in a while, I still come back to the FFFWeek reviews to delight in the images of these gorgeous, gorgeous models in their pretty fashions. Sweetooth, for example, made an exceptionally fine showing at FFFWeek because its designs were very creative, yes, but especially because it chose such stunning and legitimately full-figured models to show them off. These girls show the world the true look of plus-size beauty.

The Sweetooth site features two other, smaller images of the models in the outfits. Kelsey's piece, it turns out, is called the "Lifesaver Dress." I love how sweet and adorable she looks.

Lindsey's outfit is called the "Fruit Stripe Dress." (The names are as original as the styles.) I love how full and luscious she looked in this sleeveless design.

Sweeetooth recently announced that their FFFWeek line will shortly coming to an end (on October 1st), so everyone who loved the cute items that Kelsey and Lindsey modelled has one month left to enjoy them!
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Sweetooth Couture (Kelsey, Lindsey)

And now, the video for the most distinctive show at FFFWeek has been released, featuring Kelsey and Lindsey on the runway.

Lindsey appears at 0:21 in the video looking cheerful and lively, exactly in keeping with the colourful nature of her outfit. She walks the runway with ease and confidence, not to mention actual joy, which is a pleasure to see. Her figure looks full and opulent.

Kelsey walks at 2:00, in her graceful, angelic manner. She creates a mood with her soft facial expressions that's almost ethereal, and she has a freshness about her look that is the epitome of this collection. She walks at the mid-point of the show, like the centrepiece. And I think I've realized why her end-of-the-runway turns in particular are so captivating. Before she turns, she takes a step back, still looking at the camera, and only then turns. It makes for a very smooth turn.

Truly a lovely video of a very original, yet beautiful, collection, with a pair of especially gorgeous and curvy models.
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