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Old 9th September 2011   #1
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Default Mayara Russi - Glamur Fashion

It's been a while since there was a post about Mayara Russi's work for the Brazilian label Glamur [sic] - not since an entry by Graham in what I believe was the very first thread on this forum devoted specifically to Miss Russi:

Mayara recently shot for this company again, and although the only images of the catalogue that I've located so far are snapshots found on Facebook, the stunning beauty of the model makes a post about this campaign a must.

I am in awe of how voluptuous she appears on the cover, and her facial features appear sensually full.


A reclining pose shows her in the guise of an odalisque. The sleeveless, deep-V dress flaunts buxom curves.


Even in black outfits she still looks lusciously proportioned, a true plus-size model and a true beauty.


The behind-the-scenes snapshots I've found are just as gorgeous as the tear sheets. Her beauty in this headshot is mesmerizing, with her piercing eyes and romantic tresses.

This dress hugs her hips and defines her womanly proportions. She owns her size-22 body in a way that smaller models cannot hope to match.

The romantic hairstyle that Glamur gave her enhances her beauty even further, making her appear more vixenish than ever. This is a true Victoria's Secret look, and at a size 22.

Mayara is an absolute goddess, without question, and I hope she represents the plus-size model of the future - a seductress who is opulently full-figured, seductively steamy, and overwhelming alluring.
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Old 9th November 2011   #2
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Default Re: Mayara Russi - Glamur Fashion

Mayara Russi's daring Christmas campaign for Duloren has taken size-celebration to a whole new level, far beyond anything that any other company has ever achieved, with a mixture of a pro-curvy presentation of a model's figure and an adherence to a high-quality aesthetic that exhibits the best in fashion photography.

However, in some says, her brand-new campaign for Glamur fashion is even more important and forward-thinking. While some magazines have previously attempted to display the visible curves of full-figured models when those models have been in a state of undress, no other label has ever showcased the visible curves of the plus-size female body when the model is dressed in form-fitting attire, as seen in these Glamur images.

The catalogue cover is identical to the preview image that Chad posted. The model's buxom curves are evident, and her voluptuous hairstyle is that of a Victoria's Secret model. Right away the catalogue says two things: 1. Mayara is truly plus-size and 2. Mayara is hot.

The catalogue's de facto centrefold, also previewed in Chad's post, shows Mayara lounging and looking curvaceous and happy.

But here's where the catalogue ventures into unprecedented size-positive territory. Look at how closely this attractive outfit embraces Mayara's figure, defining every luscious curve, from the fullness of her thighs to the visible swell of her waist. This is a goddess who knows that every last sumptuous inch of her figure is gorgeous. When will we see U.S. retailers celebrating curvy women this way?

Several of the catalogue pages show two Mayaras alongside one another. The left-hand photo is especially attractive, with the one-shoulder design exhibiting Ms. Russi's full arms and soft shoulders, like the purple dress that Katherine Roll wore in her recent Stanley Debas test. It's truly a style fit for goddesses.

But a second double-Mayara page is even bolder, with the model on the right-hand side provocatively turned in a semi-profile pose that confidently exhibits the round fullness of her waist, as well as her voluptuous contours. The dress is strapless and sleeveless. Find me one North American label that shows such love of the curvy female body.

Two of the catalogue pages even show Mayara from the reverse view as well as the front.

This being a Brazilian label, naturally the lovely curves along the model's back have not been airbrushed away but showcased in all their natural beauty.

Another boldly seductive photograph. Mayara's expression is as sensual as a look from Adriana Lima, but unlike a Victoria's Secret skeleton, she has a lavishly curvaceous figure with a generous roundness at her middle that the outfit (strapless and sleeveless) lovingly defines. Just think of the message that photos like this give to plus-size women in South America: "At a size 22, you are ultra-sexy, and every aspect of your figure makes you gorgeous."

Another steamy gaze from voluptuous-vixen Mayara.

Attractive even in casual attire. Observe that Glamur didn't drape her in yards of black fabric, but adorned her in a rainbow of bright colours. Plus-size goddesses don't want to be invisible, this says; plus-size goddesses want to get noticed.

Cheerful and confident, happily showing off her round, full arms and her womanly hips in figure-hugging jeans.

Look at those cheekbones, those red lips, that steamy look. This is a Victoria's Secret a size 22. And Glamur knows it, outfitting her in a dress with a plunging neckline. If the company is marketing fashions via a model with such a sexy look and so full-figured, then it knows that its customers will respond to this image. Why does South America "get it," but North America doesn't?

Another terrific photo.

