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Old 10th July 2011   #1
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Default Mayara Russi: 44-43-53

Although there is already a separate, active thread in progress on this forum about the publicity leading up to Brazil's forthcoming Fashion Weekend Plus Size (FWPS), this new article deserves a thread of its own, as it spotlights Brazil's most gorgeous plus-size model, Mayara Russi.

It's published by the Brazilian newspaper Veja Sao Paolo:

Google's translator always produced mixed results, but running the article through the program yields some fascinating information about Mayara.

The "Ana Paula Arósio GG"

With 110 kilos, Mayara Russia will be the star of the Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Until adolescence, go shopping for clothes was a martyrdom for Mayara Russi. With 110 pounds distributed in 1.70 meters tall, she locked herself in the fitting rooms and fell into tears by the difficulty of finding pieces that suited her. Today, at age 22, her measures are still well-endowed (113 cm bust, waist and 109 of 135 hips), but the beautiful pair of blue-gray eyes is no longer moist before a rack of clothes. The Sao Paulo now makes her living as a model of major brands, and arrives at the Fashion Weekend Plus size (which happens on Saturday 16, at the Convention Center Shopping Frei Caneca) as the main star of the event, with the highest paychecks - up to 4,000 dollars per show. It will be a step in the career of a girl who is known as "Ana Paula Arósio GG" because of her resemblance to the actress. Both, incidentally, have been found. "She said that if one day weight, wants to be like me," she says.
Two things stand out as most exciting in that passage.

1. Everyone in Brazil has realized that Mayara is "the main star" of FWPS, the top plus-size model in South America.

2. Her goddesslike proportions. Oh, my goodness. When they are converted to inches, her measurements are a luscious 44-43-53. She has a fuller waist than Kelsey Olson, fuller hips than Katherine Roll or Charlotte Coyle. This is what a true plus-size model should look like.

This is exciting news as well:

In 2008, she acquired the status of supermodel in the industry, modelling in twenty GG fashion catalogs...She just recorded her first TV commercial, an unprecedented event...Her mother says the model has earned a legion of fans among "chubby girls, who send her messages asking for fashion tips. My daughter helps these girls to have self-esteem. "
A Mayara Russi television commercial? I can't wait to see it! This IS "unprecedented," rare even for U.S. plus-size models.

Best of all, the article comes with this stunningly sensual image of Mayara, looking sinfully alluring and opulently well-fed.

She doesn't hide the sumptuous fullness of her 43" waist, but celebrates it, seductively holding the apple like an irresistibly tempting Eve. Her animal-print top indicates her rapacious desires.

The rest of the world needs more plus-size models like Mayara - truly full-figured, yet able to pose more seductively than any Victoria's Secret models.
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Old 11th July 2011   #2
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: 44-43-53

Mayara is both incredibly inspiring and incredibly gorgeous - an ideal mix.

In many ways, plus-size modelling in Brazil is far ahead of the North American industry. As someone said in another thread, it's exciting and encouraging to think that in Brazil, the fullest-figured plus-size model is also the top plus-size model in terms of status, and is the most beautiful model too. What a powerful message that sends.

At a size 22, Mayara is perfectly positioned to fill the void between the most gorgeous genuinely full-figured U.S. models - like Kelsey at a size 16 and Katherine Roll and Lindsey at a size 18 - and models like Rosie Mercado or Tiffany Kaelin at size 28. There should be models in every size between 18 and 28, and Mayara shows just how gorgeous such models could be. This should be the size range, 16 to 28, that constitutes the true plus-size industry.

We could learn a lot from Brazil. Of all of the plus-size projects in North America, FFFWeek comes closest to the pro-curvy spirit that we see in Sao Paolo.
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Old 12th July 2011   #3
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: 44-43-53

Another article about Mayara recently appeared online, this one seemingly in the form of a press release.

A web translation yields this excerpt:

Mayara Russi (Models Jolie) is the bright light among plus-size models!

The plus-size model touted by Models Jolie is the face of this promising market segment, and will be the top most anticipated on the runways of the 4th. edition of the Fashion Weeked Plus Size to be held in Sao Paulo on the 16th.

In contact with her booker Alexander, Mayara thanked Jolie for the help and support that was provided to achieve career success and achievements.

Unless I'm reading it wrong, or the translation is off, this would seem to indicate that Mayara is represented by an agency called Jolie Models. They do have a web site, although I couldn't find Mayara listed there.

Interestingly, this is the first time I've heard of any agency representing any of Brazil's plus-size models. And I wonder about that. Could part of the reason why Brazil has had such a size-positive industry is because their plus-size models are not agency-represented? No bookers telling them to starve "for the sake of their careers," no agents telling clients that they should choose skinnier faux-plus models instead of genuinely full-figured models.

Has the absence of agents been good for Brazilian plus-size modelling?

But then, it seems that Mayara is represented - although perhaps this is a new development. I don't know if any of Brazil's other plus-size models are signed with anyone.

Well, I suppose we'll see in the future if having an agent will be good for Mayara's career. If she starts tragically starving herself into a smaller size, then we'll know that the agency has had a toxic effect. But if she doesn't diminish herself but remains just as full-figured and beautiful as she is now, or even curiver, yet gets even more campaigns, then we'll know that agency representation is a good thing.

At least now, any U.S. company that might wish to book Mayara will know whom to contact.
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Old 26th July 2011   #4
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: 44-43-53

As this interview (in Portuguese, alas) does not arise specifically out of FWPS, I thought I would include the link in this general Mayara thread. Brazilian or Portuguese readers will naturally enjoy it:

What is most interesting is that it mentions that Mayara was recently interviewed on South American TV, in a segment to air July 31st. I hope a video will be posted online.

Her agency posted about this as well,

and even included a picture of the model at the TV studio, looking fabulous:

The Brazilians are lucky that, for them, when the media spotlights a plus-size model, it focusses on a someone who is genuinely full-figured (and gorgeous) - a size 22. It seems unfair that here in North America, the few plus-size models who have appeared on TV have been the faux-plus variety.

I hope that our own size 16s and 18s can get some greater coverage - not to mention how wonderful it would be for a stunning size-22 goddess to emerge in the North American industry!
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Old 31st July 2011   #5
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: 44-43-53

The Brazilian TV program which will be airing its interview with Mayara tomorrow has now released a short half-minute promo for the spot. It shows Mayara looking indescribably gorgeous, with full facial features, luxuriant wavy tresses, and a luscious curve under her chin.

Watch at 0:18 for a sensual view of Mayara which shows the soft curves along her upper back.

Ah, Brazil: the one and only country in the world where the public is treated to a true representation of full-figured beauty when it comes to "plus-size models."

Also, here are two photos of Miss Russi with the show's host.

She looks fantastic, and has a seductive roundness at her middle.

It's just not fair that in Australia and the U.K. and the U.S., whenever so-called "plus-size models" get any publicity, it's faux-plus girls who are so skinny that the public unanimously cries foul and rightly says, with incredulity and disbelief, "That's plus-size?"

But in Mayara, the Brazilians have a top plus-size model who actually IS full-figured and looks it, and is also indisputably gorgeous. This the the example that the rest of the world should follow.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: 44-43-53

Here is the complete video upload, in four parts, of Mayara Russi's appearance in the De Frente com Gabi TV program in Brazil. From what I gather, this is an hour-long interview show a bit like Charlie Rose or Larry King in the U.S.

I wish I could understand what the host and her lovely guest were talking about, but suffice it to say that Mayara looks gorgeous and sounds very sweet. Her way of speaking is very lyrical, in a way that reminds me of the Irish lilt -- although obviously, the languages are otherwise unrelated.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

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