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Old 3rd November 2011   #1
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Default Mayara Russi for Christmas (Duloren)

We have frequently observed that when it comes to size celebration, Brazil is so far ahead of the United States and Europe that full-figured retailers and modelling agencies in the Northern hemisphere should feel ashamed of themselves for their timidity. In contrast to the diffidence that the American industry exhibits when it comes to promoting womanly curves, Brazil is utterly fearless. And what's more, in their presentations of curvaceous femininity, not only do the Brazilians celebrate size, but they remain guided by an aesthetic that is indisputably beautiful.

The fact that the top South American full-figured model is Mayara Russi, a luscious size 22, attests to Brazil's preeminence. But what's more, when Brazilian photographers shoot Mayara, far from hiding her figure, they showcase her curves with sheer delight, glorying in her well-fed womanliness in a way that American companies are too timorous to dare attempting, even when shooting slim size 14s.

The new Christmas campaign from Duloren (, a prominent Brazilian lingerie brand, takes size celebration to a whole new level. Remember: these images are not stunts or publicity magnets, which is all too often the case in the Northern hemisphere when fuller-figured models are featured in a provocative manner. These images are for a label that sells intimate apparel to both minus-size and plus-size women. In other words, Duloren feels, rightly, that such a loving showcase of luscious femininity will sell lingerie, beyond even making full-figured women more confident in their appearance.

The premise of the ad is that Santa Claus, having come upon the sight of Mayara lounging on a sofa and wearing the skimpiest of attire, has passed out from the sheer exhilaration of seeing her intoxicatingly gorgeous figure. Every plump, luscious contour of the model's body is lovingly presented, from her full, rounded arms to the soft curves along her side. Even her opulent waist, though pressed against the cushions of the sofa, is alluringly perceived. There is no denying it: she is very well fed, and dazzlingly seductive as a result. She may have the most sensual figure of any currently working plus-size model in the world.

For her part, Mayara cleverly adopts a playful expression, to keep the image from venturing into scandalous territory and to adhere to the joyful Christmas theme. The model recognized that the very sight of her sumptuous figure would generate intense passion, so she allowed her cute, girlish expression to soften the effect. Although fans adore Mayara's long, luxuriant tresses, this hairstyle, so reminiscent of a young girl's updo, adds a delightful dash of innocence, further steering the image away from carnality and towards playful sensuality.

Click to enlarge

The second image in this campaign is, if anything, even more bewitching, with Mayara adopting a playful hand gesture that is delightfully coquettish. Santa appears completely overcome by the sight of her replete beauty--and who wouldn't be? But if it is possible to consider anything in the image besides Mayara, even for a moment, one realizes that the décor adds a great deal to the beauty of these masterpieces. The environment of the room is warm and inviting, from the traditional Christmas tree to the candles on the mantlepiece. It gives the image a feeling of hearth and home. Of course, nothing in the world is as desirable as a plus-size model reposing on a plush sofa, for recumbent poses such as this suggest a model's sweet indolence, a quintessentially feminine aversion to exertion and a love of leisure.

Click to enlarge

What makes Mayara's figure so stunning is not merely its lavish fullness, but the natural, untoned softness of her physique. And yet consider how vibrant and healthy she appears, robust and full of life. She veritably glows with a lush radiance, utterly antithetical to the cadaverous, sickly look that the fashion industry mandates for its walking skeletons. Mayara exudes passionate, red-blooded vitality, a vigorous zest for life, which includes indulging herself freely--and becoming more gorgeous as a result. The pink, satin covering on which she resposes adds a further sensual element, suggesting that the model's skin, like that of a princess, should never touch anything but the softest fabrics.

Click to enlarge

With these images of the truly breathtaking Mayara Russi, Duloren and the Brazilian fashion industry have taken size celebration to a new level. As we noted above, not only is the sumptuous size-22 Miss Russi the most gorgeous South American plus-size model, but also the curviest and most prominent. Beauty, fullness of figure, and career success have gone hand in hand for this stunning goddess, all three increasing in equal measure--which is exactly how it should be.

If the timeless ideal of beauty had not been suppressed in the modern era, then images such as this would be the norm, not the exception, in the fashion world. The century of Rubens would have acknowledged Mayara as a goddess supreme, as would the era of Lillian Russell. Only in the past several decades has the West been diverted into a false vision of attractiveness, as an alien cabal has taken over our culture and deformed it into an inhuman shape.

But the South may yet redeem the North, and Brazil may yet show the rest of the world the way back towards celebrating true, natural, well-fed womanly beauty. And in this process of aesthetic restoration and cultural renewal, bountiful Mayara Russi (44-43-53) may be the guiding light.

(Click images to view much larger.)


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Old 4th November 2011   #2
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Default Re: Mayara Russi for Christmas (Duloren)

Christmas definitely came early this year, because these images are a Yuletide gift beyond compare.

I've been following this site for years, so when I say the following, it's a measure of just how gorgeous these images are: this is the most beautiful, desirable female figure I have ever seen in my life, either on this site or anywhere else.

Mayara's physique is absolutely perfect. No wonder Santa is overcome. It's as if Duloren peered into the male heart and discovered every man's vision of the exact shape of ultimate feminine beauty.

This promotion actually makes me think of a blending of two famous campaigns of years past: (1) the famous Bijan ads featuring a model named Bella (though Mayara's figure is far more beautiful), and (2) the celebrated CJBanks Barbara Brickner Christmas image of some years ago, which is seasonally re-posted on this forum. The Duloren images take from the Bijan ads the idea of unapologetically celebrating a fleshy female body, and from the CJ Banks image the warm Christmas environment evoking heart and home.