A number of the pages in the catalogue show Mayara alongside a waif. Needless to say, she completely outshines her underweight rival. Observe how the top defines her alluringly rounded middle.

Goddess on the right, skinny-mini on the left. From Mayara's pose and expression, you know that she realizes that the stick model is no challenge to her, and that she, Mayara, is the centre of attention.

I love this portrait. Mayara's figure looks especially full here, rounded at the waist and exhibiting womanly hips and thighs. The outfit is meant to celebrate her every curve, both by baring skin (sleeveless) and by embracing her shape. Mayara is like a regal, well-fed, opulent queen, and the minus-size model her meagre, undernourished handmaiden.

Sleeveless is practically mandatory for plus-size goddesses in Brazil, as it should be.

Full-figured fashion labels in the U.S. and Europe are so far behind Brazil in size celebration that they should be ashamed of themselves. In selecting such a visibly full-figured and gorgeous model, and in dressing her in outfits that display her every seductive curve, Glamur Fashion shows how much it loves its customers and adores their curvy figures. By contrast, in selecting faux-plus models and hiding any trace of curviness, plus-size labels in the Northern hemisphere act like they're ashamed of their own customers. It's an outrage.

Every American curvy woman should be incensed and demand such gorgeous, inspirational, pro-curvy imagery for herself. We want true plus-size models and we want to see all of their curves displayed appreciatively, unambiguously, and beautifully.
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Old 10th November 2011   #3
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Default Re: Mayara Russi - Glamur Fashion

Something else very important to note about the three images where Mayara appears alongside a thinner model. The two models are wearing the same or similar outfits and in each case the clothes look so much better on Mayara. The striped dress looks saggy and uninspiring on the thin model, but on Mayara it's stunning.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi - Glamur Fashion

Originally Posted by Hannah
Here's where the catalogue ventures into unprecedented size-positive territory. Look at how closely this attractive outfit embraces Mayara's figure, defining every luscious curve, from the fullness of her thighs to the visible swell of her waist. This is a goddess who knows that every last sumptuous inch of her figure is gorgeous. When will we see U.S. retailers celebrating curvy women this way?

This image is incredible. All of the pages in this catalogue are stunning. This campaign, finally, gets it right -- it shows a visibly plus-size model, with her figure beautifully and clearly displayed, wearing attractive, form-fitting fashions. Plus, she's seductively gorgeous, by any measure.

I'd like to get a hundred copies of this catalogue, mail them to the heads of every single plus-size label in North America and Europe, and tell them, "See? This is what curvy women are asking for. This is how they want to be presented. This is what they want to see in plus-size fashion advertising -- images that will inspire, by showing how gorgeous a full-figured woman can be, and also present exactly how the fashions will look on a larger body."

Compared to this perfect campaign, the vast majority of plus-size-fashion advertising is a bad joke; it's embarrassing in its use of models who are barely plus-size (if at all), and who are then photoshop-narrowed to boot.

Either bring Mayara to the U.S., or enlist some of the true plus-size models in the U.S. industry and start shooting campaigns with them that are both aspirational and empowering, just like this one.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi - Glamur Fashion

Mayara was interviewed by a Brazilian fashion site the other day.

It's in Portuguese, of course, so it's hard to make out the text, but with the help of online translation, a few interesting comments emerge. She is 22 years old (Sophie sheppard's age!) and a size 52 (U.S. size 22).

Her favourite perfume is Euphoria, by Calivin Klein, and her favourite makeup is MAC. She apparently owns more than 250 pairs of shoes (!).

She has a marvellous comment about her hair:

I'm pretty vain about my hair. I cut it every two months and have some golden highlights

She may trim her tresses, but she keeps them wonderfully long! And it's always so wonderful to hear full-figured models admitting to being "vain." If any women truly deserve to be vain, it's the world's most gorgeous plus-size models, like Mayara.

Best of all, the article confirms that her Duloren campaign consisted of exactly 0% Photoshop. No digital manipulation. It's all Mayara.

But I agree that in some ways, this Glamur campaign is even more important, because it shows her actually modelling clothing- which is the purpose of a plus-size model- and that at a size 22, she makes everything she wears look gorgeous, while in no way hiding or disguising her figure.

There's no reason why we don't deserve to have equally size-positive campaigns in North America:

And best of all, Mayara looks sexiest in her behind-the-scenes photo,

so for this campaign, she was still restraining her seductiveness, somewhat, and could be even more Victoria's-Secret-ish when the occasion calls for it. I can't wait to see her turn on her sensuality at full power, some day. The world will have never seen anything so alluring.
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