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Old 7th November 2011   #1
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Default Melissa King: Penningtons, holiday 2011

The Penningtons promotions are always worth anticipating, and while the company has not yet released its full holiday/winter campaign, it did issue this attractive teaser photo earlier today.

I love the relaxed feeling of holiday campaigns. Melissa King is gorgeous and looks every bit a size 16 in this attractive dress, which offers a hint of décolletage.

Here's an even better preview. Penningtons also features the following new page on its web site:

It shows Melissa in a lacy, sleeveless dress that accentuates her buxom curves and is one of the more convincing implied-sheer dresses I've seen. I adore the log-cabin setting too. The other preview image is more contemporary, this one more rustic and homey. Both are beautiful.

I look forward to the launch of the campaign and I applaud Penningtons for continuing to use authentically full-figured models.
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Old 8th November 2011   #2
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Default Re: Melissa King: Penningtons, holiday 2011

Very pretty pictures! I like the elegant yet relaxed feeling of the party image. Melissa looks so pretty with the longer hair that she has been wearing for several seasons now.

Interestingly enough, cocktail glasses make attractive accessories. I remember that the delightful video of Katherine Roll at FFFWeek was enhanced by the presence of a cocktail glass in the foreground of the image, with a drink that (in a stroke of brilliance) was colour-coordinated to her beautiful dress.

Penningtons is a wonderful brand, and I always admire them for producing attractive, size-positive campaigns with honest-to-goodness plus-size models. I look forward to this season's promotions.
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Old 10th November 2011   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Melissa King: Penningtons, holiday 2011

Penningtons has now published its winter campaign, along with its new flyer/catalogue.

The catalogue cover was well chosen. It's the most attractive image of the campaign. Melissa looks very elegant and seductive in her semi-fitted sleeveless dress. Positioning her by the mirror was a clever photographic touch, as it allows a single image to show the model and her dress in profile as well as from the front, and to have it occur in the context of the setting.

I also love this photograph, with Melissa looking very alluring, and a gentleman eyeing her with obvious desire (and who can blame him?) The log-cabin setting for this shoot is very atmospheric, and the decorations warmly evoke the holiday spirit.

The catalogue comes with a full-page image of the sensual implied-sheer dress, shown earlier. This outfit would undoubtedly make the wearer the centre of attention at any soirée and win her the heart of any man she chooses.

Melissa's cocktail-dress photo is also included, although the resolution of the photo is superior in the preview version that Hannah posted.

I was trying to recall the identity of the dark-haired model, and I just figured it out: Roxanne Jovin, an attractive size-16 brunette signed with the Brand agency. The gentleman is being treated to an embarrassment of riches, and shifts his desire from one goddess to another.

Roxanne looks beguiling in this ruffled, feminine, sleeveless top.

Just like the recent Evans catalogue, the Penningtons flyer offers helpful wardrobe tips.

Melissa looks especially attractive in this sweater. Warm winter pullovers give a full-figured goddess a real look of cozy, comfortable fullness - irresistible on a cold, winter night.

Another great sweater look.

This is likely the most size-positive photograph in the campaign. In this comfy sleepwear, Melissa's figure looks opulent and full and very curvy.

Penningtons deserves a round of applause for consistently shooting its campaigns on location. The winter cabin greatly enhances the appeal of the images, creating a believable storyline of a holiday getaway and putting the clothing in context. I love the details like the frosted windows and the reflected pine trees in the background, not to mention that magnificent door.

Attractive headshot to exhibit jewellery.

Roxanne has a stunning figure, voluptuous with a real sense of weight, a physique that is both alluring and natural, which is what plus-size models ideally should be.

A gorgeous campaign in an enchanting setting with beautiful, visibly full-figured models wearing appealing clothing, both for elegant parties and for relaxing amid friends. What more could anyone want? Bravo to this terrific label for another top-notch promotion.
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Old 11th November 2011   #4
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Default Re: Melissa King: Penningtons, holiday 2011

Thank you so much for posting this lovely campaign! Melissa King and Roxanne Jovin look beautiful, and are truly full figured. I'm always so excited to see the fashion layouts posted here. This site is so size positive, it is a pleasure to browse the images, and it leaves me feeling so good about myself. I'm a size 16, and when I look at beautiful models like Melissa and Roxanne, it is empowering and promotes a healthy self-image for all curvy women.
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Old 14th November 2011   #5
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Default Re: Melissa King: Penningtons, holiday 2011

While browsing through the Penningtons site, I found a number of images of Melissa throughout the various landing pages.

The main Apparel page incorporates the preview image, showing Melissa enjoying her cocktail.

A page promoting Penningtons gift cards features a lovely version of the photo of Melissa in her cuddly sweater. Her figure does appear attractive full in this photo, and in this version, you get a better view of the Christmas presents, the blazing heart, and even the bearskin carpet on the floor. This campaign creates a wonderful impression of an idyllic holiday retreat in the far north, in a rustic cabin.

Penningtons's "About Us" description has as its background this stunning picture, which served as the catalogue cover, and shows a hint of the model's great legs.

Landing pages for Accessories and Dresss:

But the best find is this photo, on a page introducing the season's trends. It offers a new and different take on Melissa in her curve-adoring wrap dress. She has attractively womanly hips, which the dress effectively displays.

It's a pleasure to see at least one North American client consistently booking legitimately full-figured models, not to mention shooting them in attractive locations.
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Old 27th November 2011   #6
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Default Re: Melissa King: Penningtons, holiday 2011

The newest Penningtons cover finds Melissa in comfortable sleepwear. She looks attractively full at the waist, and even shows a hint of a curve under the chin. Pink is a lovely colour for her, as a blonde.

I like the logo: "Cuddle up to comfort." I'm sure that many plus-size-model aficionados would love to cuddle up to a full-figured goddess in cozy sleepwear.
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Old 13th December 2011   #7
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Default Re: Melissa King: Penningtons, holiday 2011

Fans of plus-size beauty will surely enjoy seeing the new image of Melissa that Penningtons features in rotation on its cover page.

This sweater looks very comfortable, yet it alluringly accentuates her buxom contours and generous hips. Melissa looks especially full-figured in this photo, and very gorgeous.

Penningtons always distinguishes itself with pro-curvy photography showing lovely models wearing appealing attire, shot in pleasing locations. I always enjoy their campaigns.
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