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Default Lindsey, Maxey: Deb Shops

Is there something in the air? Is change coming to the fashion industry? Are plus-size clients finally eschewing their addiction to faux-plus frauds and beginning to enlist the services of gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models?


In our recent thread about Sophie Sheppard's size-celebratory images for Galerie Kaufhof, we noted that if the entire plus-size fashion industry (every label, ever client) were to feature legitimately full-figured models in its campaigns, the resulting wave of pro-curvy images would form an effective counterpoint to thin-supremacist mass-media indoctrination. The curvy-fashion industry's collective advertising would then become an alternative media, undoing the damage to female body image that the anti-plus fashion establishment causes, and spreading a compelling message of body love.

Miss Sheppard's Kaufhof images proved that even regular, commercial campaigns could become expressions of timeless beauty, and we now have yet another example of size-positive commercial imagery to share, courtesy of the youth label Deb Shops.

The company's newest promotion feature two goddesses from MSA Models, Lindsey Garbelman and Maxey Greene (size 18 and 16/18 respectively). Not only are these girls intrinsically beautiful and authentically full-figured, but the Deb Shops photography is also remarkably pro-curvy.

Before we proceed, we should offer a special word of commendation to Maxey, who specifically alerted us to Lindsey's Deb Shops work. This was a very classy gesture on her part--identifying another model's achievement--and speaks very well of her both professionally and personally.

* * *

Miss Garbelman's images appear throughout the dress section of the Deb Shops site, and feature the model in numerous strapless, sleeveless, colourful designs such as this. The print is quite attractive, if a tad extravagant, and the cross-shaped embellishment at the sash is a wonderful touch.

Click to enlarge

The print of a second dress in a similar cut appears to have been created with the Judgment of Paris in mind, its mixture of blacks and charcoal hues with royal-purple accents mirroring the colour scheme of this forum.

Click to enlarge

In addition to frontal perspectives, Deb shops offers verso angles on most of its dresses. These offer the most celebratory images of the campaign, boldly celebrating Lindsey's generous reverse-view curves. Indeed, we have never seen a model's hinder contours as appreciatively showcased as in this photograph. The dress even indicates a curve of fullness at the model's lower back, and lovingly conforms to her rounded physique.

Click to enlarge

A second dress in this aristocratic shade of purple is as beguiling from the front as from the back, as it presses close to Lindsey's full waist, delineating the swell of roundness at her midsection. There is something inexpressibly sensual about the sight of a generous middle so lovingly defined. Any curvy girls with opulent waists can look at how gorgeous Lindsey appears in this dress, how seductive her well-fed figure makes her, and feel comfortable in their own bodies. This is exactly the kind of pro-curvy image that the public has been asking the fashion industry to create for years, a real, unapologetic presentation of the fullness of a plus-size model's untoned physique. One finds it both encouraging and gratifying to see such celebratory photographs finally being published.

Click to enlarge

The reverse view presents a comparably seductive, feminine shape, the kind of hourglass form that is truly alluring, for the proportions are generous enough to make the heart race. Any voluptuous vixen in a dress as body-conscious as this, if she has a figure so sumptuous and full, will be the centre of attention at every holiday party and will have her pick of any man she cares to ensnare.

Click to enlarge

Although black is usually a disappointing colour choice, in this case Lindsey looks utterly irresistible. In fact, this is one of the most sensual images she has ever created, a daring celebration of the luxurious fullness of her figure. The most alluring sight is the Botticelli-like halo of flesh at Lindsey's waist. No man could resist a goddess with such soft, visible roundness at her middle, which betokens a captivating penchant for self-indulgence. The picture also shows a luscious curve under the model's chin, even as her voluptuousness sensually escapes the bustier, with its pretty, sweetheart neckline.

Click to enlarge

The hinder view of the outfit is also extremely attractive, with the sheer panels at the sides offering discreet views of Lindsey's waist. Bravo to the Deb Shops hairstylist for sweeping the model's long, brunette tresses forward in these reverse-view photos, to show off the expanse of soft flesh at the model's upper back, the exposure of which is one of the most desirable qualities of strapless styles.

Click to enlarge

In another colourful dress, Lindsey positively smirks with bemusement to see how her alluring curves leave her admirers dizzy with desire. Her high cheekbones appear pink and pretty, while her facial features exhibit a sensual curve under the chin. The dress wraps close to her body, its festive print seeming the express the sheer pleasure of embracing such a well-fed figure, particularly the seductive roundness at the model's waist and abdomen.

