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Default Kelly Clarkson's size-positive message

This is a portion of an interview done by Access Hollywood with singer Kelly Clarkson. It is noteworthy for this forum because she takes a stand against the weight bigotry that proliferates in the media and entertainment industry.
What first made me take notice of this interview is Kelly herself. Although she does not look all out full figured, she certainly does not look like the cadaverous women who now are the standard bearers of what is supposed to be "beautiful".

She defiantly and boldly states that she is "over people scrutinizing her weight", and calls insensitive and cruel remarks about weight gain "stupid". Ms. Clarkson speaks about the dangers of the messages sent by the media: the thin-supremacist attitude undermines the confidence of young girls, and she says it is "mean".

I am encouraged when I see artists in the public eye come out against the bullying and denigration that larger women are subjected to. Kudos to Ms. Clarkson for her honesty, and size positive message.
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Old 21st November 2011   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Kelly Clarkson in red at the AMA

Thank you for sharing this inspiring message from Kelly Clarkson, Luminosa. Over the course of her career, she could easily have sold out and diminished herself, as so many other once-curvy celebrities have done, but instead she has retained a shapely figure. It's wonderful to see her defying industry mandates.

Originally Posted by Luminosa
Although she does not look all-out full figured, she certainly does not look like the cadaverous women who now are the standard bearers of what is supposed to be "beautiful".

Very true! The Daily Mail just published an article about Kelly's appearance at the American Music awards, with images that show her looking agreeably curvy.

She wears a red dress inspired by Jessica Rabbit, but unlike Jessica, Kelly has genuine womanly curves, with generous hips and a swell of roundness at the waist.

Agreeably positive commentary from the Mail:

Kelly Clarkson flew the flag for curvy women last night as she oozed old-school Hollywood glamour.

The American Idol winner dazzled onstage at the American Music Awards, wearing a red sequined floor-length gown and large diamond drop earrings that belonged on the red carpet at the Oscars.

With her voluptuous figure and vivacious personality, the 29-year-old resembled iconic animated character Jessica Rabbit from 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

In an interview last year she revealed: 'When people talk about my weight, I'm like, "You seem to have a problem with it; I don't."

The article also links to a video of Kelly's performance, with camera work that shows her curves from every angle. How empowering to see a fuller-than-usual celebrity dressing in a look-at-me red dress that, instead of trying to hide her figure, boldly showcases it. It reminds me of the effect of Sophie Sheppard's stunning Jill Alexander dress at Curves in Couture (though, obviously, the fabric and cut of the dresses is different - but both are passionately red and lovingly showcase shapely curves).

The article features many more images. It's well worth a read.
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Old 24th November 2011   #3
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Default Re: Kelly Clarkson's size-positive message

Thank you, M. Lopez for the link to the Daily Mail article on Kelly Clarkson. She truly looks stunning in the red, floor-length gown, rocking every curve in her body. When I see someone like Kelly, a lovely, talented singer, who is pleasantly curvy, it is like a cool drink in an oasis. There are very, very few celebrities/artists who defy the notion that thinner is better.
You have also touched on an important point: Kelly Clarkson has not sold out and diminished herself in order to fit the skeletal standard of beauty now foisted on us all.
A case in point is Jennifer Hudson. She was, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful vocalists out there when she was a luscious size 16 or larger. I actually looked up to Jennifer for her tremendous talent and for being so beautifully full figured. My admiration has turned to disappointment, because she is no longer the lovely curvy woman she once was. There are so few women in the entertainment industry for plus-size girls to admire. So it was with pleasure that I shared the interview with Kelly Clarkson in this forum.
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