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Default Yanderis, Caralyn for Sydney's Closet

In our previous post about the 2012 collection from Sydney's Closet, we celebrated Kelsey Olson's stunning work in this campaign. In the present thread, we will turn to the artistry of her brunette peers, Yanderis Lodos and Caralyn Mirand.

Yanderis opens the discussion in a black, one-shoulder dress for which she exudes dark allure. The gown discloses a heady expanse of soft fullness, achieving the tantalizing visual effect that a vixen creates when she coyly allows one strap to slip off of her shoulder. The way in which she plunges her hands into her hair is powerfully sensual, for when a goddess poses in such a manner she dramatizes the action that the viewer subconsciously wishes to perform. Observe how Yanderis deftly offers two different methods of engagement: with one hand she tenderly caresses her hair, while with the other hand she passionately clutches her tresses. Viewers will respond to either emotion, depending on their inclinations.

Click to enlarge

The following full-length pose is Yanderis's finest image of the campaign, one that boldly celebrates her womanly figure. The gown--the same one-shoulder style seen in the previous photograph--lovingly embraces her generous hips, accentuating her womanliness. The model thrusts her hands into her hair, as if in ecstasy over her own gorgeousness--and there is nothing in this world more alluring than a well-fed goddess who is in love with her own beauty. The model's shapely arms appear full and rounded, exhibiting an attractive crease of flesh above the shoulder.

Click to enlarge

For many of these elegant gowns, the accessories are central to their appeal. In the previous images, the black gloves created an impression of dark seductiveness, while in the following image, it is the black shawl at the neck that generates chic, sophisticated allure. The model's demeanour is less overtly carnal in this dress than it was for the previous item, more softly sensual. Her graceful pose creates a sense of movement (aided by the breeze, which buffets her tresses). The sweetheart neckline is intoxicatingly sexy, especially as the soft fullness of her figure strives to escape its confines. The band at the waist draws attention to this portion of her figure, suggesting the richness of her midsection. The colour of the fabric is one of the most beautiful dark hues we have ever seen, a deep purple that is truly royal. This is certainly the most opulent of the Sydney's Closet styles, the one most fit for a queen, and the delicious vanity that Yanderis exhibits in his pose is the perfect demeanour to show it off.

Click to enlarge

From the darkest purple we turn to the fairest lavender, a gentler shade for which the model fittingly adopts a softer demeanour. Her updo retains sufficient volume to create a voluptuous effect. The sidelong gaze is always captivating, as the viewer cannot help but be drawn in, wondering what might have caught the model's attention, or what she might have been thinking or feeling--especially given the undercurrent of desire in her expression, the revelation of a touch of appetitive greed. The neck-and-shoulder area exhibits rich fullness, and Miss Lodos retains a babylike touch of weight in her face, which makes her both seductive and adorable.

Click to enlarge

The following image is certainly Yanderis's most exuberant pose, and nothing could be more appropriate for this design, which, in its explosion of colour, is equally theatrical. The model's movement impels the gown to open up like a flower, while the fingers of her raised hand deftly echo the blossoming motion of the hem of the dress. Just as the fabric is alight with fiery hues, so does the model's pose testify to her hot-blooded personality, her blazing passions, which cannot be kept in check.

Click to enlarge

Naturally, after such a dramatic outburst, one must bank down the fire and let it smoulder--and smoulder it does in the next image, burning with a low heat in Yanderis's dark eyes, like the embers in a hearth. She strokes her hair gently but deliberately, in a manner designed to subconsciously fulfill the viewer's own desire for tactile engagement. The sensual fleshiness which submerges her clavicle, and the sumptuous weight in her face, give her an alluringly fed look, which harmonizes with the richness of her gown--an elegant, Victorian design in its black hue and lacy details.

Click to enlarge

It is always fascinating to see how the most accomplished models tailor their expressions to suit the items that they present. For this lighter-coloured seafoam green, Yanderis adopts a serene expression, a dreamier gaze of reverie. Her figure is the finest accessory for the gown, with the way in which her soft flesh sensually overflows the lip of the dress. Her face exhibits the attractive fullness of a Victorian doll.