Click to enlarge

Again, however, it is the sight of the model's hinder curves that steals the show and creates a boldly size-positive effect, showing how alluring such a dress appears when it closely embraces a model with such an opulent physique. The fabric delineates soft curves along her lower back, leading off into generous reverse-view contours.

Click to enlarge

The following one-shoulder style bares the soft fullness of the model's arms, while, in the most alluring aspect of the image, the dress closely embraces the model's generous waist, showing uninhibited fullness at her middle, the outfit perfectly defining the model's lavish physique.

Click to enlarge

The reverse view is certainly alluring as well, and abundantly showcases the sumptuous contours of Lindsey's stunning, size-18 figure.

Click to enlarge

A number of the Deb Shops dresses feature varieties of animal prints, with this black-and-white pattern giving Lindsey a touch of wildness, like the pelt of a Siberian tigress. Certainly, with the rich curves of her figure, the model appears no less carnivorously rapacious than a big cat on the prowl.

Click to enlarge

Her undulating curves recall the sinuous contours of the feline body, and the abbreviated length of the dress shows off the dimpled flesh of her legs.

Click to enlarge

Another Deb Shops outfit with an animal-print element garbs Lindsey in cheetah-like fabric. The ruffled neckline is a splendid touch, adding a touch of feminine prettiness to the look (a quality not usually associated with animal prints) and drawing the eye toward the deep V that shows off her buxom dťcolletage. The black lower portion of the dress creates an undifferentiated swathe of fabric; however, to compensate, the model deftly turns partially to the side, to better show off her voluptuousness.

Click to enlarge

In this case, the black material robs the outfit of its potentially curve-celebratory potential, however the viewer can still appreciate the soft curves along the model's upper back, to which the animal fabric closely conforms.

Click to enlarge

Although less seductive than the black dress shown earlier in this thread, the following item is still very stylish, with it sequined bust and sweetheart neckline. The strapless, sleeveless design exhibits a sensual expanse of bare skin. The model's neck-and-shoulder area exhibits alluringly soft fleshiness.

Click to enlarge

The hinder view shows a charming bow adorning the back of the dress, the perfect detail to heighten the femininity of the look and give the wearer an extra touch of youthful girlishness.

Click to enlarge

A so-called "pucker" dress attractively conforms to Lindsey's physique. The overall outline of her figure, so clearly presented by this outfit, is rich and generous and visibly full.

Click to enlarge

The reverse image shows the model's abundant hinder curves, but the most sensual detail may be the lace panel, beneath which the copious fleshiness of the model's upper back is tantalizingly seen.

Click to enlarge

In addition to the many Deb Shops dresses that fit Lindsey so snugly, defining her figure, the label also offers a number of items with an appealing prom/party look, which exhibit flowy ruching and other details. This item, for example, features extravagant embellishments, yet is still marvellously abbreviated, to show off the wearer's legs.

Click to enlarge

As the reverse view indicates, however, the dress still exhibits the model's alluring hinder curves and creates a marvellous expanse of fabric recalling Victorian bustles.

Click to enlarge

And finally, this dress is quite pretty from the frontal view, with appealingly thin, delicate straps and a sequined design at the bust.

Click to enlarge

However, its greatest attraction is only seen in reverse. The bow at the back is an adorable touch, so quintessentially girlish and feminine, and it leads the eye towards the seductive fullness of the model's hinder curves just beneath, which fan out the fabric into a generous shape.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Just as Lindsey dominates the dress section of the Deb Shops site, so her gorgeous colleage from MSA Models, Maxey Greene, shows off the finest of the label's newest tops.

Judgment of Paris readers were first introduced to Maxey in her recent "woodsy noir" photoshoot with Visus Photography. Artistic as those images were, however, they did not disclose the true secret to Miss Greene's stunning beauty: her gorgeous size-16/18 figure, with an especially alluring . . . 40" waist.

Yes, Maxey is an inch more opulent at the waist than Kelsey Olson, and an inch and a half more blessed than Sophie Sheppard. Among the world's most gorgeous plus-size models, only Mayara Russi, with her sumptuous 43" midsection, has a curvier middle.

Adding to the perfection of Miss Greene's figure is the fact that she stands 5'7, so her womanly proportions are visible on her frame. And in its new commercial campaign, Deb Shops enthusiastically celebrates every inch of Maxey's seductive physique.

Pride of place must go to the profile views, especially this celebratory view. Say what one will about the top (the intricate print is an acquired taste), the sight of the Botticelli-like roundness at Maxey's waist is overwhelmingly alluring.

