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Default FFFWeek: Video interviews (Kelsey, Katherine, Lindsey)

For several days now, readers have been delighting in the beautiful catwalk images of plus-size models Kelsey Olson, Katherine Roll, and Lindsey Garbelman from FFFWeek 2011.

We now have an extra-special bonus to share with the world.

Directly after the runway show, just as the "afterparty" was getting under way, each of the three models shared her thoughts with us about participating in the exciting adventure that was Full-Figured Fashion Week. They kindly allowed their reminiscences to be captured on video, and the resulting footage is posted below.

First, each model shares her overall impressions of the event and discusses her favourite runway looks. Have you wondered how Kelsey felt walking the runway in intimate apparel? In this clip, she speaks her mind on that and several other items of interest.

For Lindsey Garbelman, 2011 marked her sophomore FFFWeek showing, and in this clip, she reflects on how she felt her second time around. Watch closely, though: she is joined in her video by a surprise guest--one who, we discover, is her fast friend.

Looking stunning in a pink dress that is every bit as stylish as anything that she wore on the runway, Katherine Roll (whose sweet voice fans will be hearing for the very first time) candidly reveals her favourite aspect of FFFWeek, offering a delicious answer that her admirers are sure to enjoy. Notice that, in an exhibition of truly impeccable fashion sense, her cocktail (a Cosmopolitan) is colour-coordinated with her outfit.

And finally, as a special treat, the three graces join together to comment on each others' performances, and in so doing prove to be every bit as sweet and generous as plus-size models are reputed to be.

It was an inexpressible privilege and pleasure for us to record these beautiful girls' impressions of Full-Figured Fashion Week, especially just moments after they wowed a room full of enthusiastic fans in the most exciting runway show that the fashion world has ever seen. As their comments reveal, these ladies are classy and eloquent, gorgeous beyond description, but also very real. Each of them would make an outstanding representative for the full-figured community, for they are just as effective at being spokesmodels as fashion models.

We were delighted to be in their company on this magical evening, to be awed by their loveliness, entertained by their vivaciousness, and humbled by their kind and thoughtful natures.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Video interviews (Kelsey, Katherine, Lindsey)

I've been delighting in every FFFWeek review that's appeared on the forum over the last few days, but I think I love these videos most of all. It's such a pleasure to discover what these goddesses look and sound like in "real life," and to get a taste of their actual personalities.

Kelsey is exactly how I imagined she would be, after I read her Judgment of Paris interview. She's completely unpretentious and sincere, speaking straight from the heart. You can tell right away that she's a kind, good-hearted person, but also that she must be great fun to be around! And she looked gorgeous in that goddess-style one-shoulder gown with the elaborate necklace. Her beauty absolutely takes my breath away.

Katherine has such as sweet voice, and she absolutely sparkles. She is effervescently girlish, but with poise and bearing. I adored it when she said:

I loved the spotlight. I loved being on stage and having all eyes on me.
There's something so princess-like about that comment. You can see in her interview the vixenish, feline quality that she brings to the runway. And oh my goodness, her dress is gorgeous! That outfit should have been one of the styles that appeared on the runway. In the video of the three girls together, her arms look so luscious. Her figure is to die for -- the perfect plus-size-model physique.

Lindsey has a bit of both qualities, both the self-admiration and the humility -- on the one hand, she has a '50s kind of cute coquetry, with batting her eyelashes and putting a dimple in her cheek when she wonders about her favorite look; but on the other hand, she is amazingly generous. When asked what the best moment of FFFWeek was, she said "When Kelsey got here," and then when asked to comment on the other models' performances, she singled out Kelsey's brave walk in lingerie as the highlight of FFFWeek, and even the highlight of her life! It was said with a smile, but it was also a sincere expression of admiration for her friend.

I think I liked the video of the three girls together best of all, because it showed their mutual support and goodwill toward one another. Three Graces indeed -- in their graceful, feminine beauty and in their grace of spirit.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Video interviews (Kelsey, Katherine, Lindsey)

Lindsey says it best at the very end: "We're happy because we're not hungry!"
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