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Default Tess Henstra

Fans of Dutch plus-size goddess Lique Fleur may not be aware that in addition to being a model, Lique is also an accomplished photographer with a soft, pretty shooting style.

While browsing her online photography portfolio a while back, we noticed a model who had an interesting look. With golden blonde, wavy hair and a distinctively Dutch appearance, she seemed like a talent to watch.

Her name, it turns out, is Tess Henstra--an up-and-coming plus-size model with a curvaceous size-16 figure. She does have the most fascinating eyes, doesn't she?

Of Lique's images of this model, we were particularly struck by this photograph. The bucolic setting harmonizes with Tess's own natural beauty. The cut grass presents an attractively muted colour palette. This is a particularly appealing variation on the playing-with-the-hair gesture, with Tess grabbing a big handful of her tresses and beaming with delight, creating a sensation of innocent, youthful, unselfconscious pleasure. The flow of the model's flaxen tresses echoes the arrangement of the long grass.

A different image finds the model with a troubled look in her eyes, communicating a sense of enticing neediness.

Click to enlarge

For a young model on what was likely her first photoshoot, Tess delivered compelling emotion to Lique's camera--a tribute to the talent of both the model and the photographer. In this image, she appears to have opened her heart and expressed her vulnerability.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Since shooting the aformentioned test, Tess's beauty has attracted interest from a remarkable slew of European agents--four so far, and counting. Ego's Models offers this lovely headshot of the model alongside her stats. How curvaceous is she? For those who aren't familiar with metric conversion, we will post the equivalent measurements in inches later in this post.

Miss Henstra's wavy, golden hair is so lovely that it is a shame to see it pulled back. The following image is nevertheless very attractive, in that the model wears a sleeveless dress that shows off the round fullness of her arms.

Ego's also features a pair of Polaroid-style images that testify to the fact that although Tess lacks a Mayara Russi level of physical opulence, she is nevertheless no faux-plus fraud but a true plus-size model.

Even in black and white, her golden tresses catch the light and exhibit the storybook loveliness of the locks of a fair princess.

Ego's also features one of Lique's images of Tess in her portfolio, a very attractive photograph indeed, showcasing the cascading waves of the model's tresses and eyes that seem to glow with their own light.

Milk Management, the British agency that has won fame for representing gorgeous Sophie Sheppard, also represents Tess, and features an especially curve-accentuating picture of the model in her portfolio. The tight outfit showcases her rich curves while baring her decolletage and her shapely arms. The sight of the model's tresses flowing over her bare shoulders is the crowning touch in this highly sensual photograph, a picture that calls to mind Doutzen Kroes.

Pastel blue is always a winning colour choice for golden-haired models, making the following photograph most appealing. The confident pose also suggests a touch of fullness at the model's waist, which is semi-defined by her top.

In the next image, Tess's black tights attractively define her womanly hips. Her tresses explode in a golden profusion around her face, like the extravagant locks of a childhood doll.

Another image from Milk Management shows Tess wearing a sunnier expression and exhibiting physical fullness, with rounded arms and dimpled elbows. Her expression is soft and unguarded.

In addition to Ego's Models, Tess is also signed with a second Dutch agency named Modelbookers, in which portfolio one finds a second view of Miss Henstra in her striped top, which gives a sensual impression of the model's classically pear-shaped figure.

And finally, Dominique Models ( provides aficionados with the imperial equivalent of her metric stats. Her 48-inch hips (which are identical to Sophie Sheppard's hip measurement) are undoubtedly her finest figure feature and qualify her as a true plus-size model. That Tess finds representation with Dominique is notable, for this agency usually tends to sign faux-plus models.

Tess Henstra is an attractive model with a legitimately curvy figure. If she retains her curves and stays out of the sun, to adopt a naturally fairer complexion, she could be a talent to watch. We look forward to seeing her future work. The fact that she is signed with so many European agencies is an encouraging sign, one that hopefully suggests that the continental plus-size industry is breaking out of its faux-plus limitations and beginning to open its doors to genuinely full-figured models.

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