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Default Cartel de la Mode

As has been posted on this forum numerous times, the real dearth in variety among plus-size models consists of the glaring, near-total absence of models of Far Eastern descent.

It's a scandal how few Japanese and Japanese-American, Chinese and Chinese-American, etc. plus-size models there are. If the proponents of variety were truly committed to the abstract principle of representation for all, (as they often are not,) then this would be the issue that would garner the greatest emphasis.

I found one rare example of a company using a model with an Oriental look, a French brand named Cartel de la Mode. The model's name is Pénélope Beranger, and the company features her images in rotation on its cover page, in a shoot that was photographed on the famous hill of Paris, Montmarte.

Her photos are quite beautiful and pro-curvy. I'll post a few here as previews, but they can better be seen, full-size, at the Cartel site.

I'm not find of the wide belt in this image, but the dress embraces her figure and shows off her buxom curves. Her face appears sensually full, with a luscious curve under the chin.

This is the most beautiful image in the campaign, a daringly sensual picture in which the light shows the translucency of the fabric and offers a discreet view of her rich voluptuousness and soft physique.

A quintessentially Parisian photo, this, with the magnificent wrought-iron balustrade of one of Paris's famous Art Nouveau Metro stops.

Pénélope alongside the world-famous Moulin de la Galette.

These extra photos are dramatic as well. Pénélope looks majestic, her facial features rich and full, with the cityscape of Paris stretching out behind her.

I adore her vulnerable expression in this image. This captures some of the innocent girlishness which is so characteristic of East Asian beauty.

Pénélope's wounded, helpless, little-girl looks are truly captivating, especially playing off against the maturity of her her robust figure. Her tresses are lovely.

At attractive, slight swell at her waist in this image. Oh, the advantage that Parisian labels have in being able to simply position a model against the backdrop of the city and instantly to create dramatic photos.

The full-length version of the image of Pénélope by the Metro station. With the Art Nouveau lettering, these stops look very theatrical when one sees them for the first time in Paris, so much so that one almost consider them film props; but no, they're the genuine entrances to the city's subway network.

And finally, a theme that always creates lovely images, Pénélope set in an amusement park.

It's wonderful to see a label using a model of Far Eastern descent, and one who appears to just qualify as a true plus-size model (I'm guessing a U.S. size 14). Stunning location photos too. I hope more companies will feature visibly full-figured Oriental plus-size models in the future.
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Default Re: Cartel de la Mode

Great post! I don't think I've ever seen a plus-size model of Asian descent before, and not because there are no plus-size Asian women!
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Default Re: Cartel de la Mode

Originally Posted by LaurenN
Great post! I don't think I've ever seen a plus-size model of Asian descent before, and not because there are no plus-size Asian women!

The one plus-size model of Asian descent I know of is Zeng Jing, a Chinese beauty. Pénélope Beranger isn't quite as gorgeous or as curvy as Zeng Jing, but she is lovely.

My favourite image in the Cartel campaign is definitely the daringly sensual image of Pénélope with her bustier through the sheer fabric of her top. The model's voluptuousness makes it a very alluring photo.

I also love the image in the amusement park:

This is a wonderful theme that comes up in plus-size-model photoshoots from time to time, and it's always very appealing, associating the models with innocent youth and fun and play.

Katherine Roll had at least one amusement-park photo in her "Disney lookbook":

An issue of Sem Medida, a Brazilian plus-size e-zine, featured an editorial set in an amusement park:

Christina Schmidt was photographed in an amusement-park setting for the cover of a romance novel:

As they grow up, full-figured girls sadly sometimes lose the carefree, pleasure-loving, self-indulgent freedom of youth, so the amusement-park theme reminds them of those wonderful times when they enjoyed cotton candy and chocolate and all of life's pleasures, free of any guilt, eating whatever they liked, and always feeling pretty and loved.
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