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Old 16th September 2011   #1
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Default Curves in Couture (U.K.)

In plus-size fashion, nothing is guaranteed, so making predictions invariably sets one up for a fall. Bookings get cancelled, schedules get changed, and myriad other impediments prevent the most exciting possibilities from ever reaching fruition.

However, if the stars align correctly, then the odds are that Sophie Sheppard, the most beautiful full-figured model currently in Europe, will be walking in the U.K.'s first-ever high-profile plus-size fashion show.

And it will be happening in just two months.

As announced in this press release, the British size-acceptance organization known as Models of Diversity ( will be staging a plus-size runway show in London, England, on Thursday, November 17th, from 7:30pm till 10:30pm.

The press release announces that the thrilling centrepiece of the evening will be

a high-fashion show, with top international curvy plus-size models found through a nation-wide casting call, in sizes 14-18. The models will wear couture, from both up & coming designers and established design houses such as Carolyn de la Drapiere and Jill Alexander, who will be premiering her Spring 2012 collection at the show.

The fact that this exciting show, called Curves in Couture, will be admitting models up to a British size 18 is thrilling (this being Sophie Sheppard's size). The British plus-size industry all too often restricts itself to faux-plus parameters, so for this prestigious show to be opening itself up to sizes 16 and 18 is a significant breakthrough, one that will hopefully prompt the entire U.K. full-figured fashion scene to begin admitting true plus-size models (i.e., larger than a British size 16).

Also, did you catch the name of designer Jill Alexander? She famously created one of the finest collections at FFFWeek in New York, in a catwalk show that featured three Judgment of Paris favourites: Kelsey Olson, Katherine Roll, and Lindsey Garbelman. For her to now include Sophie in her U.K. runway event would mean that all four of the world's top currently working plus-size models will have walked the catwalk in Jill Alexander designs.

And how prestigious will this event be? The press release spells it out:

This will be the first time that a plus-only catwalk show of this prestige has occurred in the UK, so we’re going to make a really big splash in the press about it. We all know that curvy models are still not being used in the mainstream of fashion and our extensive street surveys and petitions prove that people definitely want to see a change in the industry. The public has shown time and time again to be frustrated with the unrealistic images of the "size zero" trend, and with over 45% of the UK female population being a size 16 or higher, we know the time is right for a show like this.

Bravo. How true that the public wishes, nay demands, that the fashion industry reform itself and begin representing women with naturally full-figured physiques.

The show is attracting the kind of publicity that one would expect of such a groundbreaking event:

We have two special celebrity guests presenting the event, at least one celeb on the catwalk, and some fabulous entertainment planned. In addition to local press, The Dish Network, the second-largest cable company in North America, will broadcast the event to over 16 million homes.

To be sure, though, for any plus-size-beauty aficionados attending the show, gorgeous model Sophie Sheppard will be the most significant "celeb" of the evening.

Incidentally, something else that distinguishes this event from most fashion productions is that instead of simply being a project to make money, the evening's proceeds are entirely earmarked for charity. This is a non-profit labour of love (a stance with which we personally can identify), and to their great credit, the participating models are walking in the show for no fee whatsoever--which speaks very well of them.

The press release notes the specific, eminently worthy charity which will be the beneficiary of M.O.D.'s (and the public's) generosity:

This catwalk show featuring healthy, curvy models is a fundraiser for our sponsored charity The Advance Centre, a wonderful organization that helps the families of brain-damaged children. The show is backed by the British Fashion Council and CEO of the BFC Caroline Rush will attend the event. As the main patron of The Advance Centre, the Countess Sondes will attend as well.

The Advance Centre is a teaching institute for parents with brain-damaged children. From its creation in 1996, the charity has dedicated itself to finding a way to not only advance the abilities of children with cerebral palsy and other brain injuries, but to actually reverse the structural and functional abnormalities.
A worthier goal we could hardly imagine.

Bravo to M.O.D. for conceiving such an ambitious and significant project, and for booking such a stunningly gorgeous model to appear in the show. Having Sophie Sheppard walk the runway at Curves in Courture will be the British equivalent of having Kelsey Olson or Katherine Roll walking in FFFWeek.

To see such beauty on the runway, to participate in the opening up of British fashion to the fuller female figure, and to benefit such a worthy charity, Curves in Courture is an event not to be missed.

Click to enlarge

Tickets for the show may be purchased at the official web page, below:

- Curves in Couture: Info & Tickets

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Default Re: Curves in Couture (U.K.)

I love the fact that the U.K. will finally be staging a plus-size fashion show. In North America, we're all spoiled by the brilliance of Full Figured Fashion Week, so it's easy to forget that Europe doesn't yet have a comparable event. And until there's a FFFWeek London or FFFWeek Berlin or FFFWeek Paris, Curves in Couture will be the premiere presentation of curvy fashion across the pond.

And Curves in Couture does seem to be partaking of the pro-curvy spirit that marks FFFWeek. For example, I read in a recent tweet that M.O.D. was notified of a new design label in the U.K., but that this label was rightly not considered for the show because it doesn't accommodate true plus sizes:

Thanks, her garments are awesome! But she only goes up to a size 12 and our show starts at 14.

