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Default FFFWeek: Margaux Kouture, La'Dan's Closet (Kelsey, Lindsey)

[NOTE: The images in this post have been licensed from Mr. Richard Lew, the official FFFWeek photographer. Their appearance here does not sanction any further distribution beyond this site. Any Web logs or publications seeking Mr. Lew's FFFWeek images must obtain them from his Web gallery, which can be found here.]

It was exactly one week ago that we deemed the grand finale of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2011 to have been the greatest runway event in the history of plus-size fashion. Today we post our final FFFWeek review, with notes on the collections from Margaux Kouture and La'Dan's closet.

The runway shows from these two companies were the concluding catwalk presentations at the FFFWeek finale, and they certainly sent it off in style. They also marked the crowning runway showcases for both Kelsey Olson and Lindsey Garbelman.

Kelsey's electric-blue dress even better showcased her Classically curvaceous figure than did her earlier lingerie look. The ruched fabric held her body in a loving embrace, lingering over every contour of her seductive physique, highlighting the sensual rondeur of her shapely 39" waist.

Click to enlarge

The hat was an enchanting addition to the ensemble, giving the overall look a touch of elegance and sophistication, even as Kelsey's delicate beauty contextualized it within the province of youth. The styling was thus an effective complement to the model's appearance, for a viewer could either imagine Kelsey as a playful, teen prom princess, or as a classy young lady--or both, for curvy girls have both identities within themselves, as does Kelsey herself.

Click to enlarge

The model's pink-hued complexion harmonized perfectly with the blue gown, as did her golden hair, which shone like the sun in the runway illumination. The vivid blue fabric highlighted the luminescence of her skin and the gentle flush at her cheeks.

Click to enlarge

Where the real magic of this dress becomes evident is in the following close-up, which shows how the azure hue picked up the sapphire colour of her eyes. Observe the seductive fullness of her facial features, which display the well-fed roundness of a doll's countenance--for surely Kelsey was never more doll-like than in this pretty, ruffled gown. Her limbs look full and softly rounded, while her fleshy neck is as smooth as marble.

Click to enlarge

As in her other end-of-the-runway stances, Kelsey quickly transitioned between a number of poses for the photographers, to offer them a variety of still-photo choices. Her finest look was this sinuous arrangement of her body, which highlighted the curve of her hips and the alluring roundness at her middle. The dainty tip of the hat was the crowning touch, a chic gesture that was nevertheless completely convincing and believable.

Click to enlarge

The close-up shows Kelsey adopting one of her uniquely entrancing, vulnerable looks, a gaze of open-heartedness and sincerity that no man can resist. When she slips into this persona, she appears fawn-like and desirably needy, urgently in need of protection, a porcelain figurine brought to flesh-and-blood life, robust and well-fed yet delicate at the same time. It is a supreme achievement of the model's art.

Click to enlarge

Interested readers can learn more about Margaux Kouture by visiting the label's official web site and Facebook page.

* * *

One of the particular benefits of Full-Figured Fashion Week is that not only does it promote familiar companies and designers that cater to the plus-size community, but also up-and-coming labels that are yearning for exposure.

We had never heard of La'Dan's Closet prior to FFFWeek 2011, but the collection from LaTresa Harper and Danyelle Freeland featured a look modelled by gorgeous plus-size model Lindsey Garbelman, in all of her stunning size-18 glory, so we definitely took note, especially when we saw how attractively the fitted jeans defined her womanly thighs and full hips.

Click to enlarge

Few new plus-size lines include outerwear in their collections, but at La'Dan's Closet, coats and jackets have a special focus. This grey ensemble created an interesting look, with the military-style jacket pairing off with the body-conscious denim. The conjunction of the two offered an important styling note: if one portion of an outfit is looser around the body, then the other portion should snugly embrace the wearer's curves, to maintain a look of femininity by showcasing goddesslike contours. Lindsey's legs appeared especially luscious and shapely in these jeans.

Click to enlarge

As for the hairstyle, Miss Garbelman certainly looks most gorgeous when her magnificent brunette tresses flow loosely, heavily around her shoulders and down her back, as they did in the other FFFWeek collections, but this tied-back style did offer the opportunity to see the adorable roundness of her face, which is now more beautiful than it has appeared at any time since her very first test shoot. Lindsey's walk, poses, and facial expressions were as fluid and flawless as ever.

Click to enlarge

You can learn more about this company by visiting the official La'Dan's Closet web site and Facebook page.

* * *

We earnestly congratulate Margaux Kouture and La'Dan's Closet for fielding stylish collections at Full-Figured Fashion Week, and for selecting two of the most gorgeous plus-size models in the industry to showcase their designs.

Going through each show from FFFWeek 2011 and celebrating the work of Kelsey Olson, Katherine Roll, and Lindsey Garbelman has been a sheer joy. This event was without parallel or precedent in the plus-size community, for it vividly demonstrated, once and for all, that clothing looks better on genuinely full-figured models than it does on smaller girls. Hopefully, each of the retailers who presented at the finale--and all plus-size companies nationwide--will trust the evidence of their own eyes and begin promoting their fashions on legitimately plus-size goddesses, especially in their print work. Mr. Lew's photographs of these size-16/18 beauties at FFFWeek, looking gorgeous, curvaceous, unretouched, and natural, are more effective visual presentations of the clothing on offer than 90 percent of the industry's current print advertising.

The panels and seminars at FFFWeek voiced the public desire for curvier models. The runway show proved the ability of such models to ideally promote full-figured fashion. Now it simply remains for the industry itself--for individual booking agents at each of these brands--to follow through and launch an aesthetic restoration by embracing these latter-day goddesses and showcasing them to the world in their visual imagery.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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Default Re: FFFWeek: Margaux Kouture, La'Dan's Closet (Kelsey, Lindsey)

I have always loved the images of Kelsey in her vivid blue dress from FFFWeek, which so closely embraced her figure, so it's a delight to see her model that gown in living motion.

She emerges at 0:47 in the video, and has a Parisian look to her as she coyly touches the bring of her hat, once while strolling the runway, then again as she does her distinctive turn. She could be an elegant young mademoiselle on the Champs-Elysées in this dress as she approaches the camera, but then when she walks away, it's all Marilyn, with the eye-catching commotion in her figure. And the fit of the gown really is fantastic. I love the ruching. The look, and how Kelsey presents it, is a perfect mix of gentle flirtatiousness and all-out seduction.

Watch all of the especially lovely and graceful hand movements that Kelsey makes, especially when she does her runway turn. There's a saying that a girl should model from the tips of her fingers to her toes, and Kelsey puts that idea into practice, making every part of her body an aspect of the presentation.

When Lindsey walks the runway for La'Dan's Closet, she exhibits amazing technique as well. This too is an especially size-positive outfit. In fact, I don't know if any plus-size model has ever looked as good in denim as Lindsey does in her figure-hugging light-grey jeans. They fit her like a glove and define her size 16/18 figure in a boldly celebratory way. Lindsey emerges at 1:40 in the video and completely steals the show.

Stunning videos of two of the world's most gorgeous plus-size models.
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