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Old 27th October 2011   #1
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Default Kelsey: Torrid lookbook

This year, 2011, has been a real homecoming for Kelsey. In addition to moving back to Los Angeles from Seattle, where she resided for a while, she has reconnected with many of the clients where she initially made her fame at the beginning of her career.

Besides coming back to Sydney's Closet for its 2012 shoot, she has also just shot a new look book for Torrid- her first in many seasons. For a long time, Kelsey was the face (and figure) of Torrid, so this is a true homecoming.

Torrid has just posted a number of behind-the-scenes photos previewing this look book. The pictures are grainy and colour-filtered, but they vividly show Kelsey's enchanting beauty.

I love this photograph of Kelsey looking serene as the hairstyling arranges her tresses. Lost in thought.

Accentuating her famously huge blue eyes:

Looking stunning in a smart, professional-looking ensemble that has a casual flair.

This is a more feminine, curve-revealing outfit. I find Kelsey's expressions in some of these photos to be very touching. They're wistful, almost melancholy. It's a new emotional avenue for her, and it yields very affecting pictures.

The coat is nice, but the dress underneath looks gorgeous. I hope there will be a photo with the coat off. Another moving, melancholy expression.

Back to a professional ensemble, but with a touch of colour.

Imagine the blessed life that the person behind this screen leads: being paid to sift through hundreds of gorgeous images of Miss Olson.

I'm excited to see Kelsey's return to Torrid in this lookbook. I can't wait! Her pictures for this client practically defined a curvy generation. If these teasers are any indication, it will be a thrilling photo series indeed.
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Old 1st November 2011   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey: Torrid lookbook preview

Torrid has now released the lookbook that it previewed in the above images, and the results surpass even the thrilling promise of the sneak peek.

First off, what a pleasure it is to see Kelsey at Torrid again. This is a true homecoming for her, because the Torrid brand was popularized among many curvy girls by her images on the site's covers and throughout its pages.

How interesting that it is a professional-attire lookbook. Although I'm not generally a fan of career wear, I must admit that Kelsey makes these styles look gorgeous, and they are actually much prettier than most office attire.

For example, the white blouse in this image is truly lovely -- my favourite piece in the entire collection, by far. I adore the ruffles. It adds so much femininity to the outfit. It's just the type of style that I associate with Miss Olson.

The white bow in the following outfit is also a pretty touch, adding a much-needed dash of girlishness to the ensemble.

This floral blouse similarly invigorates the outfit by adding a splash of colour, and of course, flowers are intrinsically feminine.

But ooooh, no picture better indicates how much allure a curvaceous goddess can exhibit, even in professional attire, than this picture. Here is where having a size-16 model, at minimum, is absolutely essential, because Kelsey's buxom curves form the outfit into a seductive shape. Miss Olson's expression exhibits just a hint of naughtiness, and her gestures offer the coy suggestion that she may be about to unbutton her jacket and reveal her curves.

I never imagined that a trenchcoat ensemble could look this sexy, all due to the piece that Kelsey wears underneath, with its sensual sweetheart cut, so alluringly exhibiting Miss Olson's voluptuousness.

This dress is elegant enough to inhabit a professional setting, but can also serve as an eye-catching evening look, or serve for a holiday fête.

The jacket may be professional, but the dash of colour suggests the wearer's passionate side, and the abbreviated skirt and fishnets are all-out vixenish. Torrid's caption says it all. However, Kelsey, very effectively, keeps the seduction sweet, with just a twinkle of mischief in her eye.

Torrid chose perfectly in selecting Kelsey to model these outfits. With the gentle femininity of her appearance and her youthful innocence, she gives the looks a grace and sweetness that they would otherwise lack, and softens their effect.

Very attractive top underneath the jacket, with a vintage-like design.

The close fit of these pants allows them to invigorate the outfit with a trace of visible curves.

Stunning images of a gorgeous model, and an exciting "welcome home" for Kelsey at the label where she made her name.

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Old 1st November 2011   #3
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Default Re: Kelsey: Torrid lookbook preview

I also received a Torrid promotion for this exciting look book via e-mail:

Kelsey's sinful curves give the outfits a seductive quality while her angelic features add just the right touch of softness. Not even Christina Hendricks in her Joan Holloway Mad Men attire 1960s office attire looks half as delectable as Kelsey does in these photos.
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Old 3rd November 2011   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey: Torrid lookbook

What a pleasure it is once again to be receiving Torrid e-mail ads with Kelsey in them. As far as Im concerned, Kelsey will always be Torrid. The company has booked many attractive models, but Kelsey is the one I always think of first.

She comes back to Torrid in triumph, looking gorgeous. The newest e-mail shows Kelsey in that passionate red blazer, which is definitely one of the standout images of the lookbook, though the white ruffled blouse, which I saw in the preview picture and on p.2 of the lookbook, is the prettiest item.

I hope this presages more great Kelsey campaigns for Torrid.

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Old 8th November 2011   #5
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Default Re: Kelsey: Torrid lookbook

I just wanted to add that Kelsey's images also appear on the workwear landing page at Torrid. You can click each of the pictures by number to see all the pieces to assemble the looks.

She also appears on the Accessories landing page.

It's so nice to see Kelsey back at Torrid. She always look soooo beautiful. I haven't paid attention to the label for a long time, but now I'll be checking in regularly.
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