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Default Kelsey, Lady Hamilton

[NOTE: We originally composed this essay on August 4th. However, Sydney's Closet requested that we hold off posting it until the collection debuted at the Atlanta Prom Market on August 18th. Today, then, we are pleased to begin our discussion of the exciting new Sydney's Closet campaign.]

At long last, Bibi Photography, the studio that created the new Sydney's Closet promotion featuring Kelsey Olson, Yanderis Lodos, and Caralyn Mirand, has released a host of images from the shoot, and the results are even more breathtaking than we anticipated.

In fact, the bounty from this session is so rich and extensive that we feel compelled to break it up into separate posts. In this thread we will discuss the work of the campaign's blonde model, while in a subsequent post we will spotlight the artistry of her brunette peers.

The loveliest photograph of the entire campaign is surely this image of Kelsey in a dress of the most delicate baby blue. Never has she seemed more angelic. With the way in which the gown gently billows to the side, and with the heavenly colour of the fabric, Kelsey almost seems to be floating in the air, the azure gown and her aureate tresses complementing one another like the golden sun against a clear blue sky.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows the graceful arrangement of her limbs. Her expression is as soft as the babylike hue of her dress. With her eyes open wide and her arms extended in this fashion, she seems to have awoken at the dawn of day and is stretching to greet the auroral sky. Her fair skin seems to be bathed in gentle morning light, as if the sun were rising expressly to look upon her beauty. Her physique is soft and full, exhibiting an attractively size-positive feature in the sensual overspill of fullness at the bust. Each image in this shoot is marvellously natural, unmarred by any trace of unnecessary airbrushing.

Click to enlarge

Another view of Miss Olson in this gentle-blue gown shows her languidly caressing her golden hair, her China-blue eyes open wide, gazing into the distance--lost in reverie. The ruching at the bust makes this a stunningly attractive gown on a voluptuous model, with the bustier sensually embracing the wearer's buxom curves and displaying a heady expanse of her bare person at the neck and shoulder area. Her fingers display a hint of dimpling at the knuckles.

Click to enlarge

If the former images are the most beautiful in the campaign (thanks to the delicate softness of the gown and how it complements the model's fair complexion, and how Kelsey appears to be floating in the heavens, dressed as she is in sky-blue raiment), then the following photograph is the most artistic. This is the first time that we have seen Kelsey, or any present-day plus-size model, adopt this graceful pose, which creates movement in the dress and creates an illusion of balletic lightness, even as the model's fleshy physique reassures the viewer with its luscious presentation of well-fed fullness.

Click to enlarge

We specified that this pose is a first for any present-day plus-size model, for attentive readers will immediately recognize its historical precedent: a contemporary drawing of the celebrated "Attitudes" of one of the most beautiful women in history, and arguably history's first plus-size model, Emma, Lady Hamilton.

Rehberg, ''Emma, Lady Hamilton, in a classical pose, dancing and poised on her right foot,'' 1794

Emma's "Attitudes" were described as

a series of theatrical mimes and poses in which she represented various figures from classical literature, myth and history . . . While performing her 'attitudes', Emma created a living gallery of statues and paintings.

Lady Hamilton almost single-handedly made the Classically inspired, empire-waist dress the preferred choice of attire for fashionable ladies in the early 18th century, so it is extremely appropriate that she should be Miss Olson's reference point in modelling these present-day empire-waist styles.

Furthermore, note the following passage from the Alexandre Dumas novel The Lovely Lady Hamilton (1863-62), which describes an "Attitude" performance by Emma:

Faithful to her traditions of liberty and art, Lady Hamilton wore an attire which, though novel, was to be adopted by all the beauties. A long tunic of blue cashmere fell in those folds only seen in antique statuary; floating over her shoulders in long wavy tresses, her hair threw off the reflections of melting gold . . . Her arms were bare from the shoulder to the finger-tips.

