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Old 10th January 2012   #1
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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI 2012

As a preview, IGIGI has just released some behind-the-scenes images of its first 2012 campaign, featuring plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan.

The title of the shoot is "The Art of Fashion in Motion," a premise which the images very much bear out.

First here are a pair of pretty photos showing Kailee being prepared for the shoot.

I love the moment of reflection, on her part. Also, while Kailee is slim, she does at least have buxom curves.

Here's the "in motion" aspect of the campaign title realized. Kailee looks lovely twirling her skirt. The motion reminds me of traditional folk attire from Eastern Europe, in which young women would often dance, twirling in just such a fashion.

Kailee's tresses satisfy the "in motion" component of this dramatic photo.

Interestingly, the shoot appears to have given Miss O'Sullivan two distinct hairstyles: a long, straight, dark-haired look, and a blonde 'do with voluptuous tresses. Me, I'm partial to the blonde variant.

The IGIGI album even mentions that rose petals are to be among the props for this campaign.

It will be interesting to see the images that this shoot produces. I'm especially curious as to what the video will look like. With the focus on movement indicated in these preview pictures, it's sure to be a visual treat.
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Old 10th January 2012   #2
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI 2012

IGIGI's latest "Glam Guide" features a number of early images from this shoot.

Kailee looks gorgeous! The opulent, voluptuous hairstyle is breathtaking, providing a perfect, opulent frame for her round facial features.

Here's an "in motion" photo, showing Kailee giving her figure a sinuous twist, and allowing her tresses to bounce most beautifully.

I've split this image into two, a left- and right-panel. The tresses are wild, though I wish they were even longer! Gorgeous movement photos of Miss O'Sullivan, and a I adore the hint of a curve under the chin in the photo at left.

Her buxom curves give the loose apparel shape.

The Glam Guide, as well as the IGIGI cover page, also show several of the brunette photos.
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Old 13th January 2012   #3
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI 2012

Here it is! IGIGI has just released the video for its "Art of Fashion in Motion" campaign, and it does indeed feature captivating images of Kailee twirling in her pretty skirt, as well as many further gorgeous looks at the model shooting the newest IGIGI campaign in a host of stylish items.

Kailee looks stunning with her dark eyeshadow and voluptuous tresses

Also, the video includes a Q&A session with the model, which is intriguing. In many ways, she's still the sweet girl from her earliest Ford videos, but her voice now has a certain maturity as well. Yet her face still has that babylike roundness, which makes her perpetually girlish and beautiful.

I adore the shot at 1:14 of Kailee twirling amid falling rose petals, and there's a stunning sequence at 1:25 showing Kailee plunging her hands into her tresses and wildly tossing her hair from side to side. However, the video is filled with captivating shots. It's a must-see for all admirers of timeless beauty.
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Old 14th January 2012   #4
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI 2012

The video is utterly breathtaking to watch - truly artistic, as its name implies. Kailee's gift for movement is simply extraordinary. She may not have had balletic training, but she moves as gracefully as a professional dancer.

The video can also be viewed full size at the IGIGI site:

Here are a host of further images from this campaign. I agree that Kailee's most gorgeous appearance is blonde, but the brunette look has its own charm as well. These three graphics appear in rotation on the IGIGI cover page:

These two feature in the latest IGIGI Glam Guide. I love how the long tresses flow over her face. Everything in these images intimates movement.

Furthermore, the new banners atop the IGIGI web site pages are enchanting. There are graphics with single views of Kailee, looking goddesslike with her wild blonde tresses:

Delightful pairs of Kailees:

And even trios:

The brunette look also has a single:

And two paris (I adore the sashes that adorn these lovely outfits):

This image, the IGIGI Twitter avatar, absolutely took my breath away - perhaps the most gorgeous still I've yet seen from this campaign. Kailee has a particular talent for creating these surprised looks, which show off her fresh, ingénue-like beauty.

Two lovely advertising banners:

And finally, an e-mail ad promoting the new campaign.

All of the images are absolutely stunning. Even the stills convey a sense of movement. But the video is the real treasure. Nothing displays the appeal of such gorgeous flared skirts as effectively as a beautiful girl doing a twirl in them, and Kailee dances so divinely...
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Old 17th January 2012   #5
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: IGIGI 2012

IGIGI now has three further images in rotation on its cover page. Here they are formatted for forum size, but be sure to visit the IGIGI site to see them at their original dimensions.

Kailee looking very dramatic and elegant in red. The gloves are a very chic touch.

Such beautiful movement, both with her tresses and with her body, in the next images -- very appropriate for a "fashion in motion"-themed campaign.

And here are two banners that Hannah missed in her last post. Kailee definitely looks most gorgeous in blonde, especially with her tresses done up in such a voluptuous, romantic way. The passionate red dress accentuates her buxom curves.

Another glimpse of Kailee as a brunette.

Stunning campaign -- especially the video, which is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.
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