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Old 11th November 2011   #1
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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI

In a development that is sure to enthrall fans of both Kailee O'Sullivan and IGIGI, Kailee just shot a holiday campaign with the popular San Francisco-based label, and the results are utterly exquisite.

So far, I've discovered Kailee's photos on the IGIGI cover page (three in rotation) and on the IGIGI landing pages.

Here are the covers, reduced to fit forum parameters. But be sure to visit to see them full size.

This is definitely the most breathtaking image of the campaign. Kailee is wearing her hair lighter now, in a strawberry-blonde colour that is probably my own favourite among the various hues that she adopts. Her face is exquisitely round and full, and in an especially gorgeous feature, her face shows a hint of a curve under the chin. The big, golden curls of her hair harmonize with the feeling of opulent richness that the campaign evokes. Her gesture is soft and dreamy, and the way she plays with her tresses is magical.

I adore Kailee's expressions in these images, in which she appears to be in a kind of romantic reverie. The use of the mirror reminds me of 1890s photographs of Lillian Russell.

Also, I adore the dress. It's lacy construction is so feminine, and the plunging neckline celebrates Kailee's buxom voluptuousness. The sash is a very pretty touch.

Another breathtaking closeup of Kailee. I find it fascinating how the soft, babylike look of her face is ideal for the elegant, regal qualities of the campaign.

A passionate, semi-startled look to the side, showing the model's big, blue eyes.

The top attractively defines her buxom curves, and the hat is a charming accessory.

Kailee exhibits a touch of melancholy in this photo, but the tinge of sadness actually enhances her beauty.

In all of the city that she fronts in this image, surely nothing and no one is so pretty as Miss O'Sullivan herself.

But the real treasure so far is the brand-new, beautifully filmed video that IGIGI has released. I adore it right away, at 0:09, when Kailee, wearing a coquettish pink lip colour, blows a kiss to the camera. Also, there's a shot at 0:31 showing Kailee lit very dramatically in moody illumination, as if by candle-light. Her face looks as soft and round as that of a Victorian doll. Such a sensual look at 0:51. Adorable smile at 1:35. The melting gaze at 1:51 will stop your heart.

Better still, the video features fascinating comments from Yuliya about the background to her holiday collection. It's inspired by Paris, which makes perfect sense, as the opulent, golden touches of the images are very much evocative of the 19th-centural majesty of Paris. Yuliya also offers her reminiscences about working with Kailee, whom she calls a "sexy, sensuous, beautiful goddess," and every word is treasure, and every word is true. Yuliya's comments, enthusing about the inner life and the spirituality of her full-figured muse, are a perfect commentary to accompany these artistic images of Miss O'Sullivan. Kailee embodies exactly the qualities that Yuliya so movingly describes.

Luxurious, feminine fashions displayed on an angel of loveliness, photographed (and filmed) in a dreamlike manner: these images, and this video, are sheer perfection.

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Old 12th November 2011   #2
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI

This campaign is absolutely exquisite. These are some of the loveliest images of Kailee I've ever seen in all the time that I've been admiring her art.

IGIGI also features another photo of young Miss O'Sullivan as its Twitter avatar. Breathtaking.

I love the fair hair colour on Kailee. But perhaps what captivates me most of all is Kailee's exquisite complexion. Her skin is luminescent. Especially in the Twitter avatar photo, and in many of the shots in the video, Kailee epitomizes the "spun sugar" look that has been praised on this forum as the ideal doll-like cosmetics artistry for fair, full-figured goddesses. It takes me right back to one of Kailee's first shoots: her 2006 prom campaign for Laura Plus.

The description of Kailee that was penned at the time applies perfectly to this enchanting new IGIGI campaign:

Never has any model more vividly exhibited the fair skin tone of a storybook princess, a delicate complexion that is "not the white that slides into pallor, but that white, tinged with blood, that was so prized by the Ancients" (as described by Firenzuola in his Renaissance treatise, On the Beauty of Women). Add to that Kailee's golden curls, her crystalline blue eyes, and appropriately opulent accessories, and Kailee truly appears to have stepped right out of a fairy-tale.