Consider how perfectly this text applies to Kelsey's image as well as to Lady Hamilton's, right down to the colour of the gown, as if Dumas had been describing Miss Olson herself, a century and a half before she was born. And note the close, conscious similarly in poses, in how the leg lifts behind the model, as if it were being swept away in the breeze with the fabric of her gown. Observe too how Kelsey's "alighting" pose forms her dress into exactly the same shape as that of Lady Hamilton.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows the soft fullness of the model's body sensually escaping its confinement in the dress. Note too the luxuriant detail of the flesh at the model's arm. Like that of a true goddess, Miss Olson's physique is gorgeously untoned, formed into perfect contours through the natural shaping inclinations of the feminine figure. The fairness of her skin gives her an even softer, more irresistibly vulnerable look, creating the impression that Rubens generates in his depictions of Helena Fourment--that the skin would depress with pillow-like ease to the touch.

Click to enlarge

A second image of Kelsey in this dress associates her with another celebrated beauty of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and one of the few women whose beauty could be mentioned in the same breath as that of Lady Hamilton--the legendary Queen Luise of Prussia, who died of a broken heart when the Prussian homeland was raped by Napoleon, and who entreated the French tyrant for mercy, only to be rebuffed. But in her grace and dignity, Queen Luise became a symbol of ideal femininity, with later kings of Prussia avenging themselves on the French in part as a tribute to her memory, thus redeeming her sacrifice. In her portraits, she is often depicted with her curled tresses tied back via magnificent golden tiaras and headbands.

Kelsey's headband mimics the effect of a tiara in encompassing and gathering her blonde locks. The lone, stray tendrils of golden hair framing her face echo how Queen Luise's curls would tumble alongside her plump cheeks.

Click to enlarge

Observe too the manner in which Kelsey's blue shawl covers her neck and flows behind her. This recalls another famous image of Queen Luise (below), one so celebrated as to have been reproduced in ivory lockets and porcelain ware, in which the queen's blue scarf partially covers her neck and flows behind her. Kelsey's shawl, in the above image, creates the same effect, minus the windblown drama. The light-blue fabric perfectly sets off her peaches-and-cream complexion.

One of the qualities that makes Miss Olson such an accomplished model is her chameleon-like versatility. In this Sydney's Closet shoot, she recalls many great beauties of the past and the present. Whereas the previous images underscore Kesley's similarity to two of the most renowned goddesses of the Romantic era, the following images highlight Miss Olson's likeness to one of the world's most beautiful living actresses, and a rare example of a starlet who is at least slightly curvaceous, Sophia Myles (famous for having played Isolde in the film adaptation of the German tale of Tristan & Isolde). This is hardly surprising, as Sophia, like Kelsey, has as part of her ethnic heritage a link to the Germans who, at the behest of Catherine the Great, settled in Russia in the 18th century.

Click to enlarge

Once again, the light-blue fabric of the dress perfectly sets off Kelsey's snowy-white complexion. The soft fullness near the bust area demonstrates the sensually untoned characteristics of her soft figure. Her pose is relaxed and carefree, exuding the effortless confidence of a goddess who is at ease with her fleshy physique.

Click to enlarge

Miss Olson recalls yet another fair-haired beauty in the following images, a young actress to whom Kelsey was compared in her Torrid campaigns (when the actress in question was far more attractively curvaceous than she is today), the enchanting Hilary Duff. This is the most deliciously girlish of all of the Sydney's Closet gowns, thanks to the pastel rainbow of pinks and blues and yellows, not to mention the most adorable touch of all: the pink gloves (which Kelsey deftly highlights with her coy hand gesture). The pose, however, is deliberately alluring, boldly showcasing the model's plump décolletage, which the gown so attractively displays. Far from innocent, this beauty only looks like an angel, but she is clearly an incorrigible flirt who excitingly uses her lavish charms to get whatever she wants.

Click to enlarge

This is the type of colourful, baby-hued dress that little girls dream about, and Kelsey herself looks irresistibly youthful in this image, veritably resembling a candy confection (or creating the impression of a delightfully spoiled young girl who has lavishly indulged herself with "cake" and "creams and ices," as Charlotte Brontë describes her seductively selfish blonde vixens).

