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Old 8th August 2011   #1
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Default City Chic: ''Snake Charmer''

A couple of weeks ago, in addition to its fascinating recent promotions such as "Animal Instincts" and "Madame Butterfly," City Chic also released a very exotic campaign called "Snake Charmer." The graphic that appeared on the site's cover page was one of the most artistic that I've ever seen from a plus-size fashion label. The incorporation of hieroglyphics was truly inspired, and established the ancient mood of this visual. Also, the image of size-16 model Courtney, which daringly showcased her full thighs, was very sensual.

Here's the graphic at a reduced size:

The full-size version:

I don't know how I missed it at the time, but the campaign also came with an equally exotic video. This is a must-see, with Courtney looking very mysterious and seductive. The video featuring many size-positive details, like the sight of golden strands of fabric pressing into the soft flesh of her legs. It's very cinematic, as all of the City Chic videos.

City Chic features the whole collection here:
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Old 9th August 2011   #2
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Default Re: City Chic: ''Snake Charmer''

This may seem a bit off the wall, but I think this gorgeous campaign is actually a nod by City Chic to Indiana Jones, because whenever I see "snakes" and "Egyptian hieroglyphics" associated in the same image, I can't help but think of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In fact, doesn't this screen cap from Raiders look like it provided the model for the City Chic graphic, with the snake slithering along a sandstone wall engraved with hieroglyphs?

In case you've forgotten the context in which it appears, it shows up during the scene in which the French archeologist and his team catch Indiana trying to abscond with the Ark of the Covenant.

They throw his erstwhile girlfriend, Marion, into the tomb with him and seal it up, forcing the pair to contend with the resident snake population. ("Why did it have to be snakes?")

Just as their torches are going out, they espy snakes coming in through holes in the hieroglyph-bedecked walls.

The pair crashes through the wall in dramatic fashion, only to find themselves in a charnel house filled with mummies.

In a surreal scene, Marion engages in a kind of danse macabre as she is surrounded by the straight-size models (er, I mean, cadavers).

This, for me, has always been the most memorable image of the film.

When comparing the screen capture to the City Chic graphic, I definitely see the association. If not deliberate, at least it must have been a subconscious influence on the City Chic team, because Raiders has become part of our collective memory.

Gorgeous campaign and a stunning video. Both Courtney and Sakina (who appears in the catalogue pictures) look luscious and beautiful.
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Old 3rd September 2011   #3
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Default Re: City Chic: ''Snake Charmer''

I realize that this is terribly off-topic, but since the subject of Raiders of the Lost Ark came up, I thought I'd mention that Lucasfilm has organized a major touring exhibition called Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology.

The reason why this is at least obliquely pertinent to the forum is because the exhibition mixes props from the various Indiana Jones films with an extensive display of genuine archaeological items and offers a real focus on archaeology as a discipline.

Knowing the veneration that this forum has for museum-keeping and cultural heritage, I figured that a project like this, which uses popular culture as a "hook" to lure in the general public and increase their awareness and reverence for history, would meet with everyone's approval.

In fact, in an article about the exhibition, the creators openly acknowledge their intent to spread cultural knowledge:

NC: In watching the movies, you always wonder how much of it is like real archaeology, how many of the objects in the the movies are based on real artifacts.

FH: The really cool thing about getting to know the whole Indy brand is the real, genuine interest that George Lucas and the whole operation had in being inspired by real archaeology to create the Indiana Jones films

KB: We kind of address that question point-on in the exhibition. We give the visitor the ability to go into depth about the real-world archaeology behind some of those fun adventures in the films.

GAM: One of the main ideas was to have an exhibition that would have real artifacts . We might be coming across visitors [making] their first contact with real archaeological objects, so doing an exhibition about archaeology, this was a really important part of the concept for the exhibition.

This is very similar to how plus-size models can awaken in the general public an awareness of the aesthetics of the past, of the historic Western beauty ideal, of the legacy of European art and literature, as viewed through the prism of plus-size beauty.

The Indiana Jones exhibition is running until September 18, 2011 at the Montreal Science Centre.
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