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Default FFFWeek: Plush Boutique, Ashley Stewart (Katherine)

[NOTE: The images in this post have been licensed from Mr. Richard Lew, the official FFFWeek photographer. Their appearance here does not sanction any further distribution beyond this site. Any Web logs or publications seeking Mr. Lew's FFFWeek images must obtain them from his Web site, which can be found here.]

The short, sleeveless dress from Jill Alexander Designs that we praised in an earlier review as being an outstandingly size-positive design had a competitor, courtesy of the Plush Boutique, for the title of most body-celebratory non-lingerie outfit/image of FFFWeek 2011. What made the Plush Boutique item in question, shown below, such a celebration of full-figured beauty was not just its strapless, sleeveles design, but also the fact that it was modelled by the luxuriously proportioned Katherine Roll, who has the finest figure of any model currently working in the industry.

While the Jill Alexander dress defined Katherine's shapely reverse-view contours, the Plush Boutique look was even more sensual in that its halter style revealed the lovely curves along Miss Roll's back. The sight of her golden tresses cascading along her bare skin, caressing it, was utterly intoxicating. No cut could be more flattering on a well-fed female body than a strapless and sleeveless style such as this, which was also attractively abbreviated to show off the model's legs.

Click to enlarge

Katherine's arms are surpassingly gorgeous, and the model clearly knows it, for the signature, half-turn pose that she adopted in several FFFWeek shows was clearly designed to take advantage of the beauty of her rounded limbs, coquettishly displaying them toward the camera as if to seduce the viewer by the sight of their soft, sumptuous fullness. With her bangles, tawny animal-print top, and glowing skin, she was a golden goddess, a beauty beyond imagining.

Click to enlarge

Forgive us for jumping ahead of the queue to showcase Katherine's finest image. The photographs of her runway approach are every bit as splendid. In her full-length, she proudly displays her rounded legs, which have a uniquely pleasing, feminine shape--full, yet free of any trace of unattractive muscle tone.

Click to enlarge

Observe the sensual hint of dimpled flesh on her legs, an appealing, natural trait that she shares with Kelsey. The elaborate, golden necklace added a touch of richness to the outfit. It was almost museum-like in its ornate decorativeness; plus, in an example of the "body-as-fashion-accessory" principle of styling, the necklace drew the eye toward the expanse of soft fullness below the model's neck, an especially seductive aspect of the model's physical being.

Click to enlarge

For this outfit, Katherine selected the perfect demeanour--a sunny, joyful mien that corresponded with the breeziness of the garment. Yet her happiness also had an ease about it, a languid quality, an effortlessness that put the clothing in the context of vacation wear (which it was clearly intended to be, given the sun hat and the glasses).

Click to enlarge

Katherine's movements in this outfit were especially relaxed and effortless, intimating qualities of feminine indolence that enhanced her beauty still further. The skill required to evoke such sensations is considerable: she was able to impart a mood based simply on how she presented herself, how she moved. Not only did this make her even more desirable, but it suggested to any potential customers the scenarios in which they might wear such attire.

Click to enlarge

It also created a paradisaical, holiday interlude in the midst of the entire fashion show.

* * *

For Ashley Stewart, Katherine turned in her white chapeau for a black hat--not to change alliances, as in a Hollywood Western, but to show off another breezy, casual style that exuded comfort and pleasure.

Click to enlarge

It was Ashley Stewart's sponsorship of the first FFFWeek that helped make the event possible, so we are delighted to finally give the retailer a plug. This tunic may have been loose, and thus denied fans the privilege of viewing Katherine's goddesslike proportions, but its fuchsia colour was certainly eye-catching. Katherine's catwalk prowess served her in good stead in showing off this outfit, for by her subtle movements she gave it an appealing touch of motion, as if it were fluttering in a breeze.

Click to enlarge

A close up shows the particularly attractive expression that Katherine adopted for this walk, a gentle, dreamy gaze that was new for her, but brought out her soft, feminine beauty especially well, and also corresponded with the ease of the outfit. Her relaxed, flowing tresses accentuated this languorous mood.

Click to enlarge

In the case of this outfit, we are privileged to be able to share something truly unique--the first video footage of a FFFWeek 2011 collection. Watching it, fans will be able to view Katherine on the runway in living motion--a privilege that they have been breathlessly anticipating for two long years.

Click to enlarge

In particular, the video shows Katherine adopting the following especially charming bit of business at the end of the runway, a chic tip of her hat.

Click to enlarge

A still image of this moment is eye-catching too, as it shows the rounded fullness of Katherine's arm in the frame, as well as the glint of pure delight in her bewitching eyes. The pleasure that the model clearly takes in her own beauty is intoxicating.

Click to enlarge

Here is Ashley Stewart's official video of its FFFWeek collection. Katherine emerges at 1:21 and departs the frame at 1:36. Her technique is flawless. The video also offers a sense of what this year's finale actually looked like, for those who were lucky enough to attend.

