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Default Lindsey & Maxey at Deb Shops

One of the most size-positive campaigns of 2011, emerging late in the year, was Deb Shops' promotion with size-18 model Lindsey Garbelman and size-16/18, 5'7 model Maxey Greene.

Deb Shops now features several more images of these goddesses, which I'd love to share on the forum.

A number of Deb Shops dresses feature mesh panels at the waist or sides, but even more sensual is this dress, which daringly seems to bare the sides of the model's waist. On a true plus-size goddess like Lindsey, this is a very daring and alluring style.

This item is quite pretty and feminine, and I enjoy the white colour rather than the usual black. It richly accentuates Lindsey's reverse-view curves. The hint of flesh escaping over the edge of the dress is a sensual, size-positive element.

This design gives "wrap dress" a whole new meaning. It closely embraces the model's figure, defining her curves.

An attractive one-shoulder style.

Deb Shops also features a number of new images of Maxey in the tops section. This hairstyle is lovely on her, and these camisoles with the delicate straps are ultra-feminine, showing off her soft figure. The extra fullness and the wide smile beautifully round out her facial features. The item comes in a number of colours.

This camisole is even prettier, with the delicate floral trim at the lacy neckline. It has some of the charm of intimate apparel. This also comes in a variety of colours, with the photograph for the pink version best showing off her curves. Maxey has gorgeous arms, enchantingly fair skin, and a real sense of weight about her figure.

The white version shows Maxey looking especially soft and natural and girlish.

More attractive colours:

I can't give Deb Shops enough praise for booking such gorgeous and legitimately full-figured models, and for having them showcase items that celebrate their luscious physiques. Bravo.

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Default Re: Lindsey & Maxey at Deb Shops

Very much a pleasure to see visibly larger bodies in modelling. Lindsey is a goddess, and Maxey is lovely as well, especially in the newest images I've found on the Deb Shops site.

First, though, Lindsey appears in a new baby-blue dress that constitutes one of Deb Shops' offerings for Prom 2012. She looks deliciously curvaceous, and the dress effectively frames the soft fullness of her upper back as well as her neck area. Strapless and sleeveless is always the perfect plus-size style, showing off luscious arms and soft shoulders.

Now, in addition to her catalogue shots, Maxey appears in a lovely graphic on the Deb Shops cover page. She really does have a lovely figure, with buxom curves but extra fullness at the waist. It's such a gorgeous, natural shape.

The graphic adorning the plus-size landing page is very flattering to Maxey. Her beauty stands out even more vividly against the two minus-size models who are her acolytes in this photo. Compared to her underweight rivals, her complexion is attractively fairer, her arms are much fleshier, and her figure is fuller -- she's more beautiful in every respect.

Maxey models a few dresses as well. I love how full and soft her arms appear in this image.

Another angle exhibits the lovely shape of her arms even more attractively.

Many of the Deb Shops dresses are halter styles, which are second only to strapless/sleeveless designs as the ideal gowns for plus-size goddesses, and this beautiful picture shows why. The sight of the soft fullness of the model's upper back, with the flesh escaping the dress, is extremely sensual.

I'm posting this dress full-length because this image suggests the fullness of Maxey's waist, which gives the overall shape of the dress a very attractive, womanly look.

Even more beautiful from the back view, with the soft fullness of the model's upper back sensually swelling over the edge of the dress.

Halter styles invariably look even better from the back view than from the front. The next two dresses exemplify this. The way in which the sashes are tied at the back is very pretty, but the real beauty of the dress is how it frames the bare flesh of the wearer's figure.

The images showcasing the next dress exhibit the beautiful expanse of smooth flesh at the model's neck area, with the collarbone attractive submerged in soft fullness. As many have said on the forum, this is one of the loveliest traits that true plus-size goddesses possess.

Really lovely work from Lindsey and Maxey, who both appear to be curvier and prettier in this campaign than anywhere else I've seen them. And Deb Shops deserves a standing ovation for celebrating plus-size beauty so visibly, both in the choice of models and in how naturally they are presented.

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Default Re: Lindsey & Maxey at Deb Shops

I think Deb Shops is determined to be the most pro-curvy label there can be, and admirers of plus-size beauty couldn't be happier.

First here are a few more images of Lindsey looking stunning in Deb Shops' dress selections:

Next, Maxey appears in a host of new dress offerings that constitute some of the most sensual, size-positive images I've ever seen from a mainstream retailer.

This halter dress is pretty enough from the front,

but look at the alluring expanse of soft, full flesh that it exposes at the back. This is such a lovely presentation of plus-size beauty. I think any prom date wouldn't be able to keep his hands off of his beloved if she wore a dress like this.

Here are a pair of dresses that area also pretty from the front,

but it's the reverse views that really show how gorgeous they are. This dress gently embraces the soft contours of the model's back,

while this gown, even more seductively, exhibits the model's undulating curves.

Deb Shops was so taken by the beauty of Maxey's figure that it featured a second back image of this dress.

I love the Classical look of this white gown.

Maxey looks very pretty in this item, wearing a lovely, elegant hairstyle.

The reverse view is breathtakingly sensual. All of these designs employ the "body-as-fashion-accessory" principle, whereby it is the exposure of the model's own soft, fleshy curves that is the real secret to the beauty of the look; the fabric merely provides a frame.

Several of the dresses look beautiful from the front as well, exposing an enchanting view of the model's fair neck, shoulder area, submerged clavicle, and bust.

Elegant and sensual, both from the front and from the back:

Oh, and just for good measure, here's a pretty, ruched top that looks interesting enough from the front,

but has a fascinating design at the back, exposing some flesh through a lattice-like design, and embracing the model's nether curves.

Each of these gowns can be found in the Deb Shops dress section. Words cannot express how thrilled I am that at least one retailer is proudly exhibiting the beauty of visibly full, feminine curves and the soft, untoned, physiques that plus-size girls naturally possess.,sc.html
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