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Old 15th October 2011   #1
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Default Kelsey Olson: Sealed with a Kiss

Here's something exciting for fans of Kelsey Olson to look forward to. Today, Kelsey is shooting for SWAK, or Sealed with a Kiss, (, a California-based plus-size boutique that describes itself as follows:

We offer trendy plus size fashion at accessible prices. We believe fashion should be fun & affordable! Show off your natural assets & rock your wardrobe with quality pieces that won’t break your budget.

SWAK even staged a runway presentation during the L.A. incarnation of Full-Figured Fashion Week last year.

Well, on its Facebook , SWAK just released a behind-the-scenes photo of Kesley - and oh, she looks gorgeous!

The deep V of the dress displays Kelsey's buxom décolletage, and the necklace is a wonderful touch of opulence. Her tresses have that princess-like style of cascading golden waves for which she is so beloved.

This is a real homecoming for Kelsey, because the photographer for this shoot is Michael Anthony Hermogeno, who, for years, shot Kelsey's unforgettable campaigns for Torrid. It's thrilling to have this amazing model/photographer team together again!

Full-size photo:

I can't wait to see what other masterpieces this campaign will deliver...

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Old 15th October 2011   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Sealed with a Kiss

The previous image was delivered by SWAK, but here's Michael Anthony's own first photo of Kelsey from today's shoot.

There's the magic that this duo can create. Kelsey looks breathtaking - a fair featured, blue-eyed golden haired goddess. Her pink lips are irresistible. The expression is very steamy. And WOW - that wrap dress defines her buxom curves. Michael Anthony has always had a special way of bringing out Kelsey's most passionate side.

This is sure to be a thrilling shoot.

Larger version:
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Old 17th October 2011   #3
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Sealed with a Kiss

Michael Anthony's photograph of Kelsey is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. I cannot wait to see the full range of images from this campaign.

On Twitter, I found one more behind-the-scenes photograph of Kelsey in her SWAK outfit. She looks seductively moody.


I suppose it comes of being a child of the '80s, but whenever I see a lovely girl in a Russian-style fur hat, I think if the eponymous female Soviet soldier in the video for Elton John's bittersweet Cold War ballad "Nikita."

In the video, Nikita is one of the border guards assigned to patrol the Berlin Wall - and when I mention this, I'm astonished to realize that anyone under 22 wasn't even alive when the Wall was in place, and yet it -- and the Cold War conflict that it symbolized -- was the central fact of life for anyone living in the 1980s and beforehand.

The Wall split Berlin in two, cleaving right through the historic heart of the city and leaving a kilometre-wide no-man's land in the centre called the "Death Strip" (justifiably so named, because many people died trying to cross from communist East Berlin to the freedom of West Berlin).

The wall was patrolled by guards in watchtowers,

such as the one seen here, looming over the Brandenburg Gate, which was marooned in the middle of the Death Strip.

The song "Nikita" tells a touching story of a Westerner who falls in love with a Soviet border guard. They can never be together, except for a fantasy sequence in which the singer imagines life with his beloved. For many, the song, (pop fluff thought it was,) symbolized the plight of the two Germanies, separated by the occupying powers of the West and the East, dreaming to be united once more.

Here's the video itself, if you're interested.

Looking back on the video now, it seems a more troubled depiction of the plight of Berlin than it did two decades ago. After all, the singer is an American, and his love-from-afar is a Russian girl. Neither party to this story is German (even though historically, the Wall's border guards were actually East Germans). In a way, this fact underscores the tragedy of Berlin even more poignantly, because it indicates how, for over 40 years, Germany's fate was out of its own hands and was defined by the U.S. (in the West) or the Soviet Union (in the East). Only when the Wall fell in 1989 and the occupiers left could Germany tell its own stories once more.

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Old 25th October 2011   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Sealed with a Kiss

Just released by Michael Anthony, right off his camera, is a new behind-the-scenes picture from his second SWAK effort with Miss Olson. Stunning! Oh, how these photos take me back to the glory days of Michael's past shoots with Kelsey. But if anything, Kelsey is even more beautiful today.

I always love the tremendous variety in their collaborations. If the previous fur-hat photo showed steamy, high-temperature sensuality, then this is Kelsey's gentler, sweeter side. It's a very soft expression. The fair eyes, pink lip colour, golden hair - a living doll. So pretty.

Sealed with a Kiss is definitely going to be a company worth watching.

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Old 25th October 2011   #5
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Sealed with a Kiss

Okay, now this is an image so steamy that I'm amazed it didn't melt Mr. Hermogeno's camera lens. Talk about "ice on fire." Those blue eyes pierce a hole through the camera window, computer screen, and right to the heart. I don't know if I've ever seen Kelsey generate a look so alluring.

And yet, behind it all, there's still a hint of calculated vulnerability, which is irresistible.

