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Default Sydney's Closet VIDEOS: Kelsey, Yanderis, Caralyn

Like everyone else, I've been thrilled by the stunning images emerging from the exciting Sydney's Closet prom photoshoot from earlier this year, featuring Kelsey Olson, Yanderis Lodos, Caralyn Mirand, and Denise.

The threads about the pictures have been fascinating.


Yanderis and Caralyn:

But now, Sydney's Closet has released two behind-the-scenes videos of this shoot, and these are so gorgeous that they deserve a thread of their own.

One video is dubbed a "short" clip," the other an "extended" cut, but really, they're so different, with unique footage, that they are both must-sees.

Here's the shorter version. Kelsey looks amazing at 0:11, and there's a dramatic close-up at 1:06. I adore how fair she is, like a snow princess. Caralyn looks very regal.

The longer version is even richer, and includes a few delightful comic moments in addition to all of the pretty footage. The shot of Kelsey at 0:35 takes my breath away, and she has a luscious profile at 0:44. Yanderis looks delicious at 2:22.

Utterly thrilling videos of a breathtakingly beautiful photoshoot. I'm so glad that Sydney's Closet shared these. The dresses, and the models, look even prettier in motion than in the stills. It's fascinating to watch these goddesses being playful, or regal, or fun-loving, or alluring, changing moods from shot to shot, but always, always being completely gorgeous.
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Default Re: Sydney's Closet VIDEOS: Kelsey, Yanderis, Caralyn

These videos are a thoroughgoing celebration of timeless beauty, and do indeed show the models looking even more gorgeous than in their still images.

The first video, the shorter clip, gets off to a flying start with a lovely shot of Kelsey in a strapless, sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline. She looks especially buxom, and her complexion is the epitome of peaches and cream. The pose recalls Marilyn's famous stance in the Seven Year Itch, when the gust of wind from the subway grate raises her skirt--and sure enough, Kelsey is treated to a wind-machine effect while modelling this outfit. Her facial features exhibit the slight rise of a slope toward the throat.

The next shots find Kelsey joined by Yanderis, whose waist appears seductively full, and who exhibits a pretty curve under the chin.

The generous proportions of Yanderis's waist make her extremely alluring in this dress. Sweetheart necklines are invariably eye-catching designs for full-figured goddesses, as so many of this season's Sydney's Closet styles demonstrate.

The profusion of strapless, sleeveless designs in the 2012 line make this by far Sydney's Closet's most size-celebratory collection to date. In this still, Yanderis accentuates her womanly hips with a fluid pose.

Next, Caralyn Mirand enters the picture with a serene, elegant, yet youthful look. Little wonder that she has been dubbed a curvier, younger, prettier version of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton).

Fans earnestly wish that Caralyn were fuller-figured, but her poses are eye-catching, as exemplified by the following shot, which finds her giving her dress some life,

as well as by this image, showing her coquettishly playing with her hair.

What follows next is one of the loveliest sequences in either video. Kelsey approaches the camera with the two other models holding her tenderly by the arms, as if they were her handmaidens and she the fair princess. These acolytes gaze upon Kelsey with enchantment in their eyes, as if her soft beauty had ravished even them.

Kelsey's complexion is as fair as snow, her figure soft and full, giving her a youthful, girlish, vulnerable appearance, a look of feminine delicacy mixed with well-fed robustness.

Watch for a magic moment as Kelsey tosses back her hair, and a stray blonde lock falls over her face. This moment could melt even the stoniest heart.

Next, Yanderis enjoys a delightful sequence of her own, as the camera pans 180 degrees around her, beginning with a lovely profile shot that shows the fullness of her arms and a fairer-than-usual complexion--a look that admirably suits the pink gown.

As the camera orbits Miss Lodos, it shows the soft curves along her back, with the dress lovingly embracing her figure and striving to encompass her fullness.

The circumnavigation ends with a shot of Yanderis from the oppose side, this view also showing her luscious arms, along with an attractive hair ornament.

The camera then orbits Kelsey, showing the model looking so angelic as to be almost ethereal. Her eyes appear wide and earnest, her cheeks exhibit just the veriest hint of a flush, and the lip colour is a candy pink. This is the difference between the timeless beauty of a fair complexion and a white pallor: the hints of red-blooded vitality colour Kelsey's skin, giving it just a touch of pretty pink shading.