Click to enlarge

Kelsey's work for Sydney's Closet can be divided into two distinct categories: a lighter-than-air daytime series, and an ultra-glamorous nighttime set. The next two images show a look that links the two modes. In this joyful image, the baby-blue mask and the pink feather recall the pastel shades of the previous gowns, while the dress itself ventures into darker-hued territory. The black gloves (contrasting richly with the delicate pink gloves seen above) set a more elegant, evening context for the outfit, yet Miss Olson's expression remains sunny and radiant. Her body looks attractively full-figured in this image, her arms soft and seductively untoned. Even her neck appears sensually full, with the exquisite pearl necklace barely encompassing it. She creates the persona of a princess halfway between girlhood and womanhood, just venturing into elegant society, yet still possessing the ebullience of youth.

Click to enlarge

In the second image, Kelsey consciously shifts into a different mood, as if she had planned out a whole symphony of looks and expressions for the entire shoot, with this image being the bridge between the allegro and andante movements. She gazes downward in the ever-graceful "modest" pose that was popularized by Barbara Brickner, but given a unique grace by Kelsey, owing to the irresistibly needy and vulnerable qualities that she exudes. The dress is fitted enough that it suggests the lavish fullness of the model's physique, particularly the seductive swell at her middle. The ornate jewellery perfectly complements her rich, luxurious beauty, creating an overall impression of opulence.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Now we enter the more dramatic world of the darker-hued gowns. Though Kelsey is known for her angelic, innocent expressions and soft, delicate looks, observe how effectively she transitions into a seductive vixen in these images, consciously drawing on more sinful passions to showcase the mysterious allure of these adumbral outfits.

The first image is particularly bewitching. Kelsey narrows her blue eyes to generate a more carnal look. The one-shoulder style achieves the enticing frisson that a temptress generates when she coyly allows one strap of her gown to slip off her shoulder. The plunging neckline bares Miss Olson's generous décolletage and showcases a heady expanse of flesh, unbroken by any trace of a visible clavicle. Her arm gesture is sensually languid, her expression seductively appetitive.

Click to enlarge

This arm arrangement draws attention to the womanliness of the model's hips and enacts the viewer's subconscious wish for similar tactile engagement. The dark fabric of the gown vividly sets off Kelsey's fair skin, a complexion that now recalls the sinful allure of fin de siècle art, thanks to the model's passionate expression, which exudes an insatiable hunger and yearning.

Click to enlarge

Once again, Kelsey channels Hilary Duff in the following image, but references the actress's poutier expressions, her "entitled princess" demeanour, which may be an even more captivating persona than her sweet and sugary side. Not only does this pose boldly highlight the model's voluptuousness, but observe how effectively it suggests the alluringly untoned quality of the model's physique. This natural, feminine softness is as integral to the timeless beauty of Kelsey Olson as are her size-16 proportions. She appears never to have been subjected to a single minute of gym-torture in her life, instead having lived a pampered existence of ease and pleasure. The gown, nearly strapless, seductively exhibits the model's buxom contours, the effect being all the more dramatic because of Kelsey's fair skin tone, which lends her a vulnerable quality, for all of her vixenish allure.

Click to enlarge

Miss Olson's Queen Grace campaign has forever linked her with the aristocrat of hues, royal purple, which she wears in her most glamorous night-themed Sydney's Closet photographs. She appears particularly regal in the following image. The low cut of the neckline adds considerable allure to the overall effect, as does the fact that the model appears to be consciously wearing the dress low on her person, allowing a swell of soft fullness to appear above the neckline. The conjunction of two qualities--the generous proportions of Kelsey's physique and the noble vanity that she exudes--makes these images a subversive presentation of plus-size beauty, for the model appears to base her self-adoration precisely on her well-fed fullness, as if her sumptuous size were the essence of beauty itself.

Click to enlarge

To break the pattern, Kelsey offers a happier image in the midst of this shadowy series, like a single candle glowing in a velvety black room. This pose rejoices in the size-16 substance of her physique, in her sheer, unconstrained physicality. Even her white gloves fit snugly around her forearms, defining soft swells of flesh.

