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Old 5th August 2011   #1
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Default Kaela Humphries

Celebrity watchers tell us that this striking beauty is the sister of one Kris Humphries (who is apparently a professional basketball player in the United States), and thus the future sister-in-law of Kim Kardashian, to whom Kris is engaged.

However, our interest in stunning Kaela Humphries arises strictly out of the fact that she is a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured plus-size model.

How full-figured? We have seen her variously listed as a size 14 and a size 16, so naturally, we earnestly hope that the more generous measurement is correct. Her agency, Wilhelmina L.A., lists her as a size 14 (which hopefully means a 14W). Regardless, we will let her most attractive images attest to her curvaceousness.

Click to enlarge

She has something truly magnetic about her, doesn't she? In addition to her eye-catching voluptuousness, she exudes a sense of mystery, yet she also appears soft and feminine. There is something girlish and vulnerable about her, beneath the adumbral allure.

Click to enlarge

Her most attractive test image to date is the following, which lovingly celebrates her voluptuousness. The scroop neckline is very flattering on such a buxom goddess, while the belt helps to define her soft figure. Her facial features have a pretty roundness. She resembles a darker-complexioned, brunette version of Kailee O'Sullivan, at Kailee's curvy best.

Click to enlarge

In fact, this image is so eye-catching that it is worth coming in closer, just to admire her facial features. Her face epitomizes plus-size beauty, in that she possesses high cheekbones softened by facial fullness. The dreamy look in her eyes is captivating.

Click to enlarge

A second image in this outfit also highlights her buxom contours and magnificent brunette tresses. She does appear poised between a 14 and a 16, but her fans (and she already has many) eagerly hope that she will at the very least maintain the rich proportions that she currently possesses--or better still, model at a size 16 or 18, thus matching her innate beauty with subversively generous curves.

Click to enlarge

The photographer who shot this initial test for Kaela was obviously captivated by her blue-grey eyes, which are truly mesmerizing. They are beautiful, yes, but they also have a fascinating paleness to them, and reflect light in a haunting manner. Her facial features have the adorable roundness of youth.

Click to enlarge

Wilhelmina L.A. recently added the results of a second test featuring Kaela, this one is a slightly different tone. The following photograph is consciously sensual, with the model seductively displaying her rounded arms, buxom contours, and reverse-view curves; yet it is the melting look in her eyes that is most riveting of all. The vulnerability that she allows herself to exude, beneath her provocative allure, softens the effect and renders the image quite graceful.

Click to enlarge

Another photograph from this test shows the model once again in a scoop-neckline top, the ideal cut for her voluptuous figure. Her expression is softly yielding, in a quintessentially feminine manner. The luxurious volume of her tresses adds to the steaminess of the photograph, which is nevertheless wholly tasteful.

Click to enlarge

This black-and-white headshot finds Kaela gazing at the viewer with mischief in her eyes. The effect is more theatrical than truly carnal, which testifies to a playful side in the model--entirely appropriate, given yer youthfulness.

Click to enlarge

The final image shows Kaela in a coyly provocative pose, seductively raising the hem of her dress just a little to display her shapely legs. Her expression is darker in this image, more genuinely alluring--arrestingly so. The dress is cut to acknowledge her voluptuousnes.

Click to enlarge

Our only concern in introducing Kaela to plus-size modelling fandom is the fact that she has such close, personal ties to celebrity culture. She is a gorgeous and talented model, and would do well in the plus-size fashion industry, but one must realize that sooner or later, Hollywood will come knocking at her door. How would such a development play out? Ideally, it would find Kaela at a gorgeous size 16 appearing in the media and showing the world how attractive curvy girls can be. However, past experience teaches us to fear the worst.

(Consider the case of Hayley Hasselhoff, who, for a time, was a gorgeous and visibly full-figured model, but later tragically diminished herself to faux-plus standards, or even less, due to "industry pressure.")

Let us hope that Kaela Humphries will not starve away her lovely curves, but will remain at least as opulently proportioned as she is today--or better still, blossom into a curvier size. She has a unique look and exhibits genuine modelling prowess. Fans hope to see more of this haunting beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

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Old 7th August 2011   #2
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries

I thought Kaela looked familiar. I noticed this model's work the other day at Nordstrom, where her buxom curves give her a distinct visual advantage over the company's other models.

Wrap styles always look fantastic on voluptuous goddesses, as Kaela demonstrates modelling this Calvin Klein wrap dress.

Like Kaela's test stylists, Nordstrom's team clearly recognized that Kaela has the perfect figure to show off scoop necklines, as in the case of this grey dress.

This metallic top also has a flattering scoop neckline that look great on Kaela. It's by Michael Kors (whom we all known from Project Runway). If only P.R. featured models as curvy as Kaela!

The next item is a perfect example of how a genuinely full-figured model can make even a so-so outfit look fantastic. I usually wouldn't give this top a second look, but Kaela's generous curves form it into a gorgeous shape. She actually looks plus-size, and also stunning.

The Sweet Pea label makes most of Nordstrom's cutest junior-plus tops, and Kaela's sensual voluptuousness makes this item especially eye-catching.

Another Sweet Pea top is also feminine and pretty. It's a pleasure to see so many sleeveless styles on offer.

Another take on the Michael Kors metallic-looking sequin top, again with a scoop neckline that looks like it was tailor-made for Kaela's body.

This top provides another example of an item that I would have ignored if it wasn't on Kaela. If you click the link below, you'll find it in another colour on a smaller model. By clicking between the two colours, you can compare the image of Kaela with that of the other model, and you can see how empty it looks on the other model's inadequate figure, compared to how Kaela's luscious curves give it shape.