Click to enlarge

In a shot that directly echoes Sophie Sheppard's Kaufhof poses, the next photo finds Maxy with a Mona-Lisa-like smile that accentuates the babylike roundness of her exquisite cheekbones, so attractively softened by facial fullness, and emphasizes her buxom contours and abundant reverse-view curves.

Click to enlarge

Another image of Maxey in a top with an extravagant print hints at the roundness of her generous middle, a truly irresistible trait. No man could resist the attractions of a goddess with an unrestrained 40" waist.

Click to enlarge

This top mutes the colours but retains the flamboyance of the various prints in this series. The image features another characteristic that fans adored in the recent Kaufhof campaign with Sophie: the irresistibly sensual crease of fullness at the model's neck-and-shoulder area.

Click to enlarge

This sequined top comes in no less than four colours, of which the rich red shade is certainly the most vibrant.

Click to enlarge

When it adorns the softly rounded figure of a true plus-size goddess, this top is heart-racingly alluring. The rich curves along the model's back are extremely sensual, her arms appear attractively full, and the fairness of her skin is effectively set off by the vivid colour of the fabric.

Click to enlarge

In the case of the next camisole, it is the gold hue that best sets off the luxuriance of Maxey's physique, daringly exposing her figure near the bust while accentuating the feminine roundness at her middle.

Click to enlarge

The reverse view is even more attractive, exhibiting the top's intriguing cross-patterned straps and lovingly embracing the curves along her upper back, as well as her nether contours.

Click to enlarge

Though they appear similar in hue, the next two images of a charming holiday top show the piece in slightly different colours. This shade is "ivory/bone," and the light colour, as well as Maxey's graceful contrapposto pose, discloses the womanly curve of her hips. Her facial features appear rich and robust.

Click to enlarge

The hinder view, on the other hand, shows the top in sterling silver. The overspill of fullness at the model's upper back is utterly beguiling. What makes these Deb Shops images so size-positive is that they openly celebrate all of the physical traits of a plus-size female figure and show how completely alluring they truly are.

Click to enlarge

Part of the appeal of this collection is that the pieces resemble coloured-glass Christmas-tree ornaments, which many of us fondly remember from our youth. The next top, a glittering gold-leaf camisole, exemplifies why it is essential for companies to enlist the services of gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models such as Miss Greene, rather than faux-plus frauds. Maxey's curvy waist gives the top a highly seductive shape and shows curvy girls how the fashions will actually look on their own well-fed bodies.

Click to enlarge

The verso image presents the distinctive cross-pattern straps seen in a previous item, and shows how bewitchingly the top embraces the model's eye-catching reverse-view curves.

Click to enlarge

If we have a lone criticism of this Deb Shops campaign, it is that the photographer too often asked the models to pose with an arms-akimbo stance. A more relaxed standing position often yields gentler results. In this appealing image of a sequined camisole (available in four hues, of which this is dubbed "charcoal"), the model appears very relaxed. The at-ease pose shows how the top lovingly embraces her gorgeous waist, creating a sensual impression of round fullness.

Click to enlarge

Many of the Deb Shops tops come in a Judgment of Paris shade of purple, so we can hardly let the campaign pass without highlighting at least one such offering.

Click to enlarge

* * *

These are just a few of the attractive styles that Deb Shops currently offers. Be sure to visit the label's web site, linked below, to find many further gorgeous images of both Lindsey and Maxey, who are two of the loveliest models in the industry today.

The company richly deserves the support of the plus-size community for booking these gorgeous and legitimately full-figured goddesses, for dressing them in body-embracing fashions that show off their abundant physiques, and for shooting them in such a pro-curvy manner, leaving the characteristics of physical fullness clearly visible.

If the entire plus-size industry were to adopt the aesthetic that these images present, it could counteract the thin-supremacist brainwashing of the mass media and enable full-figured girls to recognize their well-fed beauty and delight in their naturally full figures.

This, finally, is a campaign that deserves to be ranked with the daring Brazilian shoots created by Mayara Russi. Let us hope that it leads to other, equally size-positive promotions, both from Deb Shops and from other plus-size fashion labels.

Bravo to Lindsey and Maxey for this stunning success.

(Click images to view product pages.)

- Deb Shops online

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Lindsey, Maxey: Deb Shops

What a stunning campaign! I'm thrilled to be seeing pictures of legitimately full-figured models photographed in such a way as to actually show off their curves - all of their curves, including full waists and contours along their backs. It's those "forbidden" curves that are actually their most beautiful traits, and by showing how gorgeous girls can look with curvy middles and generous reverse-view curves, these models really can transform a plus-size woman's body image.