The camera pans so close to Kelsey that it cannot even focus. This glimpse of her bare back, adorned by the cascade of her golden tresses, shows why S.C.'s strapless, sleeveless gowns are such ideal choices for curvy girls, perfectly framing their soft beauty.

The first video ends with a playful shot of the three models dancing together, as if they were already at the prom and enjoying the night's festivities. Here they are: three Graces, right before one's eyes--and surely lovelier even than the original Classical divinities.

* * *

The second, longer video opens with a stunning over-the-shoulder view of Yanderis, a pose that effectively showcases the generous proportions of her figure. Her arm appears fuller and rounder in this view than in other images. Her expression testifies to the pleasure that she takes in her own well-fed beauty.

This one-shoulder style is very becoming on a plus-size figure, as Yanderis ably demonstrates.

The design is appealing on all three body types, but Kelsey's luscious figure gives it the most attractive shape. Her eyes-downcast pose, the "modest model" expression, is deeply affecting.

When goddesses are this pretty, even their beautification images are enchanting. In this still, the makeup artist gives Yanderis an exotic, tropical look,

while Kelsey presents a captivating, lost-in-thought expression, much reminiscent of the looks in romantic portraiture, as the hairstylist arranges her golden hair into a princess-like style.

At several points in the video, the models are shown holding up numbered cards, which are clearly meant to help the S.C. team identify the various dress styles. Like one of Sophie Sheppard's recent Polaroids, these pictures have an uncanny resemblance to police snapshots. Yet though these are merely intended to be functional images, not meant for public distribution, Kelsey (consummate model that she is) nevertheless adopts one of her loveliest expressions for this still--a gentle, innocent gaze, a vulnerable look that is this model's trademark, and which never fails to melt the viewer's heart.

Prepare yourselves, one and all, for the next sequence is the most magical in all of the Sydney's Closet footage. First, Kelsey is shown exhibiting the luscious fullness of her arms, in a pose that harkens back to Lillian Russell. Observe that her limbs are free of even a hint of unattractive muscle tone, and are sensually feminine in their soft roundness.

Next, a profile view of Miss Olson finds her receiving an opera masque to go with her purple dress. The attractive angle shows a sensual curve under the chin, as well as offering another view of the alluring fullness of the model's arms.

Then, in the finest shot in either video, Kelsey first gazes at the camera through her pretty mask, which teasingly discloses her kissable pink lips. The pastel hues of the mask perfectly suit the model's fair complexion.

And for the pièce de resistance, she doffs her mask, like Cinderella revealing herself at the ball, looking softer, fairer, prettier than ever. Far from playing innocent, however, Kelsey looks sweetly alluring. She mouths a few priceless words to the camera that viewers may discern for themselves. The sight of such loveliness would enslave any man's soul for life, or longer.

Having cast her spell, Kelsey next seems to laugh about it, smiling a radiant smile and tilting her head back to allow her golden tresses to cascade down her back. The ornate earrings and pearl necklace enhance the model's aristocratic beauty, as if she were a young Marie Antoinette playfully breaking men's hearts at a Versailles ball.

To provide some necessary counterpoint to Kelsey's luminescence, the next shot presents the brunette Yanderis in a midnight black dress, generating a particularly dark and seductive expression, embodying the adumbral antithesis to the fair sweetness that Kelsey exhibits.

Fittingly, the next scene brings the two models together, as if for comparison, with Kelsey appearing softer, fuller, and fairer, while Yanderis appears more mysterious and enigmatic. They are like a pair of cherubs together, the light angel and the dark angel.

A cutaway shot finds the Sydney's Closet team reviewing the images as they are created. Imagine being employed to sift through hundreds of photographs of the world's most gorgeous models. Little wonder that this individual is transfixed by a picture of Yanderis and can't seem to zoom in close enough.

As Hannah mentioned in her original post, in addition to generous footage showing the models creating elegant and graceful looks for the still photographer, these videos show candid moments of the girls indulging in a little silliness. Phyllis Brasch-Librach, the CEO of Sydney's Closet, joins Kelsey in one such moment, in a still that has the added benefit of demonstrating just how hypnotically large Miss Olson's exquisite baby-blue eyes really are.

Miss Mirand's own beautification image, which may be the most glamorous of all three models' cosmetics shots, follows next, with Caralyn adopting an expression that epitomizes supermodel glamour, as the light conspires to illuminate her facial features in a dramatic manner.