Click to enlarge

Although the next dress is veritably an explosion of colour, Kelsey still makes of it a night piece, situating it within her evening-gown series. This is a singularly effective decision on the model's part, for the dress possesses more than enough liveliness on its own. What it wants is elegance, which is precisely what Kelsey gives it, through her mature, sophisticated expression. (Modelling in harmony with an outfit is a crucial technique for a model to learn, but the greatest models also know when to enhance an item through the qualities that they evoke in their poses.)

Click to enlarge

Take note of a singularly size-positive detail in the following image: the trace of dimpled flesh at the model's arm. Such skin texture, far from being a "flaw," is in fact an attractive characteristic of natural feminine beauty, and we commend Sydney's Closet for not obscuring it with any unwanted airbrushing.

Click to enlarge

Fans generally prefer Miss Olson with her hair long and loose, or arranged in a voluminous updo--anything that showcases its voluptuous volume. However, wearing this hair arrangement, Kelsey finds other ways to generate interest, such as framing her face by delicately touching her neck with her velvet-gloved hand, thus drawing attention to the appealing roundness of her facial features. The lidded-eyed look creates an aristocratic persona, but also accomplishes a modelling effect by exhibiting the skilful makeup artistry (the glamorous eyeshadow). Observe the pro-curvy cut of the dress, which, like so many of the items in this Sydney's Closet collection, generously showcases the model's buxom fullness as well as a dizzying expanse of her bare person from the neck and shoulders on down. The print of the dress is a tropical pattern, and the V ruching at the bodice suggests the colourful wings of a Bird of Paradise, or a hothouse flower opening to disclose its full beauty.

Click to enlarge

Kelsey's final look finds her in a vintage-style black lace dress with a white underlay, and for this gown, she adopts what is perhaps her signature expression and her most feminine demenaour: vulnerable and needy, urgently in need of protection. Just as the dress mixes black and white, so her persona conjoins angelic innocence with a certain sophistication. Her golden tresses flow freely, but to add the irresistible coup de grace, she twines one stray tress around her fingers.

Click to enlarge

Her skin appears lit from within, and the attractively low neckline showcases a lavish expanse of that dazzling fairness. In this image, she adopts a particularly sculptural pose and seems ready for her curves to be immortalized in marble, even as her complexion blends pillowy softness with the pearly gleam of porcelain.

Click to enlarge

As if captivated by the visual contrast between downy, blonde, Nordic beauty and the darker Mediterranean look, Sydney's Closet shot a fascinating pair of doubles, with Kelsey and Yanderis showcasing the complementary nature of their respective manners of beauty. Yet the most fetching aspect of the image is Kelsey's expression, which communicates how delighted with herself she is, how irresistible she knows her well-fed femininity makes her.

Click to enlarge

Miss Lodos, on the other hand, exhibits fullness in her face, with her cheekbones softened by the attractive weight in her facial features, and has a luxuriousness about the central portion of her figure. These doubles provide an ideal springboard for our next thread, in which we will highlight the gorgeous images that Yanderis and Caralyn generated for Sydney's Closet.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Prom campaigns yield perhaps the most beautiful images that plus-size models ever create, as the innate femininity of prom fashions are tailor-made to highlight the charms of the generously proportioned female figure. Prom gowns have all of the innate beauty of bridal wear, yet in their colourfulness they seem more irrepressibly youthful, and therefore even prettier.

No flat-chested, androgynous cadaver could ever showcase these décolletage-baring gowns as effectively as does Kelsey. She plays every note in the scale of femininity, from girlish innocence to coy flirtatiousness to vixenish allure. She perfectly embodies the Classical ideal, and in her graceful poses she recalls the most legendary beauties of the past, whom she so closely resembles, and whose traditional feminine attire these gowns evoke.

