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Old 18th June 2011   #1
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Default Fashion Weekend Plus Size 2011

In the midst of the attention being devoted to Full-Figured Fashion Week in the U.S., it's worth noting that Brazil is now also gearing up for the latest installment of its own equivalent, "Fashion Weekend Plus Size."

A new article (alas, in Portuguese) gives the event some publicity.

It comes with a colourful - and sensual - portrait of the models. Mayara Russi is on the far left, appearing especially luscious.

[Larger version]

The article offers a few comments about these Brazilian bombshells. Google translates the paragraph about Mayara as follows:

Mayara Russi, 22 - Known as the "Ana Paula Arósio GG", Mayara is one of the most sought plus size models in Brazil. Has starred in several catalogs, campaigns and is a poster girl for the more traditional brands GG Brazilian market. . Mayara works as a model seven years ago, measures 1.70 m and uses 52 size. "I hope the world of fashion plus size continues to grow and bring many job opportunities," said Mayara.

Did you catch that? This is the first time I've seen Mayara referenced as a size 52, not a 50. This means that she now wears a U.S. size 22. Far from diminishing herself, she is curvier -- and more subversively gorgeous -- than ever.

It's so exciting to think that THE top Brazilian plus-size model, the one who headlines its biannual full-figured fashion week, is a bona fide size 22. And only 22 years old! Young, gorgeous, and truly curvy -- let the U.S. industry take a page out of Brazil's book!

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Old 25th June 2011   #2
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Default Re: Fashion Weekend Plus Size 2011

Just in case there was any doubt, the official Web blog of Brazil's FWPS has released the names of the models who will be participating in the show in July, and Mayara Russi most definitely appears on the list:

The introductory paragraph notes that of these 46 girls (winnowed down from 400 applicants), each label still needs to choose its own representatives. I imagine that FFFWeek works the same way. Let's hope that as many as possible choose Mayara to walk in their shows.

Oh, to be able to fly to Brazil for this event...
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Old 2nd July 2011   #3
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Default Re: Fashion Weekend Plus Size 2011

Another news item has emerged about Fashion Weekend Plus Size, which will be taking place July 16th and 17th. According to this write-up, it will feature a larger list of events. The original was in Portuguese, but I ran it through Google Translator and got a serviceable English version:

It lists the lines that will be presenting on the runway (although none of them are familiar to me, since theyre Brazilian brands), and comes with another promotional photo. Mayara is, of course, on the right, looking beautiful (although that hairstyle is awful), while Nathalia Contier, the blonde whom Karsten just posted about, in on the far left.

After the perfection that was FFFWeek 2011, FWPS can no longer claim to have the most size-positive runway show in plus-size fashion, because nothing can match a runway show with Kelsey Olson, Katherine Roll, and Lindsey Garbelman. But still, Mayara Russi, at a sumptuous size 22, is an absolute goddess. I eagerly look forward to seeing her images from the show. I hope she walks for many designers.
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Old 7th July 2011   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Fashion Weekend Plus Size 2011

The Brazilian press has now published the third in its series of group-preview pictures for FWPS 2011. This time, the models are in swimsuits, which makes it the most size-positive image yet; however, regrettably, Mayara is not front and centre, as she should be. Still gorgeous though.

Nathalia Contier is the blonde sitting on the trunk, showing shapely thighs. And notice that the photo, admirably, has not been airbrushed to hide the dimpled flesh on Nathalie's arms.

[Larger version]

FFFWeek and FWPS are the most size-positive runway shows in existence. I can't wait to see the images from this year's event. How I wish I could attend...

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Old 10th July 2011   #5
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Default Re: Fashion Weekend Plus Size 2011

The Brazilian web site Ego, which has distinguished itself in the past with great publicity for Brazil's most gorgeous plus-size models, just published a story today to build up more anticipation for next weekend's FWPS.

It comes with new images of Mayara Russi from the FWPS promotional shoot, the images of which have been rolling out over the past month

The article is in Portuguese, but by running it through a Google translator, it becomes evident that FWPS realizes who its shining star is:

Meet the 'Ana Paula Arósio GG' and other models of Fashion Week Plus Size

Part of the casting photo shoot done before the fashion show, which rolls in Sao Paulo on July 16.

Fashion Weekend Plus Size 2012, will be held on the 16th in São Paulo, and part of the cast starred in a photo essay to show that the models GGs are also stylish.

The focus is on Mayara Russi, 22, known as the "Ana Paula Arósio GG", who has starred numerous campaigns. "I hope the world of fashion plus-size continues to grow and bring many job opportunities," she says. She measures 1.70 m and uses 52 [size].
I love the fact that the article specifies that the "focus is on Mayara Russi," because it clearly is. And how gratifying to find her again referred to as a size 52, which is a U.S. size 22. It's so encouraging that the most full-figured model of the show is also the most gorgeous, most acclaimed, and the best known worldwide.

The article also comes with especially beautiful images of Nathalia Contier, Brazil's answer to Kelsey Olson. Her images come second in the article, only behind Mayara's, and I think this denotes her status as the second-most-intriguing Brazilian plus-size model. The article notes that she wears "manequim 48" (size 18).

With Mayara and Nathalia, Brazil now has a classic blonde/brunette pairing, of the kind that we see in the U.S., when Kelsey/Lindsey or Katherine/Lindsey are paired off in photoshoots.

With its celebration of models in sizes 18 and 22, Fashion Weekend Plus Size is a worthy South American equivalent of Full-Figured Fashion Week in North America. I can't wait to see the images from this year's show.
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