We must also pay a special compliment to the makeup artist, for gracing Kailee with the "Spun Sugar" look that is the ideal adornment for timeless beauty (as noted in a recent cosmetics-themed discussion). Kailee truly appears to be Helen of Troy come to life, with the "plump and pink and flaxen" attributes that define archetypal feminine allure.

The dresses and other items that Kailee models in these IGIGI images are gorgeous. I love the fact that IGIGI has incorporated richer, more elaborate accessories than in past shoots. This could well be the wonderful new Parisian influence that Yuliya mentions in the video, since Paris is soaked in Baroque, Neoclassical, and Historicist opulence.
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Old 13th November 2011   #3
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI

A bit more browsing through the IGIGI site turns up several more captivating photos of Kailee. This first picture is magical, showing her ultra-fair skin glowing with its own light, and her tresses shining like spun gold.

Dresses are IGIGI's specialty, so it stands to reason that the label would have separate landing pages devoted to three different categories of dress, all featuring Kailee photos. I love the look of wonder on Kailee's face in the first of these two:

Pensive Kailee, lost in her own thoughts.

Most of the images thus far have shown Kailee looking enchantingly demure, but I also appreciate this photo, in which she appears more overtly sensual.

Entrancing photos, every one.

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Old 14th November 2011   #4
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI

IGIGI now has three new images of Kailee in rotation on its cover page. I find the first one especially stunning. It boldly showcases Kailee's voluptuousness, yet her direct, impassive gaze renders the effect elegant. This image vividly shows how physically seductive a full-figured goddess can be, while retaining poise and sophistication.

As others have mentioned before, there's something especially beguiling about plus-size goddesses in states of repose. Kailee sinks heavily into the sofa cushions, which is an intensely alluring sight. Her languid positioning on the sofa is seductive, but she also appears very intent, exuding power as well as as sensuality. She resembles a majestic princess in the throne room of a great palace, passively expecting the worship that she merits due to her beauty as well as her regal status, and ready to issue her decrees. Her eyes look almost feline. The dress is stunning.

The third image shows Kailee caught during a more vulnerable moment. The interplay between the opulence of the jewellery and the hairstyle, and the delicacy of the model's look, is captivating.

Every image from this campaign is proving to be a masterpiece.
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Old 16th November 2011   #5
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI

I have one extra image to share, one that not everyone will likely have seen.

When I visited the IGIGI site the other day, a pop-up asked if I wanted to sign up for the mailing list (of course, I responded in the affirmative), and it came with a photo of Kailee, one that hasn't been posted here yet.

I quickly saved it. Here it is.

She looks very sensual and lovely in the image. I love how her golden hair is alluringly descending into her decolletage. Very seductive expression too. I just dearly wish that she were fuller figured.
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Old 20th December 2011   #6
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI

The second thread about Kailee O'Sullivan's holiday campaign is becoming quite lengthy, so I've decided to add Miss O'Sullivan's newest IGIGI images to this, the first discussion of this exciting promotion.

I gasped with admiration when I saw the following new picture of Kailee on the cover page of the IGIGI site. It's so daringly sensual. The camera sees through the eyes of a viewer who is spellbound by the opulent allure of Kailee's voluptuousness. Kailee herself seems to bask in the adoration, glowing with pleasure at being gazed at so passionately. It's a very intimate image, as if she were allowing the viewer to look deep and long at her abundant décolletage. The image better exhibits how seductive the IGIGI gown is on a buxom figure than any other.

The next image made me think of Kaitlynn's description of an earlier photo in this thread, in which, she said, Kailee "resembles a majestic princess in the throne room of a great palace, passively expecting the worship that she merits due to her beauty."

She looks very regal and excitingly vain. She has the attitude of someone who feels that she deserves to have everyone be in awe of her beauty, to revere her and idolize her. With her pose, she deliberately accentuates her voluptuousness. It's a conscious act of display, designed to enslave viewers' hearts by exhibiting her opulent figure. I also adore the lassitude that she exudes with the languid way she drapes her hand over the chair, as if she were too indolent even to set it on the armrest. It's a very sensual gesture.

The close-up photo advertises a new IGIGI contest which allows participants to win a gift certificate. Since the image promoting it is so gorgeous, I figure it deserves a plug. Here's the link:
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