The result is a prom campaign that revives timeless femininity for the modern age. Every young plus-size princess who wears one of these dresses at her formal will surely become the belle of the ball, and will take pride in resembling some of the most gorgeous women in history--from Lady Hamilton to Queen Luise of Prussia to Kelsey Olson herself.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Sydney's Closet

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Default Re: Kelsey, Lady Hamilton

Kelsey's beauty is something out of a dream. This is one of the loveliest, most poetic campaigns she has ever shot. I've always adored her prom and bridal work, but these images reach a whole new level of artistry.

The past-and-present comparison fascinates me. I love Kelsey's homage to Emma because it's not a mere pastiche or imitation, but a real evocation of the spirit of Lady Hamilton, translated into Kelsey's own personal aesthetic. It brings the past to life in an image that pays tribute to Emma but is immediately recognizable as a Kelsey Olson masterpiece.

Originally Posted by HSG
Consider how perfectly this text applies to Kelsey's image as well as to Lady Hamilton's, right down to the colour of the gown, as if Dumas had been describing Miss Olson herself, a century and a half before she was born. And note the close, conscious similarly in poses, in how the leg lifts behind the model, as if it were being swept away in the breeze with the fabric of her gown. Observe too how Kelsey's "alighting" pose forms her dress into exactly the same shape as that of Lady Hamilton.

Click to enlarge

Both the Lady Hamilton sketch and Kelsey's photograph reconcile two divergent qualities. Kelsey's pose is light and graceful, effortless, like the step of a ballerina. Yet there is no attempt to distort Kelsey into a lesser shape. Rather, like Emma in the sketch, Kelsey has a visibly full-bodied beauty. She shows sensual weight and flesh in her figure, yet she has a floating step. it's an amazing blend of effects -- sensual fullness and airiness -- and utterly, breathtakingly beautiful.

If Kelsey had lived in Lady Hamilton's time, she would have surely been revered as an icon of beauty, just as Emma was.
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Default Re: Kelsey, Lady Hamilton

As I mentioned in the companion thread about Yanderis and Caralyn's work for Sydney's Closet, the company now has a preview page showing several items from its brand-new line:

Kelsey has the most stunning photograph in the set, of course -- this heart-stopping picture in purple. The image acknowledges the sensual fullness of her waist, and her hair is thick and golden.

She really is a dream of beauty. I adore her wounded, vulnerable expressions, and this is one of her finest. The hairstyle is rich and luxurious, which goes with the opulent jewellery.

I prefer the dress in purple rather than black, but Kelsey also makes the black version look splendid.

Her reverse-view pose is seductively curve-accentuating, and her profile shows a touch of fullness in her face, while her smile is warm and endearing.

Extraordinary artistry from this living goddess. Kelsey and Sydney's Closet are a match made in heaven.
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Default Re: Kelsey, Lady Hamilton

Originally Posted by HSG
With the way in which the gown gently billows to the side, and with the heavenly colour of the fabric, Kelsey almost seems to be floating in the air, the azure gown and her aureate tresses complementing one another like the golden sun against a clear blue sky.

With her eyes open wide and her arms extended in this fashion, she seems to have awoken at the dawn of day and is stretching to greet the auroral sky. Her fair skin seems to be bathed in gentle morning light, as if the sun were rising expressly to look upon her beauty.

Click to enlarge

I never realized how much this image impressed itself on my mind until the other day, when I was driving along the highway in the early hours of the morning. The sky was mostly clear, with just a few light clouds, and then the sunrise began. I saw the disc of the newly risen sun shining like molten gold against the pale blue sky - so beautiful - and I knew that it reminded me of something that I'd seen very recently. Then I realized that it was this very picture that I had in mind. Kelsey's golden tresses and this sky-blue dress evoke that sunrise more perfectly than I can tell.

Although she is standing in place, she seems to be soaring among the heavens - an angel if ever there was one. The image makes you catch your breath when you look at it. Transcendently beautiful.
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Default Re: Kelsey, Lady Hamilton

Originally Posted by Meredith
I saw the disc of the newly risen sun shining like molten gold against the pale blue sky - so beautiful - and it was this very picture that I had in mind. Kelsey's golden tresses and this sky-blue dress evoke that sunrise more perfectly than I can tell.

