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Default Hayley B.: Glamour Plus bridal VIDEO

Like so many other readers here, I was absolutely enraptured earlier this year by the Sweet Hearts Plus bridal campaign featuring gorgeous Australian plus-size model Hayley B. (Bella Model Management), a luscious size 16.

It was easily one of the most attractive bridal campaigns I've ever seen -- and bridal images invariably comprise the loveliest fashion campaigns anyway. Hayley herself is stunning -- gorgeous and genuinely full-figured -- and given that Sophie Sheppard currently in the U.K, Hayley is definitely the most beautiful plus-size model in Australia.

That's why I was thrilled to see a new bridal video from Glamour Plus, a division of the same brand -- Roz La Kelin, of Bridal TM -- which owns Sweet Hearts Plus.

This video is absolutely enchanting. It begins with Hayley walking out and doing a graceful turn, as lyrical ballet music plays, which underscores her soft elegance. She looks luscious and curvy in her attractive dress, very feminine and princess-like.

At 3:32, the video comes in for a closer view of Hayley, showing her rounded, doll-like facial features. When Hayley turns, the sight of her fair tresses flowing down her bare back is enchanting. At one point, the host demonstrates an aspect of the gown's beauty by physically drawing attention to Hayley's figure in a way that the model's admirers will greatly envy.

Hayley even speaks a few lines in the clip, and as we have seen in her past videos, she is very articulate and charismatic. I hope we'll be seeing more such videos of Hayley from this fine label. Hayley is everyone's idea of a dream bride.

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Default Re: Hayley B.: Glamour Plus bridal VIDEO

Hayley looks utterly gorgeous in this video, and although her waist is a tad more compressed than one might wish (owing to the construction of the gown), the fleshy roundness of her arms is abundantly visible, as is the soft fullness of her face. The video thus yields a host of lovely screen captures.

The opening is particularly eye-catching, with the glittering sparkles that cross the screen as Hayley performs a graceful turn. The twinkling stars underscore the magical enchantment that her beauty exudes, and her likeness to a fairy-tale princess.

How wonderful to hear classical music playing to accompany the model's beauty, for classical is the only musical genre that harmonizes with the timeless femininity that plus-size models like Hayley embody. As Hayley proceeds to orbit the showroom, the camera first captures the luscious fullness of her right arm,

then both. Like the gorgeous Katherine Roll (or, for that matter, like Disney's Katrina van Tassel), Hayley exhibits a shapely softness in her arms that runs their full length, right down to her wrists.

After a slow pan upwards in which the camera seems to delight in the model's voluptuousness as much as it spotlights the elegant trim at the gown's neckline, the video captures some lovely close-ups of Hayley's doll-like face, which possesses a sensually well-fed look. She exhibits high cheekbones softened by facial fullness.

Hayley is unfailingly mature, intelligent, and articulate in her on-camera commentary, which makes the youthful, even girlish prettiness of her face that much more unexpected, testifying to how self-indulgence is a veritable fountain of youth, giving this goddess in her early 20s the fresh youthfulness of a girl in her teens. In this still, her golden tresses gently caress her bare shoulders.

For the second portion of the video, the music subsides and a member of the Glamour Plus team highlights the appeal of this particular style and explains the inspired design decisions that went into crafting such a lovely bridal gown.

After allowing the host to offer some general observations about the dress, the camera draws in close to highlight the fine details of the gown, not to mention showcasing Hayley's dazzling beauty. Observe how the deep V-cut of the dress alluringly exhibits the model's buxom décolletage.

The next sequence provides the finest impression of the fullness of Hayley's figure, as she performs a 360-degree turn to allow the host to describe the benefits of the design elements at the back as well as the front. This angle exhibits the model's sensually weighty voluptuousness,

while a subsequent still presents her noble profile, an aristocratic face that would richly deserve to be immortalized in silhouette art.

The reverse view demonstrates how the luxurious length of Hayley's hair is an essential component of the overall beauty of the look, with her tresses cascading down her back in a waterfall of gold. The white blossom is an entrancing hair accessory. This stance offers a view of the sumptuous fullness of the model's left arm,

while the next frame, featuring a different pose, shows a seductive swell of flesh surging over the lip of her gown, at the back--a sensual visual that would have any groom desperate to embrace his bride.

Indeed, the very next still brings just such an embrace to mind. As the host physically draws attention to a feature of the dress, the action implants the same subconscious yearning for tactile engagement in the viewer's mind that models themselves inspire when they touch their own facial features in their still photographs.

As the host rotates Hayley, the sunlight pouring into the showroom from the overhead skylight illuminates the model's soft face in a divine radiance, as if heaven itself were spotlighting the wonders of God's creation. Her arms appear attractively full and round, and her warm smile would bring joy to the heart of even the most despondent outcast.

A final shot finds Hayley flashing a big, open-mouthed smile that makes her facial features appear that much lovelier, as the host compliments the model's beauty.

While this Glamour Plus gown is certainly an attractive design in its own right, it is Hayley's opulent, well-fed physique that gives it such an attractive shape, endowing it with womanly contours and forming it into the silhouette of a goddess. Furthermore, Hayley's cherubic facial featuring and voluminous golden hair give her the appearance of every man's ideal bride, making this the wedding dress of one's dreams.

The opening portion of the video, with the lyrical soundtrack, deserves a particular note of praise, for offering an audiovisual experience that is antithetical to the degenerate aesthetic promoted by the modernist fashion establishment. Today's androgyny-worshipping, beauty-hating fashion elites suppress full-figured womanhood, girlish delicacy, the European music tradition, feminine wardrobe, the physical attributes of gender, the very institution of marriage, and every other aspect of Old World culture--in other words, every single aspect of this video, which features plus-size curvaceousness, a ladylike demeanour, classical music, and a feminine gown showcasing womanly contours and tailored to celebrate the holy sacrament of matrimony.

It is as unmodern and comfortably tradtional a video as one could possibly imagine--and for that reason, it is rapturously beautiful.

Bravo to Glamour Plus for such a fine five minutes of footage. We earnestly look forward to more bridal videos from this inspiring label.

- Hayley B. Gallery

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