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Old 2nd September 2011   #1
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Default Kelsey: Queen Grace collection online

Although there have been previous posts on this forum about the making of of the inaugural Queen Grace campaign with Kelsey Olson, the FFFWeek runway show with Kelsey and Katherine, and of course, most important of all, the interview with the line's CEO Marina Zelner, the Queen Grace collection was finally launched this week, and it deserves a new thread - especially because the online shopping boutique at the Queen Grace site features several images of Kelsey that haven't been released before.

I was thrilled to receive this stunning ad in my inbox earlier today. This is one of Kelsey's loveliest QG pictures, showing her looking especially soft, doe-eyed and gentle, yet sensually alluring in this dress, with the deep V neckline.

The entire Queen Grace catalogue is viewable here:

First up is a familiar ensemble. The Nina blouse isn't available yet, but the Kathryn skirt is.

Many of the items come with reverse views of Kelsey - which is a fabulous gift from QG, as the back views show how the items look from every angle and also show more of Kelsey's shapely figure.

Another new development is that QG now offers the Kathryn skirt in gold. I find that the visual details stand out even more in this colour.

Next, there's the Rony blouse with the Eve skirt

The reverse view is so pretty. Kelsey turns her head a little, just enough to show her big blue eyes, soft neck area, and shapely legs.

The skirt also comes in charcoal. I like this colour scheme.

I distinctly remember that in her Judgment of Paris interview, the Queen Grace designer/CEO Marina Zelner stated that this Evelyn dress was her favourite piece in the entire collection.

Here's an item that I really adore - the Elise dress. This is the outfit from the e-mail ad that I posted first in this thread. Kelsey outdid herself modelling this item. And the dress looks just as beautiful from the back:

Like so many readers here, I especially love sleeveless dresses, so the Larisa dress is one of my favourites.

But it's the back view that shows how alluring this dress is. This is one of the most size-positive pieces in the QG collection, especially on Kelsey's ultra-curvy figure.

The Grace dress is such a daring item, with its animal-hide-like fabric. This piece exhibits the unique QG blending of classiness with a touch of wildness - just like the gorgeous model.

A number of other items are not yet available in the online Queen Grace shop, including the Zina dress,

the Elena dress,

and the Victoria dress (which is a style that I really like):

As for the famous Mae (West) gown - which is what Kelsey wore to close the QG fashion show at FFFWeek - Queen Grace states that this is a "custom" dress:

Doesn’t every woman want a dress that’s specially made for her? Please call 1-855-QUEENGRACE or email us to find out how we can create a custom gown just for you
Imagine that. If someone chooses this item, it will be a hand-created original, designed specifically for a single customer - like a couture creation.

How thrilling to see the official launch of Queen Grace collection. I am forever in awe of how beautiful Kelsey looks in every item - truly a princess, and more deserving of the crown than anyone else.

I think every woman wearing these stylish yet sexy fashions will feel that she has donned some of Kelsey's beauty for herself and will exude the "Old World sensuality" that Madame Zelner talked about in her interview. Queen Grace customers will feel more regal, more noble, and more seductive. There's more to this collection that "just" a wardrobe. It's a sensual yet sophisticated point of view as well - the epitome of timeless beauty.

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Old 4th September 2011   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey: Queen Grace collection online

The Queen Grace Facebook page features another elegant ad that incorporates one of Kelsey's pictures from the initial collection - this one showing her in the "Grace" dress.

It's been quite exciting watching this line gather momentum, from the very first behind-the-scenes images that were posted on this forum to the brand's official launch last week. Queen Grace could not have chosen a better muse to embody the identity of the collection than the fair princess of plus-size modelling, Kelsey Olson.
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Old 14th September 2011   #3
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Default Kelsey Olson and Queen Victoria

I'm delighted to see that the "Victoria" dress is now available online at the Queen Grace site. Kelsey looks especially soft and angelic in this item, which is modest, but still introduces some gentle sensuality by showing off the wearer's full, rounded legs.

