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Default Jealousy and full-figured femininity

We frequently receive messages at this forum in answer to the question, "Why does the media resist plus-size beauty?" A visitor named "Heather" recently submitted the following opinion on the matter, which is well worth considering.

I think the media is treating women like they are in concentration camps. I have seen models and celebrities that look like skeletons today. I think true natural beauty is looked down on because it creates a more sexual, sensual body.

In a world were the population is multiplying rapidly, the signs of fertility - wide hips, large busts, rounded waists - are seen as the reason natural resources are being depleted. Plus-size women are seen as consumers and this makes other people jealous and mad.

Lets stop treating American women with disrespect to their womanhood and bodies. I see the media as a funnel of abuse and hate towards real women. Years ago, weight was not an issue, and now it hinders millions of women each year to develop unhealthy eating patterns like anorexia.

I was more unhealthy eating one meal a day and weighing 130 pounds or being a 110 pound anorexic just so I could fit into clothes like the magazines show. Sorry, not all people want to look thin! I happen to love my curvy body, and am proud of magazines and celebrities that are not afraid to show the real world who they are.

Heather is so right to bring up the issue of jealousy. Many ideologically-minded individuals react with envy towards opulently-proportioned goddesses, expressing thoughts akin to, "How dare she be so beautiful?" The overwhelming allure of the plus-size model in and of itself seems a transgression, but for her to delight and revel in her own comely appearance seems to be the ultimate offense.

But these same qualities are also why full-figured feminine beauty has compelled artists to celebrate it in words and paintings throughout human history. And as we progressively leave the crippling "aesthetics of guilt" of the 20th century behind us, we will increasingly see voluptuous beauty return to the position of cultural prominence that it held throughout Western history.

The timeless beauty of Christina Schmidt (at Torrid, of course):

- Click here to view the item

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Default Re: Jealousy and full-figured femininity

I think the situation that Heather describes is sad, but predictable. Underweight women who are envious to begin with see a plus-size goddess, and their innate propensity to jealousy is inflamed. They then try to make size an issue, just out of a "sour grapes" mentality - in other words, their thinking is, "I can't be that beautiful, so I'll claim that she isn't, either." I wonder how many of them would have a more positive outlook if they would just stop starving themselves into misery, and acquire a curvy figure as well?

Heather's point about health is really important, too. There was another book published recently that explodes the myth about the so-called weight "problem" in North America. The author proves that it's just "a myth promoted by diet doctors and the weight loss industry" (that's a quote). He also points out that,

"Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry in America, Oliver notes, and this industry is trying to put a health spin on what is a largely cosmetic product."

I'll add a link to an article about the book here:

The book has an awful title, and while discussions like these are important to help expose media fraud about weight and size, part of me still thinks the whole debate is ridiculous in the first place. Just look at the images of Christina, and Charlotte, and Barbara that have been posted here recently. They look infinitely healthier (as well as more beautiful) than any brittle magazine waifs. Christina absolutely radiates health and vitality.
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