To take that visual sunrise idea even further, one could set the picture of Kelsey in the heavenly blue dress alongside this new photo at Sydney's Closet showing the model in a gown that really does resemble "molten gold."

It's as if Kelsey is clothed in the sun.

This is one of the most beautiful images in the entire campaign, not only for the gorgeous dress and Kelsey's radiant fairness, but also for its size-positive touches, like the sensual overspill of fullness at the bust and the alluring swell at the model's waist, which the dress gently defines.

The item page also offers a back view that is every bit as beautiful. Her arms look gorgeously soft and rounded.

Kelsey calls this an "Athena" dress, after the Greek goddess of civilization.

The Sydney's Closet 'blog also offers a little preview picture of the 2012 collection,

while the company's Facebook page shows that Sydney's Closet used the triptych of Kelsey, Caralyn, and Yanderis- which showed up on this form a few weeks ago (thanks to Caralyn) as a preview of the campaign- as a poster at the recent Atlanta Prom 2012 Show.

Sydney's Closet states:

Buyers in Atlanta loved the glam models featured on the posters in our showroom window! We had several pose for pictures to post to their Facebook accounts

I'm sure they did! It's a guarantee that no other company at this worldwide Atlanta prom show had any advertising that could come close to the beauty of these three goddesses on display. This poster surely made Sydney's Closet the star label of the show.
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Default Re: Kelsey, Lady Hamilton

Sydney's Closet has now added a new gown from its 2012 collection to its exciting "preview" section, and this dress shows Kelsey in royal purple, so fitting for her princess-like identity.

The gown is called "Beautiful Dreamer," but really, it's Kelsey herself who is a dream of beauty. Her complexion is so fair, her figure so soft.

The dress - and Kelsey herself - both look just as beautiful from the reverse view as from the front. I love her sweet, wide-eyed expression in this image, so gentle and innocent. Gorgeous earring too.

The dress description reads:

Look elegant in this plus size satin one-shoulder formal dress. The soft bow and rosette motif on the strap and the ruched bodice add style to the empire waist and flowing A-line skirt. Matching shawl included.

The bows and ruching are adorable touches, but really, everything looks fantastic on Kelsey.

This campaign is one of the loveliest I've ever seen.
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Default Re: Kelsey, Lady Hamilton

I'm delighted to see new images of Miss Olson at Sydney's Closet, especially this dramatic picture of Kelsey in a black dress that flutters in the breeze. I don't think I've ever seen a campaign where the dresses were so attractively displayed via movement. It's not just the wind that propels the dress and makes it so lovely, but also Kelsey's graceful arm-and-leg gestures. So many of the poses in this campaign are balletic, recalling the elegant motions of dancers. This is an ideal example of a goddess photo, one of those perfect pictures in which full-figured models seem more gorgeous than humanly possible.

Equally lovely from the reverse view.

The close-ups show the youthful prettiness of Kelsey's facial features, the soft fleshiness of her physique, and her fair complexion. She truly is the epitome of timeless beauty, a fairy-tale princess taken straight out of humanity's collective imagination.

The dress is called "Glitzy Glitter," and is described thus:

Look fabulous in this iridescent chiffon plus size cocktail dress. The strapless criss-cross bodice is adorned with bands of beading and sequins, and the full knee-length skirt flows gracefully as you move. Matching shawl and optional straps included.
Product page:

The lace gown that appeared earlier in this thread now also has a product page and is described as follows:

This plus size satin and lace strapless sheath is perfect for any dressy occasion. The slim knee-length skirt flatters your curves. Matching shawl and optional straps included.
It looks fantastic on Kelsey's voluptuous figure.

Dramatic expression from Kelsey, one in which she exhibits her big, blue doll's eyes. Captivating.

Only a legitimately well-fed physique, one with voluptuous curves, like Miss Olson's, can do justice to these these strapless, sleeveless Sydney's Closet designs.
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