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Default Katherine Roll on Univision

The name of the program is, as of yet, unknown, nor has a video been located thus far, but earlier this week, gorgeous plus-size model Katherine Roll (MSA Models) appeared in a televised fashion segment on the Univision network. The three still images that have surfaced so far are breathtaking beyond measure, and indicate that if a video for this appearance is ever discovered, it will be one of the most exciting presentations of timeless beauty ever broadcast.

In this on-set photo, Miss Roll stands in the centre of the group, being in every way the focus of attention. Often, in ensemble images, the model with the brightest or more colourful wardrobe will initially draw the eye, but in this picture, it is Katherine's subdued white- and off-white outfit which captures the viewer's attention. At a shapely U.S. size 18, Miss Roll has the most gorgeous figure of any plus-size model working today, alluring curves that transform this modest, demure getup into a seductive, womanly silhouette. The sweater embraces her full, rounded arms and showcases her buxom contours. Her smile is sweet and endearing.

Even when Katherine is not placed in the centre of a composition, she still becomes the focus of the image. In this photograph, she veritably glows with her own light, as if the sun were penetrating the studio walls just to bathe her in a celestial radiance. This image effectively shows how essential it is to have a true plus-size model rather than a faux-plus girl presenting full-figured fashion. Katherine's goddesslike contours shape this conservative yet pretty outfit into a heart-stoppingly alluring look. The fit at the bust is especially attractive, with the model's buxom curves pressing open the sweater and exhibiting the ultra-feminine blouse underneath. Thanks to the model and her soft, luscious physique, this ensemble looks infinitely more desirable than it would on a model with diminished proportions. The golden handbag is a wonderful touch of opulence that highlights the overall richness of the look.

The third picture shows all of the models in a muted palette, due to the general, fluorescent lighting, yet this may be the finest image of the three in demonstrating the appeal of Katherine's outfit. Her blouse, we now see, exhibits an enchantingly ruffled, lacy look, as if it were a bona fide Victorian piece, half-hidden, half-revealed, by her sweater. How fascinating to see this marvellously vintage item blended with a more contemporary-looking sweater and slacks. It suggests something exciting about the wearer herself: that while she inhabits the modern world comfortably and successfully, she has at her heart an irresistibly traditional, feminine side, partially hidden from the world, but also discreetly displayed for those who have eyes to see it. Yet intriguingly, even though her ensemble is the most demure of the looks that the models in the image wear, Katherine's appearance is by far the most seductive, giving her dazzling beauty and the stunning contours of her physique.

Click to enlarge

A closer view more clearly indicates the enchanting, lacy frills of her blouse (which calls to mind the gorgeous tops that she wore for her acclaimed recent test with Patrick Brassard), and, most sensual of all, the hint of a luscious curviness at the waist. Her expression in all three images is soft and gentle, perfectly in keeping with the outfit. If an angel from a painting by Titian or Rubens were to be incarnated in the modern world, this is what she would look like, dressed in casual, contemporary clothing--for even in the simplest attire, she would still dazzle the senses with her beauty, just as Katherine Roll does in these images.

Click to enlarge

We hope that a video of this segment will emerge in the near future. Miss Roll would look wondrous in living motion, garbed in this pretty ensemble with the ultra-feminine, lacy blouse. For now, though, these still images vividly showcase her extraordinary beauty and confirm, once more, that she has the consummate plus-size feminine physique, the very embodiment of the timeless ideal.

Katherine is the perfect model for the industry to employ to make full-figured fashions appealing to all curvy woman, and also to transform society's evaluation of beauty and help the world rediscover the superiority of the Classically curvaceous physique, which was the ideal of Western culture thought all the centuries of its greatness.

- Katherine Roll gallery

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Default Re: Katherine Roll on Univision

Katherine looks deliciously curvy in profile. It's so true that with her shapely figure and self-assured poses, she can take any outfit and turn it into a must-have wardrobe item. Her attire in this shoot is very pretty, but simple (except for that gorgeous blouse), yet once the ensemble is shaped into a womanly form by her stunning figure, it looks like the most seductive outfit imaginable.

Yet Katherine never changes the nature of the attire -- it still looks like what it is meant to be: a comfortable, tasteful, modest but attractive outfit that can be worn in many contexts, from professional environments to casual daywear, in every setting from very classy to very laid-back. It's just that with her perfectly proportioned, well-fed physique, Katherine shows that a young, curvy woman would look utterly irresistible in this getup.

I especially love the first photo. Katherine truly has the profile of a living goddess.
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Default Re: Katherine Roll on Univision

Katherine is really breathtaking. In her tests, she's such a brilliant wardrobe stylist that the fashions she chooses for herself are part of what makes her shoots so exciting and gorgeous. But this is an example that proves that the real key to the success of her photographs is her, quite simply: her exceptional beauty and talent. Because cven when she simply models what she is assigned, as in this case, her images turn out just as beautifully as when she selects the perfect fashions for her tests.

I really hope that a video of this segment will turn up, because Katherine looks fantastic in these photos, and would look even more gorgeous in motion. Her figure embodies the plus-size ideal by which curvy women everywhere want to be represented.
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Old 30th November 2011   #4
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Default Re: Katherine Roll on Univision

At last, a video of Katherine's Univision segment has surfaced! Alas, the resolution is poor, so the image is rather grainy. Even so, Katherine looks stunning in this clip, just as the still images indicated she would.

Katherine appears at 1:43 in the video, looking soft, angelic, and very buxom. She moves smoothly and gracefully in front of the camera, with a natural ease and fluidity that's beautiful to watch. Even in this demure outfit, you can perceive the luscious fullness of her physique.

Click the arrow to play:

Katherine also appears once more at the very end of the video.

Everyone already knew what a brilliant print model Katherine is, but this video proves that she's perfect in television promos as well. She is a Rubens goddess come to life, and the most exciting model in the industry today.
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Old 2nd December 2011   #5
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Default Re: Katherine Roll on Univision

Absolutely gorgeous showing by Katherine in this video. I'd give anything for a version with clearer resolution, but I'm delighted to finally see this clip. I hope she appears in more plus-size-fashion TV segments.

How interesting that the theme of the video was "Fashion for teachers." I think if any schoolteacher were as beautiful as Miss Roll, her male students would never be able to concentrate on their studies, but would spend every lesson daydreaming about their teacher. (Truly!) Katherine looks absolutely enchanting in that outfit, very soft and feminine. I remember from her bridal-campaign photos how beautiful Katherine looked in white. Next to pink, I think she looks most attractive of all in white.
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