I adore the Queen Grace textual description that accompanies this item, which pays homage to the legendary British monarch after whom the dress is named:

She ruled the British Empire for over sixty years... You’ll rule every room you enter, royally wrapped in satin, adorned by an Empire waist and peek-a-boo dart bejeweled with sequins.
Even today, every young lady of taste would surely wish to personify the spirit of the lovely Queen Victoria, who brought the British Empire to the pinnacle of its glory and spread the light of Western culture around the globe.

Alas, today Queen Victoria is known primarily by the photographs that were taken of her later in life, when she was in deep mourning over the loss of her beloved Prince Albert. But when she was young, she was a fair beauty, as were all of the princesses of the German aristocratic lines which peopled the thrones of Europe for centuries.

This painting of the young Victoria is by Thomas Sully. With her blue eyes, fair complexion, and Nordic softness, she recalls Kelsey, just a little:

Queen Victoria is an extremely fitting inspiration for a plus-size fashion design, because throughout her life, even in her youth, she was quite full-figured, as contemporary accounts indicate. The biography Queen Victoria: Story of Her Life and Reign quotes two contemporary impressions of the young Victoria:

N. P. Willis, the American poet, who saw her on horseback in Hyde Park, said: "Her Majesty rides quite fearlessly and securely; I met her party full gallop near the centre of the Rotten Row. On came the Queen on a dun-coloured, highly groomed horse, with her prime-minister on one side of her, and Lord Byron on the other; her cortége of maids of honour, and lords and ladies of the court checking their spirited horses, and preserving always a slight distance between themselves and Her Majesty. ... Victoria's round, plump figure looks exceedingly well in her dark-green riding dress.... She rode with her mouth open, and seemed exhilarated with pleasure."

James Gordon Bennett, who saw her at the opera, describes her as "a fair-haired girl, dressed with great simplicity in white muslin, with hair plain, a blue ribbon at the back.... Her bust is extremely well proportioned, and her complexion very fair."

Well-fed and very buxom -- the portraits by painter Franz Xaver Winterhalter corroborate these accounts of her beauty, as does the testimony of American artist Thomas Sully (who painted the above portrait of the young queen):

She reminded [painter Thomas Sully] of his own only slightly older daughter, Blanch, and also of Fanny Kemble Butler, the émigré actress whose portrait he had painted so often and with such success. She had the same feistiness, he thought, even if the physical resemblance between the two was not especially strong. At one point, in fact, the conversation between sitter and artist turned to the subject of Mrs Butler. Victoria remarked acidly that she thought the famous actress much too thin to be genuinely pretty. The queen herself, Sully noted, was “short – five feet one and a quarter inch” and distinctly “plump”.

Not only was Queen Victoria herself a plus-size beauty, even in her youth, but she personally considered a full-figured appearance to be the ideal of feminine attractiveness and affirmed that a lady could not be "genuinely pretty" if she were "thin." No wonder that the Victorian Era represented the zenith of the Western beauty tradition, when its leading monarch had such exquisite taste!
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Old 30th September 2011   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey: Queen Grace collection online

Here's a real treat for fans of both Kelsey Olson and Queen Grace: just yesterday, the label released a new outtake of Kesley shooting the inaugural Queen Grace campaign, and this may be the boldest, most size-celebratory image of the entire shoot.

The image epitomizes the spirit of the line as giving the wearer an identity that combines Old World femininity (the ruffled blouse) and a contemporary context (the sunglasses).

Kelsey's pose is boldly seductive and- as befits the label- splendidly majestic. Her curves are opulent and regal, but unapologetically sexy as well. The pose not only accentuates her voluptuousness, but showcases the luxurious fullness of her waist and her shapely reverse-view contours. This pose exhibits pure, unadulterated body love, but doesn't draw attention to itself as such; rather, it arises naturally out of the model's own being and the va-va-va-voom embrace of her fitted clothing.

The plus-size industry too often limits itself to a false binary: either a junior-plus identity that displays curves but lacks elegance, or a mature approach that has class and richness but tends towards matronly formlessness. Queen Grace- and Kelsey herself- reconcile these two identities in an absolutely unique way. In these fashion, Kelsey is more seductive and alluring than any skimpy-attired girl, but displays a level of poise and elegance that is truly aristocratic.

No other model could embody the Queen Grace identity as well as Kelsey, who truly is the crown princess of plus-size modelling.