Kelsey then returns in an abbreviated black dress which attractively embraces her figure and discloses a hint of roundness at her middle.

A striking long shot presents the entire Sydney's Closet set. Yes, that is Kelsey before the camera, the loveliest prom princess ever known, accompanied by her suitor du jour. She looks especially adorable in pale blue, which sets off her golden hair most effectively.

Yanderis, on the other hand, wears the second of the two dress colours (blue and pink) that adorn Princess Aurora in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. The white gloves are an adorable touch, reminiscent of Scarlett O'Hara. In this image, one acolyte helps Yanderis don her gloves while another ties her stays at the back. Such princesses surely do deserve to have an array of servants at their beckon call, waiting on them hand and foot.

Miss Lodos is a vision of heaven in this soft pink hue, an attractive design that suggests the luxurious fullness at her midsection.

The three graces arrange themselves in a pyramid, this time with Yanderis appropriately in the centre, given that she sports pink--the prettiest and most feminine of hues. To see any one of these young ladies adorned in such lovely prom gowns would yield untold bliss; to see all three would constitute a greater dose of pure beauty than any mortal mind could absorb.

A different style of gown showcases Caralyn's voluptuousness in a highly attractive manner. Miss Mirand appears scarcely able to suppress her bemusement.

Yanderis's "mugshot" is a charming display of personality, with Miss Lodos adopting an intriguing expression that is equal parts smouldering allure and haughty boredom. The mix of the two qualities is highly seductive.

For the actual product photo, Yanderis allows a smile to press her lips. The hairstyle, with the tropical flower, is utterly enchanting and adds to the innate exoticism of the model's look.

Count on Caralyn to deliver the spunkiest, most playful take on the mugshot exercise. Mischief-maker that she is, she still creates a photograph that could be published, to liven up an established catalogue.

But when Caralyn is tasked with formally modelling the gowns, she transitions into her elegant, sophisticated mode, adding a robust touch of sensuality with her flirtatious hair-teasing gesture. This dress is especially beautiful, with the ruching at the bust, the pink colour, and the bow at the shoulder.

Kelsey exudes angelic serenity in this dreamlike profile view. Her golden tresses appear thick and luxurious. She seems an inaccessible angel, too good for the likes of mortal man, forever out of his reach, like a fantasy of purest beauty. And yet one cannot help but yearn for this ideal, as the highest expression of life itself.

Yanderis, on the other hand, once again provides counterpoint, this time embodying a fleshy, earthy reality to Kelsey's transcendental beauty. Her facial features have a robust, well-fed look, while her arms are round and full.

The final shots of Caralyn show her being playful and delightfully silly, yet still generating publishable images, even at her merriest,

and ever being the tease, the saucy minx.

The video concludes with the three models bewitching the camera. Yanderis exudes scorching passion, but Kelsey, centrally placed, touches the heart with her youthful freshness, her earnest girlishness, her soft limbs, her round face, and her dazzling fairness.

* * *

Sydney's Closet deserves no end of acclaim for booking gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models to showcase its 2012 collection, and for designing dresses that exhibit plus-size beauty in such a visibly affirmative way.

These visuals should have every curvy girl eagerly looking forward to her prom, or homecoming dance, or any other social function that gives her the opportunity to dress in attractive Sydney's Closet gowns. At the sight of such luscious beauty, every male suitor will turn from the androgynous, underweight waifs--whose flat-chested figures will be inadequate to fill out their dresses--and favour the buxom girls' luscious curves and well-fed physiques.

On prom night, every plus-size girl has a bit of Kelsey Olson or Katherine Roll or Sophie Sheppard in her, and will inevitably be the belle of the ball.

- Click to enter Sydney's Closet

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Default Kelsey Olson at Sonsi

Imagine my delight when I opened my inbox today and found an ad from Sonsi featuring gorgeous Kelsey Olson, along with Yanderis and Caralyn! Sonsi now markets the line's dresses, so the company has released this stunning image of Kelsey and her colleagues in beautiful Sydney's Closet gowns, which would be perfect for any holiday fête.

Kelsey really looks like an angel, with such soft, fair skin and her tresses shining with a golden light.

I hope this is a prelude to seeing Kelsey actually modelling for Sonsi itself. Sonsi deserves no end of support for funding the excitement that is FFFWeek, where models like Kelsey and Katherine Roll shine, so it's wonderful to see Miss Olson in their advertising. Bravo!

Here's the original ad:
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