I have to say it point blank - Lindsey has a beautiful figure. More so now than ever. Perhaps she has always had such a lovely physique, but no outfits have ever shown off her midriff so attractively.

The best photos of Lindsey have already been posted, but I also found two more dresses that she modelled for Deb Shops. In both cases, the back-view images are the most size-positive.

I'm so glad that Deb Shops posted multiple angles of Lindsey, not just for the sake of size celebration, but because the extra photos give a much better impression of the dresses and show how attractive they look from the back - especially on a stunning size-18 model.

And in Maxey's case, I especially love the form-fitting, glittering tops, especially in the luscious colours that look like confectionery.

This was posted in gold, but I love it in cherry and grape (I mean, fuchsia and purple) as well.
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Default Re: Lindsey, Maxey: Deb Shops

Deb Shops has now added several more images of Lindsey in exciting dress styles that lovingly show off her well-fed physique.

Although this dress is black, the close fit makes it size-positive, while the mesh panel at the waist is incredibly alluring, as it hints at a display of Lindsey's most sensual figure feature, her soft waist. The dress also shows attractive roundness below the mesh panel.

This item looks very seductive from the reverse view, not only in showing off Lindsey's curves, but in baring the expanse of fleshiness along her upper back.

This dress, on the other hand, is especially beautiful from the front. The chiffon ruffles are very feminine, even Victorian in their delicate, girlish prettiness, while the top portion of the dress also bewitchingly shows off Lindsey's buxom voluptuousness.

When curvy girls would look at these stunningly beautiful images of Lindsey, I wish they would refer back to her interview for this site, and note how enthusiastically Lindsey discusses her love of self-indulgence:

HSG: Are you a gourmand? Do you enjoy food?

LINDSEY: Do I enjoy food? Oh, my God, Iím a plus-size girl. Of course I enjoy food. I love food. I donít enjoy food. I love food. I donít eat to live. I live to eat. I love food. [chuckles] . . . I love good food, and I love every kind of food.

HSG: What are your favorites?

LINDSEY: If I could eat anything for the rest of my life, if I had to pick one thing, it would be bread. I love bread. I would eat bread and cheese. I donít know why, but I love bread and cheese. I love it.
LINDSEY: And the truth is, this is my size. This is what my body is comfortable at. And I love it. I eat. I like food too much.

HSG: You do?

LINDSEY: I love food too much.

HSG: You really do?

LINDSEY: Are you kidding me? I love food. I love food.

HSG: [sighs]

LINDSEY: I love it. Whatís not to love? Honestly, Iím a Southern girl. Half of my familyís in Alabama. When I was little, I used to go to Alabama every year for three months at a time. Every morning: pancakes, bacon, grits, biscuits, gravy, eggs. Itís what Iím used to. Thatís what I love.

If plus-size girls could read those words, then review these images and see how desirable Lindsey looks at a size 18 in body-conscious dresses that showcase her luscious curves, they would finally stop denying and depriving themselves, and begin actually enjoying food, eating what they like, appreciating their natural figures, and generally leading happier lives.
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Default Re: Lindsey, Maxey: Deb Shops

Sometime over the weekend, Deb Shops added another new item to the dress section, an animal-print dress modelled to perfection by Lindsey.

The images are very size-positive, as all of the promotions from the Deb Shops online catalogue have been.

Any curvy girls who are planning to party the night away on New Year's Eve can do so in the knowledge that wherever they go, they'll be the most gorgeous women on the scene, as Lindsey's photos prove.
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Default Re: Lindsey, Maxey: Deb Shops

Deb Shops has now added several new pictures of Maxey from what appears to be a more recent shoot. They can be found in the selections for this item:

The prettiest is the image accompanying this pale-blue top, where the fabric matches her lovely eyes. These new photos better display the fairness of her complexion; or perhaps Maxey skin tone is now fairer. Many plus-size models become prettier during the winter months, when the inclement weather keeps them indoors, away from the harmful rays of the sun, and allows their skin to become beautifully fair.

Deb Shops's latest images can be viewed at a larger size, and it's worth posting a larger version of Maxey's photo to see some truly lovely details, such as the rich fleshiness at her neck, which is a very feminine characteristic. Her arms also appear soft and round; attractively untoned. Even her hands are pretty.

She also appears beautiful in this fuchsia hue, which gives her complexion an enchanting pink undertone.

Maxey has a heart-shaped countenance, so the fullness in her face is essential to her beauty, as it rounds out her jawline and makes her visage softer.

All three photos suggest attractive fullness in her figure. Beautiful work.
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