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Default The Center for Consumer Freedom

[Originally posted on the Judgment of Paris Forum on November 13th, 2004.]

Although our Web site examines matters pertaining to size celebration predominantly from one perspective--i.e., that of art and aesthetics--it is important to remember that the fight against the hegemony of "starvation chic" unites many individuals and organizations with diverse motivations and intentions.

The Judgment of Paris opposes the androgynous standard of appearance for women because it is part of a century-long effort to suppress timeless beauty in general, and to subordinate art and aesthetics to the propagation of an inhuman, utilitarian ideology.

Eating-disorders organizations combat the underweight standard on medical grounds, because it ruins the health, both physical and psychological, of countless young women.

The plus-size fashion industry opposes it (or at least, it should) for practical reasons--i.e., because it encourages women to view changing their bodies as their principle goal in life, and to spend their money on a regimen of self-deprivation, rather than on the fashions and cosmetics that can help them look good and feel great about themselves just the way they are.

And yet another source of opposition is represented by "The Center for Consumer Freedom" ( This far-sighted organization exposes today's media-generated weight hysteria and related myths of "crises," "epidemics," etc. as part of a colossal hoax that is being perpetrated on the public by an unholy axis of diet companies, trial lawyers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. CCF cautions that the end result of this propaganda campaign will be a fundamental curtailment of the civil liberties that we all hold dear.

CCF research tellingly reveals that media reports about size and weight rely on entirely unsubstantiated statistics and fundamentally flawed research to bolster their hyperbolic conclusions.

When our friend and ally D. Trull originally drew our attention to this organization, we resisted posting about it, because the whole "weight" debate is by turns absurd and distasteful, and hardly seems likely to yield positive results. After all, how fruitful would it be to argue with a member of the Flat Earth Society? The very act of debating the anti-plus zealots gives their hollow positions an unwarranted degree of legitimacy.

But in today's cultural climate, one cannot dispute that the CCF is performing an invaluable service. After all, the Flat Earth Society is a tongue-in-cheek organization that hardly attempts to persuade the general public to its point of view. But weight-control profiteers are fanatical, care little for facts and less for the misery that they inflict, and what's more, they have the mass media in their pockets. Too many individual lives are ruined by their efforts, to saying nothing of the damage that they do to our common culture.

Ultimately, if you already recognize diet promotions for the lies that they are, and if you have determined not to give any curve-o-phobic propaganda your attention, even by way of opposing it, then you should definitely give this link a pass. Be content in the knowledge that the so-called "weight epidemic" has been exposed as nothing but a tissue of lies.

But if, on the other hand, you find it necessary to confront this enemy head-on, whether for personal, professional, or scholastic reasons, then the CCF will provide you with useful ammunition to fight the good fight.

First-time visitors should begin with the CCF's "About Us" comments, but the most interesting documentation is available in the form of a .pdf file that is accessible from the page linked below. Click on the "Download full report" hyperlink to read the CCF's comprehensive expose of today's would-be witch-hunters . . .

Barbara Brickner modelling for Eddie Bauer, fall/winter 2004:

- The Center for Consumer Freedom

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