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Old 4th October 2011   #1
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Default Hallowe'en Beauty

When it comes to Hallowe'en costumes, no one will ever come close to matching the beauty of Kesley Olson, who embodied so many fairy-tale princesses in her Hallowe'en campaigns of a couple of seasons ago.

Still, I found a number of images of Lindsey Garbeman and Andrea Horblitt modelling Hallowe'en fashions that I thought I'd share.

The prettiest by far is this image of Lindsey as a saloon girl of the late 1800s - the fabled "Old West." The opulent style of the outfit suits her luxuriant beauty, which only makes sense, as the saloon girls of the Age of Decadence were all about maximalism. Lindsey could step right into the late 1800s and everyone would acknowledge her as a great beauty. I love the fact that the costume embraces and indicates the fullness of her waist.

I'll post the full-size version of the photo as well, to show how pretty Lindsey's facial expression is. She's gorgeous:

The rest of the costumes aren't quite so phenomenal, but still interesting. Here's Lindsey as an Egyptian queen. Neither Nefretiti nor Cleopatra were ever as alluring as this. The snake armlet is a great touch.

I'm not entirely sold on this female-vampire costume. I think a different hairstyle might have made Lindsey look even more seductive. Still, I'm sure that every male victim would gladly, eagerly surrender his life-blood to a vampire so alluring.

Lindsey looking cute in an Indian outfit.

Girls never wear pigtails anymore, but I think it's still a pretty hairstyle.

I also came upon two pictures of Andrea in Hallowe'en garb. No model will ever match Kelsey when it comes to embodying a Grecian goddess, but Andrea looks very beautiful in this outfit. There's something about Classical attire that seems tailor-made to adorn plus-size beauty.

It's lovely to see how the straps of the gown press into the soft flesh of her shoulders, and having bared arms in this manner is a sensual touch.

Finally, here's an oh-so-cute picture of Andrea in a '50s poodle skirt - complete with poodle! It's an attractive nod to the brief postwar period in American culture when full-figured feminine curves almost made a comeback.

It actually makes perfect sense that plus-size models should always look so beautiful in Hallowe'en costumes. Many of these outfits harken back to historic time periods when the fuller female figure represented the dominant ideal of feminine beauty. Hallowe'en campaigns are always pretty and fun. Lindsey's saloon-girl image is particularly stunning.
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Old 8th October 2011   #2
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Default Re: Hallowe'en Beauty (Kailee)

I browsed through a few costume sites and discovered two new images of Kailee O'Sullivan that are a must-see.

The first shows shows Kailee as an "Evil Maiden," and doesn't she look deliciously wicked indeed?

The black rose is a seductive touch, and the black lip colour and dark eye makeup give her a truly eerie beauty. The hellfire hair colour stands out vividly against the smoke-hued outfit. Plus, the generous view of her decolletage is sinfully alluring.

But really, it's Kailee's expression that steals the show and makes the image so riveting. The costume is well named, because she does look excitingly evil - selfish, spoiled, greedy, insatiable. These qualities are utterly irresistible in a girl so beautiful. Because she has such naturally pretty and doll-like facial features, she can emit these dark emotions and still look gorgeous.

Here's the full-size photo,

and the product page:

From darkness to light, here's Kailee in a "Sock Hop Sweetie" outfit, looking adorable - but still minx-like.

The pink accessories are ever-so cute, and by turning up the gamma level on the image, the way in which the sweater shows off Kailee's buxom curves becomes visible. Her expression is dramatic, but very appropriate for the costume.

Larger photo:

Product page:
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Default Re: Hallowe'en Beauty

Here's a charming image -- Lindsey dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, pigtails, picnic basket and all.

She looks so sweet! Loveliest Dorothy ever.
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