The caption that accompanies the images is very clever: Você não imagina do que uma Duloren é capaz. Google translates this roughly as, "You cannot imagine of what a Duloren is capable." In other words, when a curvaceous goddess wears Duloren lingerie, she can seduce even Kris Kringle himself and cause him to deviate from his Christmas route. And who could blame him?

With these images, Duloren has shown how plus-size lingerie should be marketed: with a gorgeous and visibly full-figured model. Mayara becomes more breathtakingly beautiful with every campaign she shoots, and these are the most stunning images of her amazing career.
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Old 6th November 2011   #3
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Default Re: Mayara Russi for Christmas (Duloren)

Originally Posted by HSG
What's more, when Brazilian photographers shoot Mayara, far from hiding her figure, they showcase her curves with sheer delight, glorying in her well-fed womanliness in a way that American companies are too timorous to dare attempting, even when shooting slim size 14s.

Exactly. This is the crucial point. It's not just that Mayara is a sumptuous size 22, although that in and of itself is exciting and liberating. It's that Duloren lovingly displayed all of her contours, especially the luscious curves along her side, even hinting at the soft swell of her waist, as well as the opulent fullness of her magnificent arms. Not only would U.S. retailers be too cowardly to shoot a size-22 goddess, but even if they did, they would undoubtedly erase the very curves that identify her as a true plus-size model. As the above comment points out, even when the American industry features models on the smaller end of plus, it still airbrushes out any lingering, minor traces of visible curviness that they do possess.

This is the difference between size-celebration and size shame. This Brazilian ad epitomizes size celebration: the model is truly full-figured, her size is abundantly on display, and the soft, untoned fullness of her figure is exhibited, down to every lovely curve. The American industry practices size shame: it resorts to faux-plus frauds, hides what little size they have, requires them to have androgynous, unnatural, ropy-muscled physiques, and even then photoshops away any visible curves that might remain. No wonder plus-size women become ashamed of their bodies, when the advertising that is marketed to them teaches them such shame. But Mayara's Duloren ads show women that their full figures are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and irresistible, and deserve to be showcased unapologetically and joyously.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi for Christmas (Duloren)

I'm a little late in posting, because I had to work at composing a family-friendly response to such overwhelmingly sensual imagery. Wow.

It also occurs to me that it's unlikely that ad ever would have appeared in the U.S. Remember the flak Lane Bryant got with the Ashley Graham lingerie ad. Mayara's ad is a couple hundred degrees hotter, at least.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi for Christmas (Duloren)

Mayara's Duloren ads represent the absolute zenith of size celebration and the most sensual presentation ever created of the figure of a goddess, either in photographs or in art. In fact, with Mayara's stunning images, the plus-size industry actually surpasses even the achievements of the Renaissance and Baroque in depicting the luscious curves of the naturally well-fed female body. It is the most alluring, seductive presentation of the feminine physique that it is possible to image. It communicates a sheer joy in physical flesh, an ardent love of self-indulgence, that is completely beguiling. It's also a wonderful image for the holidays, inviting girls to liberate themselves from pointless guilt and self-denial, and finally to take full pleasure in eating whatever they like, enjoying holiday feasts, knowing that such enjoyment will only make them more desirable.

Given that Mayara even outshines any smaller size-14/16 plus-size models like Ashley, she utterly humiliates any waif models. In conjunction with this campaign, Dulorn is promoting a line with a minus-size model, and the photo looks dismal: utterly unsensual and off-putting in its creaky androgyny, like a crumpled wooden puppet discarded onto a couch.

Not only is the model flat-chested and underfed, but she poses awkwardly, just a jumble of harsh angles. She looks bony and uncomfortable, and I cannot imagine how anyone could find her even minimally attractive. By contrast, Mayara is soft, and comfortable, and rounded, and looks entirely at ease on the plush sofa. If there is ever a visual testimony to the superiority of the timeless aesthetic of full-figured beauty over the hard, modern, minimalist aesthetics of guilt, this is it.
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Old 23rd December 2011   #6
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Default Re: Mayara Russi for Christmas (Duloren)

This season has brought with it many exciting, size-positive campaigns, but there's no doubt that all of these pro-curvy breakthroughs are due to Mayara Russi and the work that she has done in Brazil. Mayara has set a new standard for plus-size models around the world, showing that models can be gorgeous and truly full-figured.

And this Duloren campaign is the finest promotion of all, the most beautiful, most curve-adoring campaign ever created. No company has ever celebrated the luscious figure of a plus-size model as enthusiastically as Duloren has, and no plus-size model has ever had a figure as opulent and worthy of being celebrated as Mayara.

In fact, Duloren now has a picture of Mayara on the cover of the label's web site. Keep in mind that Duloren makes its styles in minus sizes and plus-sizes, so for this company to put Mayara on its cover page means that it recognizes that Mayara's gorgeous figure will appeal to all of its customers (underweight and full-figured alike), and in fact to every visitor who comes to the site.

I'll try to centre the image, so that it looks just like it does at the Duloren site:

It's one of the most beautiful photos every created, featuring a model with the most gorgeous figure of all time, a Renaissance or Baroque goddess alive in the present day. Bravo, Duloren, and bravo, beautiful Mayara!

See Mayara's photo on the Duloren cover page:
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