Here's a larger version of the image:
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Old 24th November 2011   #5
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson and Queen Victoria

Originally Posted by Emily
I'm delighted to see that the "Victoria" dress is now available online at the Queen Grace site. Kelsey looks especially soft and angelic in this item, which is modest, but still introduces some gentle sensuality by showing off the wearer's full, rounded legs.

Just in time for Thanksgiving in the U.S., the Queen Grace collection has released a wonderful new promotion featuring three new images of Kelsey looking especially regal in her Queen Victoria dress. And I have to say, getting to see these new images of Kelsey is definitely something for which it is worth being thankful.

The most exciting of the new images is this one, because it shows how the dress celebrates the characteristic that Emily praised: the model's soft, full legs. I love how Kelsey deliberately poses in such a way as to give the dress some elevation and to show off her full limbs.

A close-up on this photo also shows the gorgeous roundness of the model's face, her shapely arms, and how the dress gently embraces her luscious, 39" waist. It's a universal fact that the most popular and beautiful plus-size models have curvy waists: from Kelsey at 39" to Sophie Sheppard at 38.5" to Katherine Roll at 37". Having a generous waist is an extremely sensual feature and gives a goddess an agreeably natural, feminine look.


Kelsey is very clever with her poses. In this picture, she shows off the dress most gracefully, but enlivens the photo with her inscrutable, Mona-Lisa-like smile. Also, I'm enraptured at how fair she looks in these images -- truly embodying a Victorian ideal.


I agree with other contributors who have said that Kelsey and Queen Grace are a match made in heaven. The collection is a uniquely successful mixture of timeless elements and contemporary aspects, and Kelsey herself is perfectly suited to showcase both: as a girl with very contemporary qualities but one whose look is pure Victorian, feminine beauty.


Here's the Queen Grace ad for its Thanksgiving promotion, with the line's signature use of royal purple (the same hue favoured by the Judgment of Paris). With its exciting fashions and its use of Kelsey Olson as the company face, Queen Grace has abundantly demonstrated that the aristocratic aesthetic is alive and well and eminently applicable in the present day.


Wearing these gorgeous fashions, every curvy girl can adopt some of Kelsey's beauty for herself and become a princess for a day.
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Default Re: Kelsey: Queen Grace collection online

How exciting! Queen Grace just published a new, never-before-seen image of Kelsey.

I don't recall seeing this top in the collection before. Stunningly beautiful -- both Kelsey and her wardrobe.
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Default Re: Kelsey: Queen Grace collection online

It's always wonderful to see a new image of Kelsey at Queen Grace. All of these photos appear to have come from her original shoot for the label, which just goes to show you that when a client books a gorgeous plus-size model, they are blessed with a treasure-trove of riches that they can keep mining in perpetuity, because the public adores every photo.

Kelsey merges her delicate, youthful features with a very mature, sophisticated expression here. Her legs are full and round and very beautiful.

The photo is part of a new promotion by Queen Grace that offers a generous gift certificate for a win. The info appears on the label's FB page:
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Old 18th December 2011   #8
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kelsey: Queen Grace collection online

Yet another new image of Miss Olson from her Queen Grace shoot has appeared, this one a behind-the-scenes picture of the photo session. It reminds me that it was, in fact, a pair of behind-the-scenes photos that first alerted Kelsey fans to this exciting client. And the rest, as they say, has been history.

Kelsey looks fantastic in this dress, which, with its open neckline, showcases her buxom curves and, thanks to its abbreviated length, bares her full, shapely legs.

Marina Zelner was right to stick to her principles and select a true plus-size model for this shoot, rather than succumbing to agency pressure and booking a faux-plus fraud. The results speak for themselves, as Kelsey's angelic face and alluring figure better show off the Queen Grace designs than any lesser model ever could.
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Old 25th December 2011   #9
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Default Re: Kelsey: Queen Grace collection online

I recently stumbled across yet another new Queen Grace ad, with Kelsey looking especially glamorous in the label's regal gown. The S curve of the arrow echoes the curvy shape of the model's figure.

I adore Kelsey's almost exasperated expression, which shows so much personality. With her dazzling complexion and fair features, she really is an aristocratic beauty.
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