Click to enlarge

Observe the subtle variation of expression in the following image. Yanderis still looks serene, but her gaze is not as subdued as it was in the previous photograph. Rather, in this case, the emotion is more urgent, more romantic, as if she were gazing out to sea. This heightened intensity is underscored by the way in which she digs her fingers into her shawl. The natural texture of her skin is highly attractive, earning Sydney's Closet great praise for avoiding any unnecessary airbrushing. The "measured messiness" of the updo energizes the model's elegance with a touch of wildness.

Click to enlarge

The drama in the next dress derives from the enchanting ruffles that embellish the skirt area, as well as its vibrant fuchsia colour. Yanderis clearly recognizes that such a lively gown needs no exaggeration from her, so she wisely adopts a simple, classic pose, very natural yet effective, allowing the vividness of the design to catch the viewer's eye. The body-conscious fit at the model's waist and hips, a close fit that plays off against the frothy fullness of the skirt, is an attractive aspect of the style (so long as the wearer has a rich, shapely figure rather than a skeletal frame).

Click to enlarge

The following ivory design exhibits an attractive cut, particularly at the bust, as well as a lovely floral fabric ornament just underneath. The colour not being as striking as the fuchsia, above, Yanderis invigorates the gown with another eye-catching movement that allows the dress to open up like a blossom. Note, however, that unlike the wilder pose for the fiery orange-and-purple dress, above, Yanderis's hand movements are more delicate, almost balletic, in keeping with the ethereal qualities of this colour and fabric.

Click to enlarge

A final black gown provides an opportunity for an intimate and revealing headshot of the model. She appears noble and elegant, deep in thought--an inward-looking gaze that befits the aristocratic sophistication of the gown, the hairstyle, and even the bejewelled earring. One could image this as the portrait of a princess in the House of Borbón (the royal family of Spain).

Click to enlarge

Yanderis's final look is another outfit in an exotic mixture of colours--purples, pinks, and blues, together forming a quasi-animal-print pattern. Notice how many of the Sydney's Closet gowns consist of strapless, sleeveless cuts (the ideal design for plus-size goddesses). Yanderis appropriately goes into all-out figure-flaunting mode, showcasing her alluring voluptuousness, flipping her magnificent tresses, and flashing the viewer a look of flirtatious seductiveness. The sheer delight that she takes in her own physical being is irresistible.

Click to enlarge

* * *

To see more of Caralyn Mirand's final images for Sydney's Closet, fans will have to wait until the company officially releases the collection on its Web site. For now, however, Bibi Photography offers a glimpse of this young beauty in an enchanting white gown. The sweetheart bustline--the style of the season, and sheer perfection on curvy bodies--is very flattering on Caralyn's figure, with the ruching allowing a body-conscious fit and the ribbons introducing a hint of girlish innocence. This hairstyle is perhaps the most beautiful that Caralyn has ever worn, an aristocratic updo showing voluptuous volume, yet all the more attractive for the cascading waves that flow over her bare shoulders. She accentuates her supermodel-like cheekbones with a pouty smile, a look that intimates a touch of spoiled selfishness on her part--which makes that that much more exciting and attractive.

Click to enlarge

More than one fan has identified Caralyn as a younger, curvier, prettier version of the current Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton), though Miss Mirand is far more aristocratic and princess-like and beautiful than her separated-at-birth royal lookalike. A full-length view of the same dress shows Caralyn enlivening her gown with a graceful, twirling movement.

Click to enlarge

A second view of Caralyn in this pretty dress shows her unleashing her wicked side, the mischievous, vixenish demeanour for which she is acclaimed. This saucy minx would cause unimaginable confusion at court, upsetting the apple-cart of decorum as surely as Marie Antoinette electrified Versailles, yet she would be forgiven everything, thanks to her glittering beauty--a beauty more dazzling even than her ornate jewellery.

Click to enlarge

Lest fans of Miss Mirand feel cheated by the dearth of images showing Caralyn in the new Sydney's Closet campaign, we are delighted to be able to share a host of behind-the-scenes images from the shoot, most of which feature this sparkling young beauty.

Although she may not be as full-figured as fans would hope her to be, she has a softness to her physique, as well as an innate sense of grace, that makes her exceedingly feminine. The rich volume with which the hairstylist endows her tresses further augments her beauty.