Nordstrom obviously wanted Kaela to adopt standard poses and expressions for these photos, instead of the high-temperature allure of her tests, but she still injected inspired little touches of creativity, like turning her body just a bit to the side to accentuate her buxom contours.

Kaela also has attractive, rounded arms, which makes it all the better that Nordstrom offers so many sleeveless styles.

This dress is a bit formless, but I like the abbreviated length, which shows off the model's shapely legs.

Finally, even in a more professional look, Kaela's generous proportions create the impression of a full, womanly shape, making the outfit much more appealing than if it were on a meagre faux-plus model.

The Nordstrom site features several more items featuring Kaela. She's talented, pretty, and has a fine figure - which I very much hope she keeps or augments, and never diminishes. I look forward to seeing more of her work.
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Old 24th August 2011   #3
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries

Kaela is stunning. She models several other items on the Nordstrom site, such as this dress, which is lovingly designed for a goddess with a full bust. No model with a less richly voluptuous figure could do justice to this dress. Kaela's luscious, buxom curves make the dress look fantastic.

The wide-open scoop neckline of this top is its best feature. True plus-size beauties like Kaela look terrific in tops with such a neckline, as it shows off a heady expanse of skin. Since well-fed models don't have grotesquely jutting collarbones but clavicles that are submerged in fullness, this area is beautiful and worth showing off. It's a tasteful way to show some skin.

Kaela also looks pretty in this top, with its lively colour.

Kaela fans will also enjoy reading this brief article about the model. It appears in a local Minneapolis magazine (Kaela being a resident of the Twin Cities):

She comes across as very nice and likable. I don't know how much modelling there is in Minneapolis, though, so unless her agency can regularly and consistently get her direct bookings, I hope she considers moving to L.A. for the sake of her modelling career. She's gorgeous, visibly curvy, and deserves a great career as a plus-size model.
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Old 3rd September 2011   #4
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries

I found another image of Kaela at Nordstrom, looking attractively buxom in a body-hugging dress.

The real find, though, is the following photo from earlier this week, showing Kaela alongside her famous sister-in-law, Kim Kardashian, at a public event. I think this is the first picture I've come across with just the two of them together like this. It provides a wonderful contrast between plus-size beauty and Hollywood's idea of "curvy." Don't get me wrong - Kim is an attractive woman, though extremely slim. But Kaela completely outshines her in beauty. Kaela looks so soft and opulently glamorous by comparison, so richly voluptuous, that she is a goddess. Her figure is to die for.


If no one know who either girl was and saw this photo of two unknown women, they would think that Kaela, as the more beautiful of the two, were the dazzling supermodel/celebrity, and Kim a pretty but less extravagantly gorgeous friend.

Full-figured beauty for the win.
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Old 6th September 2011   #5
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries

I don't know if anyone here watched the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians the other day, but the highlight of the episode, titled "The Proposal," was an appearance by Kaela herself.

She appears at 0:11 in the video, looking completely stunning, has a great laughing shot at 0:38, reappears at 0:52 and 1:11, and then has an extended sequence driving in the car with her brother at 2:13 and following. Near the end of the video, she even sings!

Here's her portion of the episode (click the arrow, bottom-left, to play the video):

The video shows how gorgeous Kaela is, but it also offers a wonderful, possible insight into Kaela's upbringing. At one point, her brother says to her,

Kael, eat up, or I'm going to pick up that piece of chicken and bite it.

It's the kind of encouragement to enjoy a good meal that one hears in traditional, close-knit families. It suggests that Kaela grew up in a positive environment, free of any pressure to starve, which may be why she is so confident in her curves.

Many of the top plus-size models grew up with this kind of pro-curvy background and supportive family structure, and it's wonderful to think that Kaela might have as well. Hopefully, this will enable her to avoid Hollywood's size-0 brainwashing and remain gorgeously full-figured.
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Old 11th September 2011   #6
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries

I'm not usually a celebrity watcher, but Kaela is gorgeous and curvy, so I looked around through some Kardashian gossip to find pictures of her. It turns out that she was one of the bridesmaids at Kim Kardashian's recent wedding.

Here's a helicopter paparazzi photograph of Kaela at the ceremony. She looks stunning in her gown, which flaunts her voluptuous curves and shows off her soft shoulders and full arms.

The usual rule about bridesmaids not wearing white is so that they don't upstage the bride, and while Kim Kardashian is attractive, no one can compare to a plus-size model, so Kaela completely steals the show in this official portrait of the wedding party.

What helps make Kaela's triumph complete is the fact that the style of dress chosen for this wedding (strapless and sleeveless) is the ideal design for full-figured goddesses. The cut at the bust is daringly low, exhibiting the opulent richness of Kaela's buxom beauty. The design also hugs her womanly hips and exhibits her full, luscious arms.

After seeing these photos, I hope that Kaela gets to model bridal fashions someday. She clearly has the perfect figure for bridal gowns. Let's just hope that she never gets brainwashed into diminishing herself, but stays a true plus-size beauty.
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries

It's an odd situation. On the one hand, celebrity culture in general is a blight on society and is part of the reason for widespread curve-o-phobia. But on the other hand, it's wonderful to have a photogenic plus-size model as part of that celebrity world.

Here's another photo of Kaela, far right, in the Kardashian bridal party. Her curvy figure is the most gorgeous of all of the bridesmaids' by far, and she fills out her gown much more attractively than the rest do.

A paparazzi photo shows Kaela at the left in the wedding procession, just behind the famous bride. It's not a very clear photo, but the model's curvaceous physique is evident.

Such a beauty.
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