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Old 14th September 2011   #1
M. Lopez
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Default NYFW models ''too skinny'' (article)

Compared to the excitement of FFFWeek, the "regular" fashion week (NYFW) seems boring at best, and at worst outright harmful, in its interminable parade of cadaverous-looking models walking down one runway after another.

It's encouraging to find someone in the entertainment press calling out the fashion industry for its pathological promotion of emaciation:

The article is by Bonnie Fuller, a former editor of Glamour and countless other women's magazines. It takes a fine stance against NYFW for restricting itself to using models with corpse-like frames. Here are some choice excerpts:

Hello, fashion designers! Why are you still filling the runways at NYC Fashion Week with models so skinny they look like little fawns?

Women don’t want to be fawns, baby colts, pencils or skeletons! Women want to be sexy! Women want to look great for themselves AND, yes, also for men.

That is a FACT! Women enjoy feeling alluring for the men in their lives… or for the men that they want to have in their lives.

No normal woman wants to look like the rail-thin models marching down the runways at NY Fashion Week.

Those poor things have legs like sticks, bony knees, protruding clavicle bones, wraith-like arms and not a hint of hips, tummies or breasts. They are sexless!

This is a fine emperor's-new-clothes moment, where a fashion insider calls out the current standard as not representing any kind of beauty at all, but androgynous ugliness.

Fuller also excoriates the industry for its notorious pass-the-buck evasions:

In previous fashions seasons, I’ve spent time interviewing modelling agents, designers, and representatives for NY Fashion Week and no one “knows” who is creating this sub- zero size model trend. Everyone points a finger at each other.

Designers claim that the only models the modelling agencies send them are ultra skinny girls. They are forced to use them. Then the modelling agents reply that it’s really the stylists for the fashion shows who want the super skinnies.

In the meantime, the pencils keep marching on down the runways.

Sadly, the truth is that all of them are to blame. It's not one or the other. It's the whole misbegotten pack.

The industry self-selects itself, repelling anyone who admires curvaceous beauty and embracing individuals with a degenerate mindset who favour androgynous anorexia - even though this toxic aesthetic is life-threatening to the models and ruins the health of women around the world who are brainwashed into emulating this ghastly, unnatural standard.

Perversely, then, all of the finger-pointing is accurate, because they're all guilty. The designers, the agents, the stylists, they're all culpable. To reform itself, the industry would need to be swept out, top-to-bottom; that, or it would have to be mandated (by government legislation) to embrace fuller-figured women. Without such measures, the industry will remain a destructive anorexia-machine for perpetuity.

Fuller's last point is hopeful:

In the world of real American women — the beauty and style role models that actual, red-blooded American women aspire to — have plenty of curves.

So designers, whether you like it or not, it’s fuller figured women that real women want to emulate and dress like.

Trust me, women don’t want to look at coat hangers. I’m sure they will crave and lust after your clothes even more if they could see them on...curvier models.!

Unfortunately, the "curvier" examples that she uses are scarcely better than the current fashion waifs. Few are even faux-plus, let alone plus-size.

Only when a "fashion week" features models over a size 14 (as FFFWeek does) does it become an actual benefit to women's body image rather than a detriment.
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Old 19th September 2011   #2
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Default Re: NYFW models ''too skinny'' (article)

Entertainment gossip is always a double-edged sword, but Bonnie Fuller's articles often insert a size-positive theme in the reportage, so they're more beneficial than most. And we need multiple entry points into size celebration. Some people might be brought into it through more elevated topics, but some people could have their outlooks improved through more accessible pieces like this.

Bonnie Fuller had an interesting column about the Emmys last night. Christina Hendricks, of course, stole the show with a gown that showed off her figure - not just her buxom curves, but also her hips.

In her column, Bonnie mentions that Christina prefers to talk about her acting,

but I agree with the writer that she should feel free to enthuse about her appearance too and express body love:

should Christina refuse to discuss what’s actually an important point — that she’s made it OK for fuller-figured women to be accepted in Hollywood and for all curvier women to feel good about themselves? I think she can do both! Talk about her fabulous figure and her fantastic work
I definitely agree.

Here's another pro-curvy picture of Christina at the Emmys, at one of the gift tables after the show.

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