* * *

Congratulations to both Plush Boutique and Ashley Stewart for staging wonderful collections at FFFWeek, and in particular for selecting gorgeous and legitimately full-figured goddess Katherine Roll to walk in their shows. With her stunning figure, Katherine made the Plush Boutique's strapless, sleeveless dress look sensational--far more appealing that it would have appeared on a mere faux-plus model. And with her effective runway technique and eye-catching gesture, she brought the Ashley Stewart fuchsia tunic to life, and made it a must-have item in any curvy girl's closet.

We hope that Ashley Stewart reflects on the visual success of its FFFWeek show and realizes that its print advertising would be greatly enhanced by the inclusion of fuller-figured models than it currently books. We also wish Plush Boutique continued success, and look forward to more print advertising from this acclaimed plus-size shop--perhaps advertising that might even feature Miss Roll herself.

Readers can learn more about the Plush Boutique by visiting the company's official web site and Facebook page, while Ashley Stewart's site will already be familiar to all and sundry.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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Default Re: FFFWeek: Plush Boutique, Ashley Stewart (Katherine)

Needless to say, Katherine looks spectacular in both outfits. The Plush dress shows off her breathtaking figure so well. No wonder she mentioned how much she loved it, in her video interview. And her poses in the Ashley Stewart ensemble are very eye-catching. I love the business with the hat.

On the topic of Full-Figured Fashion Week, I was thinking about something that has been pointed out time and again: that the women who participate in FFFWeek at any level, from the models to the designers to the attendees, all suddenly exude a spirit of pure, unadulterated body confidence that they seldom feel otherwise, or at least that they seldom acknowledge.

A book review that I recently stumbled across offers some insight as to why this may be the case.

The pertinent point:

The truth is we make split-second decisions about others based on the way our core group of associates sees them. This is why some cultures think beauty is reflected in a robust curvy body parts while others prefer a more angular and chiseled appearance. In other words, the community you hang around with the most has greater persuasive ability over your thought processes than you might think.

Another great example of the power of group influence at work is how a normally sane and logical person can be persuaded to participate in a riot as a result of group frenzy.

(I included the second paragraph because I sincerely believe that the modern veneration of anorexic androgyny is a case of normally sane and logical people being persuaded to accept a ludicrous proposition, little different from mob mentality.)

The upshot of this book's argument is that when people are surrounded by peers who have internalized the media's rampant anti-plus bias, they can't help but absorb that size-negativity themselves.

The key, then, is to surround oneself with a "core group of associates" who love curves, a "community" that adores full-figured femininity, because then, everyone will mutually reaffirm each other's size-appreciation.

And that's what happens at FFFWeek. The group sees beautiful clothes on gorgeous models like Katherine, and suddenly, people feel secure in voicing their adoration of natural feminine fullness. Everyone else picks up on this spirit, until eventually, the entire community of participants are all suffused with the spirit of size celebration.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Plush Boutique, Ashley Stewart (Katherine)

I loved Katherine's look in her wild, untamed, sleeveless outfit for the Plush Boutique, so I was eagerly looking forward to seeing this video.

She walks out at 0:51, looking very relaxed, even languid, which is a perfect choice on her part, as this outfit, with the sun hat and glasses, gives me a vacation vibe. Katherine's walk gives me the sense of a holiday in the tropics (and with the weather getting colder, it's an agreeable thought).

It's such a size-positive outfit, baring Katherine's gorgeous limbs. She may have the best legs of any currently working plus-size model, so it's a tribute to the pro-curvy design philosophy of FFFWeek that numerous outfits she wore displayed her gorgeous legs, this outfit in particular. Just before she does her runway turn, she shifts her stance a bit, giving the cameras a few terrific photo options, and shows off her limbs as if to say, "Just look at how curvy and gorgeous I am."

No other plus-size event in the world embodies body love the way FFFWeek does.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Plush Boutique, Ashley Stewart (Katherine)

Like everyone else, I've loved seeing all of the beautifully filmed videos of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2011, which was and is the greatest plus-size runway event there has ever been. But I noticed that there was always one missing: the official FFFWeek video of the Ashley Stewart show.

Yes, Ashley Stewart released its own video shortly after Full-Figured Fashion Week. (It's embedded earlier in this thread.) But the official FFFWeek videos were filmed head-on, and are therefore much more appealing to watch.

The star of this video is, of course, Katherine Roll, who emerges at 1:47. I just love her breezy, confident air as she glides down the runway. She does a toss of her head at 1:54 that's completely bewitching. And of course, as others have noted, her gesture with the hat at 1:57 is very chic and stylish.

Katherine manages to exude great charisma and personality on the runway in such a way as to capture the eye but at the same time effectively showcase her wardrobe. It's a unique skill, and one which Katherine has absolutely mastered. Plus, she's incredibly gorgeous.

Like all of the videos from FFFWeek, watching this show is a pure delight and a captivating expression of true, feminine beauty.
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