I can't think of any magazine editorial that has yielded the kind of heart-stopping seductiveness that this shoot is generating.

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Old 25th October 2011   #6
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Sealed with a Kiss

My gosh, I don't know if I've ever seen Kelsey headshots like this. Ever. This one is all-out passion - the hungry mouth, the red lips, the liquid-sapphire eyes.

This is the signature Kelsey look, the one that she does better than anyone - a doll-like, angelic prettiness coupled with all-out naked emotion. I'm just always amazed that she can give herself to the camera like this, and let her soul show. No one brings it out of her the way Michael Anthony does.

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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Sealed with a Kiss

The two latest pictures uploaded by Michael Anthony and shared by Chad are well-nigh unsurpassable headshots, and show Kelsey presenting some of the loveliest expressions we have ever seen. The second close-up is particularly haunting in its beauty.

But Kelsey is renowned for her shapely figure as much as for her angelic facial features, so it is a privilege to share a number of outtakes and behind-the-scenes photographs which celebrate the model's sumptuous size-16 curves.

This exciting image comes to us courtesy of SWAK itself, as a special preview for Judgment of Paris readers (who have responded so enthusiastically to Kelsey's work). It shows Miss Olson adopting an all-out seductive expression, unreservedly carnal in tone. The passionate lip colour and the appetitive set of the mouth compel one to deem "Sealed with a Kiss" an aptly-named label indeed, for whose fate would not be sealed, once they lay eyes upon la belle bouche and the felonious bisous that it promises?

Observe the model's deft use of her arms. With one hand, she delicately touches her chest, in a manner that triggers in viewers a desire for similar tactile engagement--a brilliant technique adopted by the best models, whereby they perform the act of physical contact for which the viewer subconsciously yearns. But note how effective this gesture is from a practical modelling standpoint as well, for it displays the decorative ring on the model's finger, a ring that harmonizes with the model's elaborate earrings and adds to the festive quality of the outfit. (Bravo to Reah Norman for her unfailingly fine wardrobe styling.)

Click to enlarge

The other arm generates the real sensuality in the image, however, in that it performs a "gathering" motion which viewers will immediately recognize from Rubens's 1638 masterpiece, Venus in Fur-Coat. The model's arm draws attention to her buxom contours, and with the seductive, deep-V neckline of the dress, the result is an intoxicating display of well-fed voluptuousness. Little wonder that Miss Olson has adopted such a libidinous facial expression, for in this alluring dress, and with such a curve-accentuating pose, there can be no modesty, just full-blooded passion. Fans are used to seeing Kelsey temper her demeanour with a trace of reserve, so to find her unleashing the full power of her beauty, exuding haughty seductiveness, is heart-stopping.

Click to enlarge

Everyone who is captivated by the dress that Kelsey wears in the above photo, and which her figure transforms into such a bewitching article of feminine fashion, will appreciate this full-length view of the garment. The sheer, lacy design is entrancing, with the lace evoking Old World girlishness while the deep, wide neckline offers a seductive view of the model's buxom curves. Observe the clever modelling business from Kelsey, in the way in which she raises the hem of her skirt to show the white underlay. Once again, her gesture achieves both a practical and aesthetic effect, on the one hand revealing something important about the dress, and on the other hand performing a Moulin-Rouge like act of seduction by offering the viewer a discreet glimpse of her full, luscious legs and undergarment. "Sweetly sinful" is the tag that one might use to describe the persona that she creates for this editorial, with the headshots expressing the sweetness and the figure shots promising a touch of sin.

Click to enlarge

The third of the three new images, a behind-the-scenes photograph, still finds the model in character, treating the viewer to a coy glance. The lip colour is a dark, passionate red, while the model's expression is enigmatic, a Mona Lisa pouty smile that betokens devilry and mischief. The beret adds to the subtle Parisian undercurrent in these images, while the model's golden tresses inject the touch of angelic sweetness that disarms the viewer and renders him easy prey, even when the model reveals her sinful side. And of course, a sleeveless design is always the most captivating fashion choice for genuinely curvaceous models.

Click to enlarge

Never have a host of preliminary images generated as much excitement as these outtakes and behind-the-scenes photographs from Kelsey's shoot with Michael Anthony for Sealed with a Kiss. These raw pictures are more beautiful and accomplished than most labels' most highly refined published photographs. Kelsey's talent has grown exponentially since her past shoots with Michael Anthony, as has her beauty, while Mr. Hermogeno still manages to pull deeper emotions and more exciting passions from his muse than any other shooter.

Bravo to SWAK for reuniting this brilliant model/photographer team. The published results, when they appear, will surely astound the plus-size community and establish Sealed with a Kiss as one of the top sites for feminine fashions, exhibited in the most beautiful manner possible.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Stay tuned to

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