Bravo. It's nice to see that Curves in Couture will be aimed at the full-figured public and will present fashions that are available for women with authentically curvaceous figures. And if Sophie is in the show, then it is also guaranteed to be a stellar presentation of timeless beauty.

The M.O.D. press kit offers many more details about this inspiring event:
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Old 4th October 2011   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Curves in Couture (U.K.)

Here's some exciting news. Anna Scholz, the well-known British plus-size label which has shot with Sophie Sheppard and Kailee O'Sullivan, among many other famous models, will be opening the Curves in Couture show:

BREAKING NEWS Top UK plus designer Anna Scholz is the newest addition to Curves In Couture! We can't wait to open the show with her!

This is shaping up to be the nearest British equivalent of FFFWeek. And just imagine if Sophie Sheppard gets to walk the runway in Anna Scholz fashions. Let's hope!

This may be the most exciting event in British plus-size fashion since Charlotte Coyle's "Beauty Reborn" runway show, which became televised on primetime British TV in 2006.
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Old 7th October 2011   #4
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Default Re: Curves in Couture (U.K.)

It's wonderful to see Anna Scholz participating in Curves in Couture. A new article enthuses about Jill Alexander, the designer who has headlined the show from the onset.

The article mentions Jill Alexander's participation in Full Figured Fashion Week and previews the designs that she will be sending down the runway in London. I hope that Sophie Sheppard will be walking the catwalk in these exciting styles!

"We were so well received," Alexander said of her experience at the Full Figured Fashion Week show in New York. "We made so many contacts."

After the New York show, she heard from Angel Sinclair, who founded "Models of Diversity," a nonprofit in London advocating for models of different sizes and shapes.

Alexander...appreciated her concept for a show featuring models sizes 14 to 18.

"The work she's doing is really important so I wanted to support her project," Alexander said.

She will show off her spring 2012 line, featuring colorful silk prints she created herself.

Influenced by Latin America, she is featuring dresses and jumpsuits in chartreuse, red, turquoise, and lemon yellow and three flamenco-inspired gowns.

The Curves in Couture show is supported by the British Fashion Council, organizers of London Fashion Week, considered one of the "Big Four" events along with others in Paris, Milan and New York.

"It will be great exposure," said Alexander, noting the show will be aired live Nov. 17 on Dish Network, reaching 16 million homes n North America.

Jill Alexander's collection sounds like it will be very colourful indeed. As others have mentioned, if Sophie walks the runway for her, then Jill Alexander will be able to boast of having had all four of the top currently working Judgment of Paris favourites (Kelsey, Katherine, Lindsey, and now Sophie) model her collection on the world's catwalks.
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Default Re: Curves in Couture (U.K.)

Originally Posted by HSG
In plus-size fashion, nothing is guaranteed...however, if the stars align correctly, then the odds are that Sophie Sheppard, the most beautiful full-figured model currently in Europe, will be walking in the U.K.'s first-ever high-profile plus-size fashion show.

Today, M.O.D. offered further corroboration of Sophie's participation in the Curves in Couture show, via the following tweet:!/ModsOfDiversi...857315453804544

BIG NEWS Ready to see the AMAZING models in the couture show at #CurvesInCouture?!? Watch the photo gallery scroll here
Sure enough, when one observes the photo gallery in question, alongside the text, an especially beautiful image appears -- that of Miss Sheppard in one of her loveliest headshots. Here's a screencap:

This may be the only opportunity that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will ever have to see Sophie on the runway, so for that reason, and for the fact that this is a historic event which will feature Britain's first-ever high-profile all-plus-size-model runway show, with top-drawer designers such as Jill Alexander and Anna Scholz, it's an evening not to be missed.

You can view the gallery of the participating models on the official Curves in Couture information page:
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Default Re: Curves in Couture (U.K.)

Just a heads-up for all Sophie Sheppard fans: MOD now directly confirms that Sophie will be one of the models who will be walking in the Curves in Couture show next week.

They just released a tweet to this effect:!/ModsOfDivers...318286207422464

Some of the fantastic #CurvesInCouture models include [. . .] Sophie Sheppard

I can't wait to see the photos and video from this show. I'm sure that Sophie will look utterly gorgeous on the runway!
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Default Re: Curves in Couture (U.K.)

Permit me also to add that Anna Scholz, one of the main designers who will be showing at the Curves in Couture event tonight, also posted this message on Facebook:

I am really looking forward to the Curves in Couture show tonight. So many beauties on the catwalk :)) [...] Sophie and and and :))

It's wonderful to see that Miss Sheppard is catching the eye of everyone involved in this event. She is to this runway show what Kelsey Olson and Katherine Roll are to FFFWeek: the crown princess, the "fairest of them all," who brings in the most ardent public interest and even draws in enthusiasts who otherwise might have become jaded about anything to do with fashion.

I'm certain that she will look sensational on the runway and wow the audience, both those who are at the event and those who will watch the video broadcast.
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