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Default Kelsey at Sydney's Closet

Many of my favourite threads on last year's forum featured the preview images of the 2012 prom collection from Sydney's Closet, such as the discussion in which one of Kelsey's images was likened to a famous drawing of Emma, Lady Hamilton, as well as the debut of the behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot.

I'm delighted to see that Sydney's Closet has now released the complete 2012 collection on its web site. Here are each of Kelsey's images from the new online catalogue. (Yanderis and Caralyn also look gorgeous in their many photos.)

This is the dress in which Kelsey was said to resemble the goddess of the dawn. I love how the pale blue fabric sets off her fair complexion.

Make a Wish

Kelsey channels Lady Hamilton in her alighting pose, in the image on the left.


Kelsey looks as delicious as a morsel of sugary confectionery in this pretty dress. I love the fact that, in the image on the right, her waist appears generously full.

Cotton Candy

So cute! I adore how abbreviated this dress is, thus showing off the model's shapely legs. The sweetheart necklines that features in so many of the Sydney's Closet dresses this season are perfect for plus-size goddesses. The strapless, sleeveless style allows the model's soft physique to be the most beautiful part of the look.

Where's the Party?

With her pose, Kelsey gives this dress a sense of freshness and breeziness. She really brings the items to life.

Glitzy Glitter

Kelsey looking very aristocratic in royal purple. The mermaid design is seductively body-conscious.

Merry Mermaid

Kelsey's expression is demure, but she consciously shows off her full, shapely legs, highlighting one of the most attractive aspects of this feminine dress: its abbreviated length.


The white gloves are a lovely touch, in the next images. If there was ever a born "prom princess," it's Kelsey. The dress is very sensual in how it bares a generous expanse of the model's physique.

Prom Princess

Kelsey generates endless variety in this campaign. No two poses or expressions are similar. She gives each outfit a unique character. Very demure and elegant, in the left-hand image; gentle and innocent on the right.

Glitter Goddess

The dangerous red hue of this dress brings out Kelsey's saucier side. Her pose in the reverse view is consciously seductive and curve-accentuating. The vibrant colours of the dresses stand out vividly against her fair skin (the perfect canvas).

Satin Serenade

This design appears in multiple colours. The one-shoulder strap and ornament at the bust add visual interest, but still offer an eye-catching view of the model's bare person.

Beautiful Dreamer

I enjoy how, in many of the dress images, the front and reverse views are complementary, as if two Kelseys were interacting with one another. Her poses in the following black item are especially graceful, yet energetic. You can sense the movement, even in these still images.

Seams Good to Me

Kelsey looks far more gorgeous in these dresses than any minus-size or faux-plus model ever could. Every young curvy girl who sees how gorgeous Kelsey appears in these gowns will surely recognize her own full-figured beauty and will feel empowered to attend every prom or formal function she can. She'll know that with her voluptuous curves, she'll outshine all of her underweight rivals.
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Default Re: Kelsey at Sydney's Closet

The revamped Sydney's Closet site also features a host of landing-page images of Kesley that are delightful. Many do not appear elsewhere, so discovering them is quite a treat.

This is the current cover photo. It's such a pleasure to see Kelsey on the Sydney's Closet cover once again, a client that helped originally introduce her to the world.

I love how, in the photos showing Kelsey alongside Caralyn and Yanderis, the figure types and complexions are so wonderfully contrasted, with Kelsey appearing softer, fuller, and fairer, and the other models exhibiting their own beauty.

Individual photos of Kelsey in many designs from Sydney's Closet:

One banner shows the cover image somewhat closer:

Several banners feature a wonderful trio of beauty:

One even comprises a quartet! Here too Kelsey's snow-white complexion and soft build appear especially lovely.

And finally, this is one of my favourites, as it hasn't been posted elsewhere. The girls look so pretty in their Mardi Gras masks. It's like the "Masquerade" scene from The Phantom of the Opera.

What an absolutely delightful campaign. The dresses are beautiful and extremely flattering for full-figured girls, and Kelsey and her peers introduce just the right element of fun and frolic into these adorable photos.
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Default Re: Kelsey at Sydney's Closet

Originally Posted by Pamela
And finally, this is one of my favourites, as it hasn't been posted elsewhere. The girls look so pretty in their Mardi Gras masks. It's like the "Masquerade" scene from The Phantom of the Opera..

It is an absolutely lovely image, and the behind-the-scenes video footage, in the post that Kaitlynn linked, shows how much fun the girls had shooting in these masks.

The Mardi Gras image now appears in rotation on the Sydney's Closet cover page:

So cute!
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