In an extraordinarily atmospheric candid, Caralyn is seen silhouetted by the daylight, which pours in from outdoors, even as she is framed by the shadowy corridor and the dark garments around her. She appears to have been caught in a moment of reflection, holding a curling iron in her hand without using it, her eyes cast downward as she looks deep within herself. With the simple, tied-back hairstyle, the flowing drapery of her shoulder-baring dress (the folds of which she gathers in her right hand), and her utter stillness, she recalls a Classical sculpture in living colour, mounted on a pedestal in a museum window. There is a touch of solitude about the image that is highly Romantic. One wonders what sublime thoughts might have been occupying her at this moment.

One of the reasons why the above image is so memorable is because it captures Miss Mirand displaying a quiet demeanour that is very different from her usual mien. Here, for example, she is pictured with that signature twinkle of mischief in her eyes, her mouth suppressing a smile, as if she were musing on a private witticism about her current circumstances. Her cheeks look adorably flushed, and her girlish top, with its scoop neckline, accentuates her buxom curves.

Even when Caralyn restrains herself from adopting the persona of a dangerous vixen, her images exude a sprightly energy, a liveliness and vitality that is palpable. In this aristocratic headshot, with Caralyn's pretty facial features framed by the luxurious magnificence of her brunette tresses, her eyes shine with a vibrant light that testifies to her irrepressible energy, a sheer excitement that radiates, like an aura, from her very being.

A final behind-the-scenes look at Caralyn shows her back in bemused mode, her striking eyes looking upwards as she forms a mental picture of her voluminous updo. (The hairstyling for this shoot was exceptional.) The marvellous natural light emphasizes the gentle roundness of her face and highlights the whites of her eyes. These are altogether some of the finest making-of photos we have ever seen.

We would be remiss not to offer a couple of behind-the-scenes photos of Caralyn's compatriots in this shoot. Here, Yanderis is seen being beautified, her facial features and figure appearing soft and natural.

We end, as we began, with an image of Kelsey Olson. Consummate professional that she is, she also engages in creative bits of business when a photographer allows her free reign. Here, for example, she enters into her haughty-aristocrat persona (a demeanour entirely warranted by the vintage luxuriousness of her gown), examining her nails in a visual emblem of vanity. She appears to pay the photographer no heed, as if to say, "Yes, of course you're taking my picture; everyone clamours to capture my beauty on film, goddess that I am." The strapless gown exposes a sumptuous expanse of bare flesh, enhancing the overall quality of opulence that the image communicates. In real life, Kelsey is the most modest of individuals, but the spoiled, self-adoring, entitlement-princess personae that she creates in her shoots are the most desirable conceptions in the world of plus-size modelling.

* * *

Sydney's Closet deserves a standing ovation for its phenomenal 2012 collection, and for the campaign that it has devised to promote it. The dresses are boldly pro-curvy, celebrating the shapely fullness of the customers who will be wearing them, just as they showcase the curves of the models in this promotion. Sydney's Closet made exceptionally fine casting choices for its campaign, selecting some of most gorgeous models in the industry, girls whose generous curves show how the brand's customers will actually look in these fashions, yet who are also icons of beauty--both aspirational and real (as plus-size models should be).

In particular, one cannot help but admire how both Kelsey and Sydney's Closet have developed over the years, virtually in tandem. In her initial shoot for this label, in 2005, Miss Olson was a young model at one of her very first jobs (though already renowned for her prettiness), while Sydney's Closet was just gaining public recognition as a supplier for the underserved plus-size prom market. But now, just a few years later, Kelsey has become the most popular model in the industry, and the Sydney's Closet label is familiar to everyone in the full-figured community. Their parallel success reflects the steady triumph of the aesthetic restoration.

Bravo to Sydney's Closet for its gorgeous fashions and visionary casting choices, to Kelsey, Yanderis, and Caralyn for their beauty and talent, and to Bibi Photography for such splendid shooting. The confluence of all of these factors yielded some of the most gorgeous images of plus-size beauty we have ever seen, a campaign that will long be remembered and revered.

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Default Re: Yanderis, Caralyn for Sydney's Closet

The Sydney's Closet site has now published the first items from the company's 2012 line. Yanderis appears on the cover page,

while three items are included in the preview gallery:

I like Caralyn's dramatic over-the-shoulder pose in this dress:

If Caralyn ever blossoms into a fuller size, she will become one of the industry's most significant and gorgeous models.
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